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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This story makes me so angry it will take at least three posts to even begin to tell it. Here is part one of Peter Dunne, Flagrant Pedophile Priest

By Kay Ebeling

Peter J. Dunne could be yet another "worst pedophile priest ever," as his series of crimes stretches one's already over expanded capacity to absorb. Here yet another predator maneuvers himself into the role of priest so he can use the sacraments and other resources of the Catholic Church to gain access to children.

In Philadelphia, Rev. Peter Dunne ran the Boy Scouts, St. Francis vocational school for troubled boys, he taught in several parish schools, he counseled at summer camps, he had his own cabin in the woods where he took his victims - I mean...

Reading about this perp, it begs logic and reason to think none of the priests who lived and worked with Dunne, no lay teachers, housekeepers, nuns, parent volunteers, NO ONE realized there was something wrong with Rev. Peter J. Dunne, with his bravo flagrante manner of manipulating the Roman Catholic Church heirarchy to give him ready access to little boys.

At the end of this post is a work history for Peter J. Dunne, listing his seventeen assignments in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, seventeen (17) transfers and new assignments in a 40-year career.

Typical. Blatant.

Last year survivor Joseph Hart, pictured at left at the age Fr. Dunne started raping him, filed a civil lawsuit, where his attorney writes, “The actions and inactions of the Archdiocese were outrageous and beyond the bounds of decency in any civilized society.” I read those words and it sparked real anger in me. I called the author, attorney Patrick Hopkins of Des Moines, and asked him if by any chance he was raging when he wrote Paragraph 55 of the complaint.

“The whole thing makes you angry," Hopkins said. "Not just focusing on my plaintiff, but in the grander scheme of things.”

Truth is anyone with a lick of sense would have seen what Father Dunne was up to.

From Hart's Complaint:

"The Archdiocese appointed Father Peter Dunne as the head of St. Francis’s and granted to him full authority to manage St. Francis’s. . . .

"Father Dunne made numerous trips to Iowa so that he could visit Boys Town and collect ideas for the operation of St. Francis. . . .

"On one or more of the work related trips from Philadelphia to Iowa, Fr. Dunne brought with him one or more of his wards from St. Francis, including Joseph Hart. It was during one of these trips to Iowa that Fr. Dunne brought the Plaintiff to Iowa to the home of a former protégé of Fr. Dunne’s. (Emphasis mine)

"During their stay at the home of Fr. Dunne’s former protégé, Fr. Dunne continued his systematic sexual abuse of the Plaintiff which had begun and continued the entire time that Joseph Hart was a resident of St. Francis."

Okay, you can't tell me no one else knew what was happening. You can't tell me there aren't hundreds more former children who are walking around damaged because of the finagling of Peter J. Dunne.

And Wait a minute.

He took them

across state lines.

Is there anyone out there in the world of law enforcement paying attention?

I asked attorney Hopkins about federal laws coming into play when a pedophile takes a child across state lines. "That is way above my pay grade," said Hopkins. So I babbled, "I don't know what I'm doing half the time when it comes to this issue. You just have to trust God for what he is putting in front of you, take a deep breath, and plunge forward."

For those considering documents to print out for Document Dump Day, we suggest these two:

Here is the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Peter J. Dunne:

And as soon as we finish taking it apart, we will post the PETITION AND JURY DEMAND filed in the Iowa District Court for Polk County on behalf of Joseph Hart by attorney Patrick Hopkins of Des Moines, Iowa.

Stay tuned for more on Document Dump Day.

Across the country, we will print out a pile of documents, then on the same day, at the same time, deliver the docs to the new US Attorneys in our local Federal judicial districts.

(First let them get started prosecuting the Bush Administration for war crimes.)

Stay tuned for more...

Here is our copy and pasted together version of Peter J. Dunne's work history, notice the number of assignments, and Man this guy was good at getting himself into positions that gave him access to kids.



St. Ursula Church
Fountain Hill, PA
Rev. Peter J. Dunne (Assistant Pastor)

St. Malachy Church
Philadelphia, PA
(Parish school)
(St. Malachy is pictured above, thanks to Google Images, click to enlarge the pic, if it won't make you puke)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne
(Assistant Pastor)

St. Bartholomew
Philadelphia, PA (Parish school)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne (Resident)

Camp Neumann
Jamison, PA
Rev. Peter J. Dunne, Chaplain

Camp Neumann
Jamison, PA
Rev. Peter J. Dunne, Resident

Ascension of Our Lord Church
Rev. Peter J. Dunne (Faculty)
Philadelphia, PA
(Parish school)

Cardinal Dougherty High School
Philadelphia, PA
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

The Boy Scouts


Boy Scouts of America
Rev. Peter J. Dunne (Chaplain)

Archbishop Wood Girls High School (Consolidated with Archbishop Wood Girls High School into Archbishop Wood Catholic High School in July 1990)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

St. Francis Vocational School
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

Catholic Committee on Scouting
Rev. Peter J. Dunne
(Assistant Director)

Philadelphia State Hospital
Philadelphia, PA
(Closed in 1990)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
Bensalem, PA
(St. Charles Borromeo and Our Lady of Fatima
Schools in Bensalem, St. Thomas School)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

Neuman Apostolate
Lincoln University
Lincoln University, PA
Rev. Peter J. Dunne

Sacred Heart Church
Oxford, PA
(Parish school)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne (Pastor)

Nativity of Our Lord
Warminster, PA
(Parish school)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne
(Assistant Pastor)

Visitation B.V.M. Church
Norristown, PA
(Parish school)
Rev. Peter J. Dunne
(Parochial Vicar)


The Reverend Peter Dunne really got around.

And as we have learned over the last decades of uncovering the sex crimes committed in the name of religion within the Catholic Church, when one of these predator priests has a lot of assignments, it usually means he was transferred around due to complaints about his sexual proclivity.

And I mean, look at it, just look at his list of assignments.

The more I read about “The Reverend” Peter J.Dunne, I marvel at how outright blatant he was in his manipulation of the Catholic system, children, families, and everyone around him.

Not that unusual in this population of perverts.

Dunne got himself into positions where he not only had unfettered access to children, but then he barefaced, apparently making almost no attempt to conceal what he was doing, raped numerous boys, maybe some girls too, he did spend a period of time at a girls’ school.

His astonishing list of assignments, all with more than normal access to children, make this veteran journalist writing about pedophile Catholic priests read with my mouth hanging open.

People criticize me for being too raw when I rage at the Catholic Church - I mean... how much does it take?

Watch here for more about this case filed on behalf of plaintiff Joseph Hart against the Philadelphia Archdiocese. As of now, the Archdiocese and St. Francis's have removed the case to Federal Court and church attorneys have recently filed a Motion to Dismiss. First hearing in court in Des Moines is not yet on calendar.

Wouldn't it be cool if this trial was the same weeks I might take a train to Des Moines this summer for a writer's seminar?

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Anonymous said...

"STOP DONATING LAITY!" as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted, it is the ONLY solution.

Al Henneberry said...

Cardinal Rigali, here is your legacy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone who are reading my comments on this subject. I hope that everyone have had their coffee for the morning and that we are alert of mind. Because I have something to say.

Dear Friends,

The first time I met Father Peter J. Dunne was in the summer of 1977 at the school yard of St Francis Home for Boys in Bensalem, Pa. I wanted to tell this short story because I wanted to let everyone know of the positive impact that Father Peter J. Dunne have on my life and his teachings have help me throughout my everyday life.
Father Peter J. Dunne was a father figure a mentor and a friend to me.
Father came to my rescue in the school yard of St. Francis, when dusk was beginning to set in, and I was surrounded by 6 boys in the school yard, I was a new admittant at the school, and about to get my tail kicked. As the kids were pushing and shoving me to the ground father drove up in his car, stepped out and told the boys to stop what they were doing, and that they should go back to their dorms. Father shook my hand, introduced himself to me and asked what my name, age and where I'd came from. I told Father my name was Chung, I am 13 years old from Vietnam. Father acknowledged my answers with a knod and commented that I came from a people that are brave and full of resiliency for survival. Father had a dignified persona, full of strength and kindness in his manners.

The Summer of 1977 also marked a sad time for me, in that Elvis had died. Growing up watching Elvis movies and listened to his music, I wanted emulate the roles Elvis portrayed in the movies, and when Elvis died, I would listen to Elvis music and not able to go to sleep.

While I was at St. Francis Homes for Boys, I'd always have the opportunities to attend above average school, Its an atmosphere where you're able to set your own limits. in that, if you can pass the entrance exam to that particular school then you've earned your opportunity! No one will hinder you to achieve greatness, as matter of fact, the staffs constantly encourage you to excel. I can tell you, this was truly the place of opportunity and the golden part of my childhood. I assured you, I can not get the same commitment from my own family.

I went to Christ the King, flunked the entrance exam into Holy Ghost Prep, went to Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys during my freshman and sophmore years, transferred to Archbishop Kennedy High School during my Junior and early Senior

I spent most part of my Senior year at Upper Merion Senior High School in King of Prussia, PA
it's an above average public school.

You basicaly have to set your own goals and follow it through. Only you can do it, no one will police you.

In my Senior year in HS, I felt that girls were more important than school.

I'd remained within the St. Francis system for 5 years, from 8th gade on though high school.
I went on to graduated from Upper Merion Senior High in 1982.

I've known Father Peter J. Dunne for 5 years, the greater part that I would consider the golden part of my childhood. You see, We went many places together, in group settings and with just Father and me. There are numerous times when father would take me along for the holiday dinners such as Thanksgiving over at his mother's house, Christmas dinner with the Bishop and his many other friends.

Of course I have been to his cabin numerous times, whether with a group of boys my age, or with my group home parents and his children along with my group home brothers. We would stay overnight on some weekend retreat, and I do mean retreat which involves prayers and meditations. We would follow Father on rock climbing sessions, jumping from boulders to boulders high up, mountain climbing, crossing tree bridges, take adventurous canoe trips in to the wilderness of the land of 10,000 lakes. Taking the rough rapids and carrying canoes on long portages. These are trips that set people apart, it draws upon your primal survival instincts, these are trips that make leaders of men. Quality times that reveal who we really are. Ever wonder how we would fare if deprived of civilization? of everydays basic necessities? only then you will see and realized that the best of men will will only disappoint you.

These are the well spent times that I wanted, that I asked for. That I'd fought for. Nobody conned me into it, nobody deceived me.

You developed an appreciation for life and for everything around you. Your eyes are opened to all opportunites that surround you, and you have to choose wisely.
We have to make everyday life choices that eventually impact our future.

We children have spent many quality time with Father, and I can remembered we all look forward to spent time with Father. I can relate from my own experience and memories, that if Father was standing in a room full of us kids and was asked out loud if anybody want to go with Father you can be sure that everybody would raise their hands, of course, there's only so much spaces.
Being the only Asian, I was always treated like a celebrity. I was smart in school, somewhat artistic inclined, it'd seem I always managed to have a definite good answer when called upon. I have always been somewhat aloof to many others people, its my built in safety mechanism. But I've always have a fear of not able to live up to others expectations of me.

All through 5 years that I have known Father Peter J. Dunne. There was never anytime I felt threatened in his presence. I was always felt at ease with Father, because he was both like a father and mentor to me. I haven't seen Father since after I'd graduated from high school and moved on in 1982.

This was just a few days ago, since I'd googled Peter J. Dunne and happed to land on this blogger.

It pained me so much to see and read so unkind words toward the ONLY Father I'd really known to love and respect.

Yes, I do remember that name. Joey Hart. I remebered he was on Second Division and I was on Third Division. Whereas other older kids went upto Fifth Division
Depending on their ages. there were 4 divisions altogether, and the group of kids that bullied me in the beginning were from 5th division, they were about 17 years old then. I'd remembered the kid name was Tom, kids called him Chicken Tom. He was much bigger than me, with scraggly light blond hair, his hair resembles a chicken. May be thats where he get his nickname. I kept my distance from Tom when he was around, I'd know he didn't like me.

The few times that I saw Joey Hart, my impression was that he was happy. He was about 9 years old with short blond hair and freckled face.

Through it all, I have never heard of any instances where a child was reported as abused, lives were much simpler within the group home system, there was never violence, people here don't kill each other,
well behave kids get to go to group homes cause they're the cream of the crop and I was among them, the priveleged. So In a way, I had been well sheltered.

I can not speak well for anyone elses experience but only of my own personal experiences.

The is an old Vietnamese saying and I'll try to translate as best I can it goes like this " Near the Dark is Darkness, Near the Lamp is Brightness"

I'm no philosopher, but I do believe if you opened your heart to wickedness you will reap suffering. We can let the goodness of our hearts and minds transform what beastiness there is surrounds us into tamed hearts.

Lets the goodness of our hearts come through so that it may lessen the effects of evil. Evil that we can control through the good that emanates in all of us.

Father Peter J. Dunne, I have't seen you since Summer of 1982. I am missing you very much. I remember all the good times you have given me, You will always remain a great icon in my life. I pray to God that he will forgive whatever weakness that you may have
and He will not keep you from eternal peace. There are peolpe that goes through life commit only crimes and still they are forgiven!
Why then, God will forgive you too! for you have spent your entire life in the service of our Lord, He knows how many lives you have made good in Gods eyes!
I am not God but I do know you have touched the lives of one of "the least of your brother"
and that is why I am a witness to you.

You are a good hearted, caring, generous, father, mentor, brave and full of understanding. I will always adore you.

My wife Annie and I will pray for you everyday. I will tell of your good deeds in front of the Almighty when the opportunity avail. My sincerest regards.

city of angels lady said...

Sorry, Anonymous, can't post your comment because you name the foster family, and ... I don't know about them. Try again... - ke

Anonymous said...

I am a nephew of Fr. Dunne. As a teenager, I spent unsupervised weeks in a remote location in Canada with Fr. Dunne, other priests, and wards from St. Francis. My brother and my cousins also spent many weeks in Canada with Fr. Pete, canoeing through the wilderness where he was the only adult, or one of a few adults. At least two of my cousins spent summers as camp counselors at Camp Newman. My brothers and I have spent plenty of time at his cabin, and knew the young adults who lived there--former St. Francis kids with no where else to go, kids who asked for a place to stay.

We have asked ourselves did any of Fr. Dunne’s kids from St. Francis or Camp Newman ever make a comment that hinted at sexual abuse? In these a "boys'" environments, alone in the Canadian wilderness for weeks, or in a summer camp, is it remotely plausible that none of the boys would make a remark or a joke or a jab about homosexual conduct? Clearly not. So if Fr. Dunne was a serial abuser and pedophile, why haven't more boys come forward in addition to the two who have been identified?

Fr. Dunne admitted his relationship with the man in Oregon decades ago. I personally learned of that relationship in the mid 1980's when Fr. Dunne confessed and apologized. He also came to visit with my father and brother and tell them and apologize. As the grand jury record makes clear, he advised the Archdiocese at the same time. It was not until twenty years later that a second accuser/victim came forward, to the best of my knowledge. And this is, apparently, the same person identified by the first victim in the grand jury report, whom "Gordon" had met in Iowa and was preparing to abuse himself.

Thus, the blithe allegation that there are undoubtedly "hundreds" of victims has no basis in fact and is utterly implausible. Abused victims have not been shy about coming forward and seeking compensation for their injuries. I have read the entire grand jury report closely at least three times, and as a practicing lawyer, when you peel away the opinions of psychologists (which are not admissible as evidence of specific acts of sexual misconduct), you find credible evidence of exactly two boys who were abused, and at best, suggestions of several more. The suggestions come principally from the hearsay of the first victim, who has pursued serial civil claims for damages for the last 25 years. He left Pennsylvania decades ago for Iowa and then Oregon, and has no personal knowledge of Fr. Dunne's actions since. He may be entirely sincere, but his reports of later abuse should be viewed critically given that he has a strong financial interest and bias but a lack of personal knowledge.

I am confident that the boys who have memories like Chung's vastly out number those who feel like the first victim, "Gordon,” and the boy from Iowa. My point is not to diminish the victims' suffering, or to discredit them, or to justify Fr. Dunne's actions. I can't and don't. Fr. Dunne committed sins and harmed at least two boys, deeply embarrassed his family, and harmed the Church, which he loved. These acts haunted and tarnished him until his death and destroyed his reputation.

But that is not the full measure of his life, by any stretch. My uncle did much, much good for many more orphaned boys who had no one else to love or care for them. It is not the full measure of the man for whom I had great love, respect and admiration, and remember fondly for the long philosophical discussions we enjoyed, the days spent at his cabin from the time I was a young boy exploring through the woods, the time in the Canadian wilderness in a retreat to a simple routine of work, play and daily mass, and his example of resilient faith and devotion. It is his example and his tough questions to me, that most tether me to the spiritual. I will miss him. So will many, many otherwise unloved boys he inspired and cared for, and whose lives he touched in a positive way.

A Sad But Loyal Nephew

city of angels lady said...

I know it seems unbelievable, but a lot of victims are out there who never report the crime, they just live with it. They die young.

I report what people tell me, and this victim was very believable, plus his life lives out the pattern of most victims.

I do appreciate though that many people have come forward to defend Father Dunne.

I think both sides have a right to say what they believe is true, and in the end the Truth wins out.

FF said...

I have just heard Fr. Dunne has died. I have been told he died this past Sunday, 4/18/10.