At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vigil in Boston now 7.5 years and going strong, here are recent photos and report from Speak Truth To Power (STTOP)


Above left to right: Brian Doherty - Stan Doherty - Richard Orareo - Eileen Doherty - Blanche Crandall (Photo by Ruth Moore)

Above left to right: Steve Angier - Marge Bean - Steve Sheehan (Photo by Ruth Moore)

By City of Angels

In Photos above, Stephen Angier joined Steve Sheehan and Marge Bean at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Boston, a vigil that has been going on now for seven and a half years. That same weekend in early July, Blanche Crandall from Anchorage Alaska (who stood up before in Boston) joined the campaign in Weymouth.

Kathy Dwyer of Boston writes at the STTOP website : We are called the "Sidewalk Protesters" (organized and named in 2002) and consist of women and men who share a common goal of holding the hierarchy of the Catholic Church responsible and accountable for the sexual, ritual and spiritual abuse and betrayal of countless children, women and men.

From STTOP Website continued:

We are survivors of sexual abuse and others who have been painfully affected by the betrayal, cover-up and perpetuation of sexual abuse by those who demanded we trust, follow and obey them.


We speak publicly against sexual abuse by priests and other members of the Catholic Church.

We speak against the past, present and on going silence and collusion by the hierarchy, most priests and most laity of the Catholic Church.

We protest on the sidewalks of cathedrals throughout the country supporting survivors and demanding accountability, responsibility and change.

We name corrupt Cardinals, Bishops and priests and demand their resignations and indictments.

We support survivors and others as they shatter the silence that has entombed for centuries the sexual, ritual and spiritual abuse of children, women and men.

We honor the right of each individual to speak form their heart.

We support other groups and individuals with similar goals






For background on this story go to City of Angels 13, where in September 28, 2008, we posted this:
In Boston for almost seven years...

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