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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Victim tracks down perpetrator, speaks at a conference where ephebophile priest hiding out in Italy, now gets to see him laicized in New Jersey


By Kay Ebeling

Six months from the day Bill Nash stood in front of the press in Springfield, Massachusetts and said the priest who sexually assaulted him as a young seminarian should be punished, the Rev. James Tully has petitioned his religious order for laicization. Nash tracked down Tully (pictured above left) to the village of Vicenza, Italy, and became alarmed reading that the ephebophile priest was living unsupervised in a Xaverian Religious Order property.

Between June and November, Nash held six press conferences, and handed out releases saying: “Local man learns that his Predator lives at facility where Youth Events are held.” Nash went way past Google in his internet searches and made contact with an Italian organization that tracks pedophiles.

As a result Nash got an “almost all expenses paid” trip to Vicenza, Italy, in December 2008, where he spoke to a conference on the issue of pedophilia. He hoped to confront Tully on the trip, but weeks before the conference, Nash found out Tully had been transfered back to New Jersey, to the town of Wayne, where the Xaverian Religious Order has its US headquarters.

At the December conference in Vicenza, Italy, Nash even translated his speech so he could deliver it in Italian to the group.

“The group in Italy works to stop pedophilia and draw public attention to it,” Nash said, “There is no organization in Italy like SNAP or anything for clergy abuse survivor support - so this organization has taken in people from abuse in the church.

“They don’t have Megan’s Law they don’t have sex offender registry,” Nash said.

Other speakers were a politician and a member of European parliament.

Below is the document which may have changed Bill Nash's life and role as a survivor. Keep reading City of Angels blog for further reports.

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Highlighted portion of document at right, shows Rev. James Tully requests formal laicization from the Xaverian Religious Order. (Click to enlarge.)From book of official business the Xaverian Religious Order publishes every two months. In the back are lists with new professions and situations for various priests. We found this announcement in December '08 saying in Italian that James Tully officially asks to be laicized.

So Bill Nash is now seeing his priest laicized, but will the Xaverians monitor him, make sure the Former Reverend James Tully does not have access to children, especially teenage boys?
Bill Nash Victorious in front of Vatican

Nash to Appear in BBC Special Next Month

While in Italy, Nash met up with a crew from the BBC, and was interviewed, thanks to arrangements made by Barbara Dorris in the national SNAP office in St. Louis. Photos from Nash's time in the Vatican are below.

Above, Nash with BBC crew.

"They were doing a story about the Pope's statement last October that the church needs to screen for homosexuals as seminarians."
BBC program to air in February

At left Levada's office at the Vatican. "I was unable to get through the Swiss guards, but they were helpful, in that they gave me his telephone number, one I already had," Nash says. "When I called it, they said Levada wasn't in. I spoke with an English speaking secretary who told me that the case would be handled in the disciplinary section of the congregation. I called over there, to monsgr. Sicluna, but he wasn't in either."

At right, in skirts, the Swiss Guards, who keep Vatican heirarchy from ever interacting with their crime victims.

Also see: (Click headlines below to go to previous City of Angels posts about Bill Nash pursuing his perp (the once Rev. Jim Tully)

Monday, September 15, 2008 post:

He tracks his perp priest to a residence in Italy and Italian media run with the story. One survivor weilding so much power from his New England home
By Kay Ebeling
Bill Nash started his campaign to defrock Fr. James Tully as a result of comments made by the Pope this year, says the pedophile priest assault survivor pictured at right. (Docs from his investigation are scanned in below, click to enlarge.) In the US and in Australia last year, the pope said:

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AND ALSO SEE: Thursday, November 13, 2008, post
Pedophile priests at large in New Jersey. James Tully in Wayne and Robert Petrella in North Arlington. Survivors alert neighborhoods
By Kay Ebeling
Pedophile priest Robert Petrella got an eighteen month sentence, convicted of unnatural and perverted sex practices against children. He served nine. The pedophile priest finished parole in Maryland last year and David Fortwengler, whose testimony as one of the victims helped get the conviction, followed his

This from an August 4th Blog from Italy:
Bill Nash's story at:

Mi chiamo William Nash e vivo nel Massachusetts Stati Uniti. Vi scrivo oggi, a seguito di una mia grande preoccupazione, in quanto, quest’anno, avete coordinato ufficialmente non meno di due programmi per giovani nella sede dei Padri Missionari Saveriani in Vicenza.

Continue reading in Italian at:

Here is the letter Nash wrote to the Xaverian house in Vicenza, Italy, after finding out that his perpetrator, an accomplished ephobophile Catholic priest, lived. Nash was concerned that events for children take place at the house where Tully was staying.

Ufficio Diocesano per i Giovani
Palazzo delle Opere Sociali
Piazza Duomo, 2
36100 – Vicenza
Tel. 0444/226566

My name is William Nash from Massachusetts in the United States. I am writing to you today out of concern, because you have hosted at least two official diocesan youth programs at the residence of the Xavarian Missionary Fathers in Vicenza this year. Father James Tully is a priest who resides at their house in Vicenza.

Father Tully sexually assaulted me while I was in the seminary in the 1980’s in the United States. He sexually abused others as young as twelve years old in Massachusetts and in Wisconsin. In the United States, he was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18. He is also restricted from ministerial activities.

The Xavarian leadership has moved Father Tully from place to place when allegations and charges arose. He was moved to Rome in 2002 as a refuge from his accusers here. Since November, he has been in residence in Vicenza.

Recently, I petitioned the Holy See for the laicization of Father Tully, in response to the Pope’s comments about pedophile priests. In addition to a criminal report, and settlements, I have a letter that was written by the provincial in the United States, that identifies Fr. Tully as a pedophile. I am hoping that the Holy See will be acting promptly to remove Fr. Tully from the priesthood, in order to keep the Church a safe place for children. In the meantime, I would also hope that your office would refrain from hosting youth programs at the Xavarian house until that time. This year, you have hosted on January 12, Il Sinodo Diocesano dei Giovani, and on April 20, Mission Day 2008.

It is highly imprudent to place the safety of children at risk by using their facility for your events. I would appreciate a response from your office to assure me that you will be stopping all youth programs at the Xavarian residence in Vicenza until Fr. Tully is no longer present.


And the story goes Onward.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Mr. Nash! If more people spoke out against pedophiles, the world would be a safer place. The church needs to FIRE all of these purps and restore the good name of the church. Keep up your cruisade!

Anonymous said...

The Bishop Of Cloyne (Ireland), now being asked to retire, or resign, for clear and present pedophile enabling, aid & abettting (, is also complicitly involved in the Blackfriar's bridge hanging/murder of Roberto Calvi (Banco di Ambrosio), as well as the murder/poisoning of Albino Luciani, when on the job, in Rome, (IN GOD'S NAME by David Yallop - 100% true).

The revelations of this brilliant and 100% factual City Of Angels blog, on the crime spree across the Tiber, can only result in one conclusion to correction, by any sane laity; like St. Peter Damien correctly asserted: "STOP DONATING LAITY!"

This is all about MONEY, yours laity, and the Curia, whose motto remains ISAIAH 28:15, among poster examples like Bernie Law (less) & Rog 'Mahal' Mahony, want to steal it, to protect their own soulless guilty hides.

"The only condition for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to do nothing!" as Edmund Burke reminds each of us.

Donating to the Roman Catholic Church is an overt MORTAL SIN.

Fiat Lux! Give these red hat or miter demons any money, and your salvation is NOT assured.

hrh said...

Bill Nash writes, ".....I called over there, to Monsgr. Sicluna, but he wasn't in either."

FYI, Sicluna was the one sent by Ratzinger, after pressure on him became so great and he couldn't sweep it under the rug any longer, to depose all those men who came forward to say they had been raped/sodomized/molested by Legion of Christ founder Maciel.

Sicluna was called back to the Vatican before he had finished deposing all on his list. The Vatican will say only that the number he actually deposed was more than 20 and less than 100. (Anyone wanna bet it's a helluva lot closer to 100 than 20?!?!?!)

Anonymous said...

To go to Rome
is little profit, endless pain;
the master that you seek in Rome
you find at home or seek in vain.

Scribbled in the margin of a manuscript by Sedulius of Li├Ęge (9th century), an Irish scholar.

Anonymous said...

In Ireland, priest pedophile victims undestandably are outraged after the so called leader of the Irish Catholic Church stood by his man, Bishop of Cloyne, John Magee, saying he should stay in office regardless of how many pedophile priests he covered up for. The Cardinal is following orders. Stop giving, people.

Magee was first at the bedside of the murdered Pope John Paul I, see David Yallop's book In God's Name. Magee was also secretary for Paul VI at the time of his death.

Tell the truth, John Magee.