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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lots of Catholic Churches closing these days...


By Kay Ebeling

Below linked are news stories of Catholic Church, school, and social work closings in the past few days only, which to me is another sign of the bishops skewered priorities. With all the wealth in the Vatican, they close properties AND often blame it on the plaintiffs in child sex crime lawsuits, which came about as a result of the Catholic Church's epidemic of sex predator priests. It's not our fault they let their celibate employees pick from a flock of catamites from parish families to make it easier to be celibate. That was Church practice, not innocent American children's practice... And again, if they had just admitted guilt and reached out to the victims back in the mid-1990s, the American Catholic Church would probly still be thriving. Instead:

2 hours ago
CBS News
Diocese's closure of center for minorities, poor shocks…
Like many others Thursday, a distraught Luis Montoto rushed to the Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison with one question: “What can I do?” Montoto and his wife, Lupita, had just learned that, due to budget cuts, the Madison Catholic…
Wisconsin State Journal
1 day ago

Mass set for closing St. Aloysius
The school with 12 classrooms, a library and cafeteria will close at the end of the school year. Former teachers, employees and students are invited to attend the 11:15 Sunday morning Mass at St. Aloysius Church to honor the closing. “It’s…
1 day ago
Committee studying church options
GLOVERSVILLE - Parishioners at St. Mary of Mount Carmel and Sacred Heart churches will meet early next month to hear what will become of one of the two church buildings slated for closure at the end of June. Karen Hoose, pastoral associate…
Serbian church to close drug centre over beating
BELGRADE, May 23 (Reuters) - The Serbian Orthodox Church ordered the closure on Saturday of a treatment centre for drug abusers after a video showed a patient being beaten with a shovel, punched and kicked as part of supposed treatment. The…
Reuters AlertNet
St. Francis Solanus in Bay Shore may close
In the fall of 2006, a task force was put together by Bishop Patrick R. Cooney to look more closely at a shortage of church members and priests. During a special meeting April 27, after two-and-a-half years of study and consultation with…
Petoskey News-Review
Catholic Multicultural Center to close in local diocese cuts
The economy is hitting the Catholic diocese of Madison and hitting it hard. The diocese announced on Wednesday the need to make "serious cutbacks," including closing its Catholic Multicultural Center on Madison's south side. The actions,…
Wisconsin State Journal
22 hours ago
Madison's Catholic Diocese To Make Cuts, Close CMC
MADISON, Wis. -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison announced Wednesday that it will cut pay for some diocesan employees, reduce staff and close the diocese's Catholic Multicultural Center. Those measures are in addition to the…
Channel 3000
1 day ago
Madison diocese closes center, cuts staff/pay
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - The Catholic Diocese of Madison says the tough economy has forced it to close its social service center, reduce staff and cut pay for some employees. The 11-county diocese hasn't disclosed its budget shortfall or how…
WBAY Green Bay
20 hours ago
Diocese closing Fatima church in Worcester
WORCESTER — Parishioners at Our Lady of Fatima Church had already staved off one attempt to close their house of worship, which prominently sits high above Interstate 290 near Lincoln Square. Back in 1978, Diocese of Worcester officials ...…
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
3 hours ago
Diocese of Rockville Centre freezes employee salaries
Saying economic woes are affecting one of the nation's largest suburban Catholic dioceses, Bishop William Murphy has announced a salary freeze for employees of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The freeze will affect diocesan priests,…

A sanctuary no more
LONG BRANCH — To those used to regarding a house of worship as a place of sanctuary, the setting at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church since last Sunday seems a little incongruous. The gates are locked and signs, printed in red in…
Asbury Park Press

Mass set for closing St. Aloysius
The school with 12 classrooms, a library and cafeteria will close at the end of the school year. Former teachers, employees and students are invited to attend the 11:15 Sunday morning Mass at St. Aloysius Church to honor the closing. “It’s…
1 day ago
Kingsmead School in Cheltenham will close this summer
It will be business as usual next term at Kingsmead School, despite the school's official closure looming. The school in Howell Road, Cheltenham , will cease to exist when it shuts its doors on July 17 for the summer holidays. But 100…
This is Gloucestershire
Committee studying church options
GLOVERSVILLE - Parishioners at St. Mary of Mount Carmel and Sacred Heart churches will meet early next month to hear what will become of one of the two church buildings slated for closure at the end of June. Karen Hoose, pastoral associate…
St. Colman Catholic Church plans to celebrate being spared…
St. Colman Catholic Church will hold a special Mass on Sunday to celebrate its rebirth, following the reversal of Bishop Richard Lennon's decision to close the 129-year-old parish. Lennon, in his plan to shrink the Cleveland Catholic…
Cleveland Plain Dealer Blog
1 day ago
Serbian church to close drug centre over beating
BELGRADE, May 23 (Reuters) - The Serbian Orthodox Church ordered the closure on Saturday of a treatment centre for drug abusers after a video showed a patient being beaten with a shovel, punched and kicked as part of supposed treatment. The…
Reuters AlertNet

One last celebration
SUGAR NOTCH — Today, Mary Kay Pettinger will bear witness to the closing of not only a church, but the closing of a chapter of her family’s history. Like many other parishioners, Pettinger was baptized into St. Charles Borromeo Roman…
Citizen's Voice
Connie Ankoviak, an 11-year principal at St. Andrews School in…
GRAND RAPIDS -- The 137 students at St. Andrew's School will finish their year without longtime Principal Connie Ankoviak. She resigned last week, leaving parents and students mystified at her abrupt departure. Ankoviak, a middle school…
Grand Rapids Press
11 hours ago
Greenbush hit by string of apparent arsons
Police have a suspect in four cases of apparent arson in Greenbush, Minn., including fires in two churches, in the past month or so. But no one has been arrested, said Lisa Hanson, Roseau County attorney. On the evening of May 8, a passing…
Park Rapids Enterprise
1 day ago
School's out ... forever
After educating nearly 5,000 students over the last 43 years, Driscoll Catholic High School in Addison closed its doors Thursday. In the last few weeks students have signed classmates' yearbooks, taken their final exams and considered new…
Chicago Tribune


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be a stringer for City of Angels. I really do not know what I am doing...


I'm not a journalist. I'm a crime victim whose PTSD is so imbued into me after 55 years of living with it, that I adopt persona with ease. So when I saw that no journalists locally are writing about the coverup of sex crimes in the Catholic Church, and the shenanigans church attorneys carry on in court, I started City of Angels 3, hoping media would pick up the story and I could go back to watching movies on the couch.

Instead the persona took over. Now I am writing these stories, apparently the only digging journalist going after these crimes. If there are others out there, let's not compete, contact me so we can combine forces. I never wanted to be The One doing it, I just saw something that needed to be done and started doing it.

Amazing to me is why more people - victims or not - don't pick up torches and start hollering. There's maybe 10 of us across the country.

Meantime since I'm on my own through most of the production of these stories and sometimes people who do join up with me lead me wrong, there will be mistakes made here. This is not the New York Times, this is one lone crime victim crying out for somebody to see all this abuse of the justice system by the Catholic Church, even if you can't stand hearing all the stories of children raped across the country - across the world, likely, in the future.

Meanwhile, I wish people would sign up as stringers for City of Angels, write stories from their region, you don't have to be any more a journalist than I am. My J school degree is from 1978, and I worked five years- maybe 8 years total as a journalist, last real job was in the 1980s. Adopting the persona the whole time then too.

Don't look to me for All The News in encyclopedic accuracy - look for My Personal Slant on all these crimes, including the pain, my damaged life, the ongoing onslaught of reminders that I cannot live like a normal person because of this shit.

I can print SHIT here!!!

For now today gotta go to work on an E! network special, as this is not my profession. This blog is my outlet. This blog is my way to make up for the dearth of support for survivors in L.A. after SNAP was here for 10 years and then left. Actually SNAP never was in L.A. it was always out in the suburbs, but that's another story.

This blog was started and goes on, not to pad my resume,

Not to showcase my work for potential employers,


Not to air the stories of people who I really don't agree with.

No more stories about people who want to talk, but won't let me phone them and get to know them first.

All that will be gone from now on at City of Angels. It's just going to be my take on things,

Lots of mistakes you make, you learn and don't make them again. I hate to admit that at age sixty I am still making so many mistakes, but when you consider I have only been myself since about 1994, when I realized where all the sexual compulsions had come from -

It was not St. Michael the Archangel who aroused me in the woods of Bartlett, Illinois in 1953, it was Father Thomas Barry Horne-y -

I'm really only sixteen and figuring this out with no parental or extended family around for guidance.

A support network would help.

Why don't we have a SNAP meeting in Hollywood? Anyone interested? I tried this once before. I don't want to be an organizer, I'm busy enough already. But does anyone else in L.A. feel a real need to continue some kind of action and support, and combining efforts as a group?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Re New York


Posted on Huffington Post Irwin Zalkin story today re SOL leaves us SOL:

Public schools don't need to be covered in these new bills as they have not operated as a secretive criminal entity, as has the Catholic Church the last decades. Church lawyers abuse any civil loophole they can to prevent the true stories from coming out, about rape by pedophile priests and the collustion at the top that let it happen. Public schools already are public. The Catholic Church is in bad need of oversight, as we see with these decades of serial felony sex crimes against children. THOUSANDS of crime victims of pedophile priests are in America today, maybe hundreds of thousands, and not one bishop has answered for the crimes.

With Archdiocese lawyers lurking, no wonder mainstream reporters stop reporting about sex crimes in the Church


By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Network

Examiner Caves to Catholic Church Lawyers and Fires Me, Part Two: If anyone still wonders if the Catholic Church uses its muscle to muzzle local news media, I am now living proof. The email Examiner Dot Com sent when they fired me opened with, “After reviewing the allegations brought forth by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles."

My editor didn't notice the "slander and defamation" in the April 29th stories in question until May 20th, after Examiner received a letter from the General Counsel of the L.A. Archdiocese, which I assume means Ms. Marge Graf. Funny thing is if she had just picked up the phone and called me and said, "Kay, that nun in San Marino is upset over what you said and crying in her Danish," I would have gladly removed the stories.

Instead, once again the Catholic Church rears its Mafioso-like head and applies muscle at the top, so one story about a nun’s outfit being the opposite of a modest habit was an excuse to get me fired from Examiner, thanks to yet another attorney working for Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles (pictured with one of his minions above).

I mean face it, hardly anyone ever says anything derogatory, inflammatory or funny in a nasty way about nuns in American media today.

Now I understand why Governor Keating quit the National Review Board fed up with the bishops’ Mafia style.

Now I understand why so many mainstream reporters stop reporting about pedophile priests.


The L.A. Archdiocese pressuring Examiner to fire me - and succeeding - proves how much effort the Church puts into stifling true stories about its crimes. Makes you wonder what else the Church is hiding, what could be worse than what has been able to seep out so far? What could be worse than more than five thousand priests identified so far as sexual predators, just in years recent enough for victims to come forward?

How about Negligence and Fraud at a national - no international - level?

Now we know the Church DOES use its muscle to muzzle negative news reports


Meanwhile I feel liberated now that I'm away from Examiner Dot Com, where not only was I totally on my own to find, track down, research, run all over town, and then write stories - but then I had to market them myself.

NOTE TO ANYONE thinking of becoming an Examiner.

The six months I was with them, every month it was “next month” that Examiner was going to start its national marketing campaign. After a while you realize their entire marketing campaign is you and each Examiner going out and finding readers, one at a time.

That's Examiner’s national marketing campaign, each writer goes out and finds readers.

One at a time.

Then you get paid one penny per click, so you have to go out and find a lot of readers to buy a sandwich.

When I wasn’t writing stories, I was trying to find news groups and blogs and other places to post links to the stories, so I could bring in readers more than one at a time, maybe five at a time, one after the other.

My coverage of sex crime coverups in the Catholic Church lost all its momentum.

I totally could not figure out who the audience was for pedophile priest rape stories at Examiner.

What kind of potential customers for advertisers could I bring in to this corporate journalism experiment in which I found myself trapped?!

With Pedophile Priest Rape Stories?????

So I became stifled.

I gut wrenched out the few stories I was able to write during the Examiner Dot Com period, unable to find my voice there. The stories then read exactly like that, like they were groaned out. Recently, putting together a collection of articles, I could not find anything I had posted at Examiner Dot Com good enough to put it in a portfolio.

I thought here at Examiner we report what mainstream is afraid to report. Instead Examiner reports what will get it more advertisers.

The biggest disappointment is I thought I was joining a 21st Century, forward thinking - give America what mainstream news media are too frightened to report - news organization.

Instead Examiner Dot Com turned out to be more corporate than the L.A. Times Mirror AOL Turner CNN whatever it all is today. Examiner writers’ stories are only there to draw in advertisers.

That's why all the stories there are in a 6 point ugly gothic type. They really don't want people who come to Examiner Dot Com to read the articles, they want Examiners to draw in readers to the ads.

With ugly 6 point Arial type mandated for all Examiner stories!

No one wants to read that font, so the eye instead is drawn to the ads on the sides

Examiner uses that obvious graphic art trick - ugly masses of print - to draw readers away from the stories to the ads.


The Joke is on the Church

I had already decided to quit Examiner Dot Com a week earlier, because they were on my case to start posting all my stories in 6 point Arial type, and because they were not doing any marketing at all at the corporate level, and I was beginning to feel like I was working for Ex Scam-iner in reality.

Lucky for all of us, The L.A. Archdiocese General Counsel wrote that letter to Examiner demanding my removal, revealing the Roger Mahony machine to be paranoid, unable to stand criticism, and lurking everywhere online ready to stifle freedom of speech -

Just hours before I was going to quit anyway.

Did anyone ever expect anything better from Roger Mahony?

More to come shortly...

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Every few weeks or months or when you are moved, send $5 or higher through PayPal in the top left corner to keep City of Angels Network thriving...

Will a Supreme Court with six (6!) Roman Catholics even be able to see Pedophile Priest RICO charges, let alone a lawsuit against the Vatican?


By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Network

Conservative blogs say Sonia Sotomayor, identified in today's news as a "practicing Catholic," is likely to be in favor of "religious liberty issues" as a Supreme Court justice, because of her history of decisions, for example:

The Jewish Orthodox Union has taken an early look at Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor opinions on religous liberty issues and finds them "very encouraging." Here's one:

-Hankins v. Lyght (2006). In this case, a 70 year-old Methodist minister brought an age discrimination claim against the Methodist Church after he was fired pursuant to the church’s mandatory retirement rules. Judge Sotomayor dissented from the panel majority’s decision to send the case back to the district court for further analysis under two different statutes.

Instead, she took the position that the federal age discrimination in employment statute simply did not apply in this context, because applying it would entail undue intrusion into religious matters.

She wrote: “Federal court entanglement in matters as fundamental as a religious institution’s selection or dismissal of its spiritual leaders risks an unconstitutional ‘trespass on the most spiritually intimate grounds of a religious community’s existence

Source: UTA

So if "practicing Catholic" Sonia Sotomayor IS approved to the Supreme Court, will she even be able to see our pursuits of prosecution at a federal level for Negligence and Fraud on the part of the church as "court entanglement in matters as fundamental as a religious institution’s selection or dismissal of its spiritual leaders," or will she be astonished that pedophiles all over the United States and abroad were enabled using corruption and collusion at a high hierarchy level, apparently inherent in the structure of the very church where she goes to Communion every week?

With critical issues concerning the Church possibly coming before the Supreme Court, Obama should rethink this nominatino. Put in someone other than another Roman Catholic, just for the sake of balance, regardless of how they would stand on pedophile priest criminal conspiracy, fraud, and negligence prosecution or even regardless of whether they would put forward the Vatican lawsuit that is up for either consideration or passing by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Vatican Lawsuit could be one of the first decisions of this new Supreme Court with Obama's nominee in place.

I'm paranoid enough to think the Catholic Church is pulling strings behind the scenes

to get a Catholic, any Catholic -

but wow, a Catholic from Puerto Rico who is still practicing is greater than great-

on the bench -

At this time when the Supremes would be taking on issues critical to the future of the Catholic Church.

Will Sotomayor even be willing to look at the crimes of the bishops?

Doubt it...

Local area activist for pedophile priest crime victims, Udo Strutynski, said: "It’s unfortunate that Obama would pick a sixth Catholic to put on the court. That may lead to another imbalance. Basically you can get decisions that are clearly going to represent the Catholic point of view which is not good. It’s unfortunate but one hopes for the best."

Udo continued: "Now Sotomayor comes from virtually nothing. Just the fact that you come from down in the social pecking order doesn't mean that you will have sympathy and understanding for other people who are still down there. We'll just have to wait and see."

I say, Obama, find someone else who brings balance, especially with the Vatican lawsuit and possible prosecution of bishops at a national level in the possible future for America.

What happened to uploading scans all weekend?


I was mistaken. The materials that came in the package last week were not items that I would want to scan up to the site. Mostly just pages to read...

So nothing to look at here yet.

Meanwhile I got slammed on my TV job, AND took a couple days off.

More to come soon. . .


9:45 AM

Just put this comment up at Gustavo Arrellano's column at OC Weekly:

Yes do forever keep ripping into the priests, Gustavo. They ripped into our civil justice system and abused the courts to keep the stories of these crimes from totally coming out. Now it's up to bloggers and damaged people standing in the street with signs - small people up against a well funded criminal hierarchy structure.

Governor Keating was right. They operate like Mafia, the Catholic Church lost its right to command respect years ago, and these lush conferences while kids get their confirmation retreat canceled is just another sign of the hypocrisy.

Yes, I too will keep on ripping into them as one of the crime victims at and it's nothing against the people who go there, just in awe and wonder that people can stare at the truth and still not see it. These guys are CRIMINALS!!!!!

There are plenty of other genuine Christian churches.

As one of the crime victime, I have to say, Catholics, don't you realize how much you hurt every one of us when you keep supporting these pedohpile enablers? Don't you see what they did? Isn't Ireland a hint that there might be something structurally wrong with the whole dang thing?????


Getting up early these days, look what time this is posted... I'm totally time shifted, waking up earlier and earlier every morning and then, of course, I fall asleep about 7 every night... weird.

Anyway, spending the next hours getting refreshed up on stories in the news. Isn't it interesting that Weakland's Memoirs, as SHOCKING and ASTOUNDING as they are, their news stories are buried in all the Ireland Ryan Report stories.

But we haven't forgotten Weakland's memoirs here, and whoa...

more to come soon...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drama: New witness tracks down Anderson as jury deliberates. New testimony shows Fresno Diocese must have withheld evidence


“In discovery and at trial, there were no records of complaints or testimony of complaints of sexual abuse made to the Diocese before or during the time period of plaintiffs’ abuse.”

This is too good to wait until Tuesday: “Summary of New Evidence,” page 4 Heading 2 in the 2000 or so page document - Motion for a New Trial in Fresno - I'm reading over the weekend. Following is copied directly from the Brief:

The jury began its deliberations at approximately 11:30 AM on April 2, 2009. After deliberating for less than three hours, the jury had a question. Plaintiffs’ counsel, Jeff Anderson, was returning to the courtroom to respond to the question when he received a message from his office that a W Doe had called stating that he had information regarding the Santillan brothers.
Mr. Anderson returned the call, and spoke briefly with Mr. W Doe. (New witness is named in public papers, but asked to remain anonymous in news stories, so we are calling him W Doe.)

After responding to the jury’s question, and returning to his hotel, Mr. Anderson again called Mr. W Doe and Mr. W Doe informed him that he had been molested by Herdegen in the mid- to late- 1960s, and he had complained of the abuse.

According to Mr. W Doe, he started attending St. John’s Catholic School in Wasco in first grade in approximately 1962. When he was approximately 10 years old, he became an altar boy for Herdegen. Herdegen began molesting Mr. W Doe when Mr. W Doe was in the fifth grade, near the end of 1969, and Mr. W Doe told his mother about Herdegen’s conduct after a Saturday Mass.

The following Monday, Mr. W Doe’s mother took him to see the principal and head nun of St. John’s Catholic School Sister Vidaline. W Doe’s mother told him to tell Sister Vidaline about Herdegen’s condiuct and he did so.

On March 18, 2009, Mr W Doe received a call from his son who told him the Santillan brothers were “going to court” over Hergeden. Upon hearing this information, Mr. W Doe found articles on the internet about the trial and that trial counsel was an attorney named Jeff Anderson.

Mr. W Doe located an attorney named Jeff Anderson in Sacramento and called and left a message for him. He also sent Mr. Anderson an email through his website.

When W Doe did not receive any response to his voicemail or email messages, on Thursday April 2, 2009, W Doe called the Sacramento Jeff Anderson again. That Jeff Anderson told Mr W Doe that he did get the message but he was not the right Jeff Anderson. He explained that over the years he’d received calls that were intended for a Jeff Anderson in Minnesota.

W Doe looked up Jeff Anderson’s contact information in the Minnesota State Bar website and called his office in Minnesota. The message from his office was received by Mr. Anderson as he was returning to court to deal with the jury’s question, after the jury had begun deliberation in the case on April 2, 2009.



Diocese Apparently Withheld Evidence in Discovery and Bent Truth in Court Testimony

I don't want to wait until Tuesday to report:
From Page 7 (only 1993 to go…


Directly copied from Motion for New Trial filed May 11 in Fresno Superior Court:

The Diocese produced no documented prior reports of abuse pertaining to Herdegen, despite being requested in Discovery to do so. In discovery and at trial there were no records of complaints of testimony of complaints of sexual abuse made to the Diocese before or during the time period of plaintiffs’ abuse.

This was the central issue raised by the Defendant at trial.

(The new witness) W Doe’s report to the Diocese about Herdegen’s misconduct supports George Santillan’s contential at trial that the Diocese frequently received reports of molestation that were either never documented or the documentation was “lost.”

Then on Page 6:

Evidence at the trial of this action demonstrated that the Diocese had a history of filing no document - or not retaining the documentation of - reports of sexual misconduct committed by its employees.

(Plaintiffs argued) The absence of documentation did not equate the absence of misconduct or the absence of notice.



No evidence of the 1967 W Doe’s report of Anthony Herdegen was found in the files turned over for Discovery


The Diocese produced no documented prior reports of abuse pertaining to Herdegen, despite being requested in discovery to do so.

In discovery and at trial, there were no records of complaints or testimony of complaints of sexual abuse made to the Diocese before or during the time period of plaintiffs’ abuse.

Mr. W Doe’s testimony however changes all that.

Mr. W Doe’s declaration unequivocally demonstrates that a complaint was made to the Diocesse of Herdegen’s molesting a child by late 1967.


Stay tuned. . .


PS: Whoopee, did I get a bunch of PayPal clicks when we came back to City of Angels. If every reader every 3 months sent $5, I could probly travel all the way to Fresno to cover a trial...

New victim comes forward - Motion for New Trial in Fresno filed May 11th

By Kay Ebeling
Los Angeles

Declaration by a new witness spurred attorneys to file a motion for a new trial in Fresno Superior Court May 11, 2009, on behalf of plaintiffs George and Howard Santillan. The 2000 or so page document arrived here at City of Angels HQ in Hollywood just moments ago and we will have full details and many documents scanned in for readers to click and enlarge when we are up full speed again next week.

A victim of Anthony Herdegen says he reported the sexual abuse to the Fresno Diocese in 1967.

In the March 2009 trial that ended with the jury awarding $0 to plaintiffs, the verdict was based on "whether the diocese knew or should have known of any sexual abuse by Herdegen before 1973."

"The discovery that the Diocese was in fact on notice of Herdegen's sexual misconduct by at least 1967 requires a new trial," reads a main heading of the brief.

Testimony of this new victim would have resulted in a different verdict, reads the brief - on the first page. Like I said there are about two thousand pages here, so City of Angels Lady is content with her Memorial Day Weekend plans. Scanning and scanning and WOW. I can't wait.

If you come to this site over the weekend, you can watch the post as it is being constructed, as we scan one piece of evidence after another up for people to view, from this public document. Much like we did last year with the Servants of the Paracletes Documents here And also here and other posts around late June 2008 here at City of angels.

Read here next week a full report on the Herdegen cases in Fresno.

Motion for new trial was filed by the law offices of Ray Boucher in LA, Laurence Drivon in Stockton, and Jeff Anderson in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mas a leer a la semana que viene.
UPDATE: We are on hiatus until after Memorial Day. Enjoy. FYI, significant stories removed from LA City Buzz are now at City of Angels 11, festering.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fired again: Examiner Dot Com bows to pressure from Church, eliminates my job as LA City Buzz


By Kay EbelingItalic
Producer, City of Angels Network

So here I am back at City of Angels again. After a post I put up April 29th-30th, the L.A. Archdiocese "General Counsel" contacted Examiner Dot Com and pressured them to remove me from their site. So far I have not been able to get a copy of that letter. But I was fired from Examiner Dot Com this afternoon. Oh well, that means:

City of Angels is Back.

After getting a letter from a Church Attorney, Examiner Dot Com decided they also did not like my side quips and snide remarks and as a matter of fact, they don't approve of on any of the stories I wrote in the last few months. Examiner Los Angeles, which promotes stories such as "Actress Reveals Chubby Belly in Bikini" with pictures stolen from copyrighted sites, found my stories about criminals being sleezebags to be "not in line with our guidelines."

Meanwhile Monsignor Richard Loomis is still listed as Pastor of Sts. Felicitas and Perpetua Church in San Marino, pictured here, and Loomis was supposed to be the focus of the April 29 stories that got me fired. Loomis, when he was known as Brother Becket in the late 1960s, had one good enough allegation against him to be one of the priests named in the 510 civil cases settled against the Los Angeles Archdiocese July 2007.

Monsignor Loomis has been on "leave" for more than two years and no one at the church can say where he's gone, as I caught the nun saying on video that was posted with the April 29-30 post. Loomis is still listed as pastor of Sts. Felicitas & Perpetua Church in San Marino.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked and went on a rant about a nun at the church being dressed in a way that I felt was too provocative for a nun, when I wrote that April 29 and 30th post. I still think it was a genuine observation.

It seems nuns in that church have gone full circle from 30 years ago wearing a habit, to today wearing anything they find at Target, cropped short tight dresses that barely fit, no matter how revealing. Maybe I should not have actually used the word sl--ty to describe the way I think the nun looked, but to me that word was an accurate description of her outfit.

Plus it still bothers me very much that a nun dressed like that was spending time in that room behind the altar with the priests before Mass that day at Sts. Felicitas and Perpetua Church in San Marino. I stand by what I said, even though it got me fired.

A lot of kids were raped in those rooms behind altars in Catholic Churches. It's not like they are some kind of sanctuary or anything. . .

I will try to find out more about Richard Loomis aka Brother Becket. I am driven now to find out more about Loomis.

And it feels good to be back in this site writing again. This template is so much friendlier.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese provides security for Sts. Felicitas Church, I recognized the jackets the guards were wearing when I was there last month, and the L.A. Archdiocese is apparently behind the pressure to remove me from my L.A. City Buzz Examiner post.

Oh well, in the long run, this means I can put all my focus on stories here and our pursuit of justice as adult vicims of pedophile priest sex crimes. In the end I think I am better off here.

Although I will miss that extra $80 a month or so.



That means once again, I'm asking my readers to Click the PayPal button in the top left column and put cash on my Account.

To help pay for the work time and resources needed to produce -

Ta Da
City of Angels 5,
City of Angels Network
Now back in action

I am really proud of this site. And glad to be back.

Oh well, we'll have a new post here at City of Angels 5 within about two days. . .

- Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Network

PS: Been fired so many times, I start making plans for unemploiyment before it is even official:

I was already taking a break, when I got fired from Examiner Dot Com. Funny thing is, I was taking the break because I was considering moving the ongoing coverage of sex crimes in the Catholic Church back to City of Angels anyways.

The entire time I was at Examiner, I had to produce stories on other topics. As a result, in the last few months, I lost my momentum in the pursuit of truth concerning the epidemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church.

It's good to be able to say that.

There was an epidemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church and it has not been eradicated.

Instead they want to eradicate the crime victims.

Anyway, Examiner dot com was only paying me $3 to $4 dollars a day. Hardly worth being harrassed about my content. And harrassed about being too creative with my fonts. I mean...

So, I'm ba-a-a-ack