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Thursday, January 29, 2009

LA Archdiocese puts out statement that makes them sound even more like criminals than they did before.


ABOVE - as crime victims of pedophile priests spoke to the press today in LA, a piece of paper, on Archdiocese letterhead, emerged, saying SNAP "runs to every investigation and rumor with pitchforks," then the press release tries to turn attention away from the crimes being investigated.

Above is the entire press release scanned in for you to click and enlarge and read for yourselves.

For the record it argues with SNAP saying, "There is no priest currently in ministry in the Archdiocese," a phrase that might have been crafted by an attorney to divert public attention.

The question is not current priests.

We have seen these crimes committed by bishops over and over again: negligence, aiding and abetting pedophiles, flagrant disregard for permanent damage being done to thousands of people. FRAUD. Telling people you are giving their children spiritual guidance when you are actually sodomizing them is a Fraud so serious and heinous there is no current law in effect to describe it. So we have "creative lawyering" going into effect in the US Justice Department.

They committed crimes, horrendous crimes. The criminals need to be prosecuted.

This is what the LA Archdiocese press release said, released about 1:15 PM today.


SNAP runs to every investigation and rumor with pitchforks and torches, shouting half-truths and outright untruths. Under Cardinal Roger Mahony, the Archdiocese has put in place comprehensive child protection and abuse reporting procedures, and we say again: There is no priest currently in ministry in the Archdiocese who has been found to have abused a minor.

(ME: So what? Everything the archdiocese has done is too little too late, programs for sex education and sex crime prevention were in public schools for decades. It took 508 civil suits in 2007 to get the Church to start scraping away their dark ages structures. Up until then the church made it possible for things like pedophiles in priest robes to come into a Saturday catechism class and just systematically select from the children to go in the building next door and rape them.

You don't believe it? The crimes are all detailed in the JCCP documents in LA Superior Court archives, contact me at and I will tell you how to access the documents.

Case files FULL of felony, one felony after another - sex crimes committed on young Catholic childern. . . it's all there for anyone to read. It's all true.)

More Copy Typing:

It is precisely for the kind of "angry mob" reaction exhibited by SNAP that grand jury confidentiality is supposed to safeguard against.

(ME: THIS IS NOT A GRAND JURY investigation. In LA we have had a grand jury investigation at the county level now for several years and every time you call someone to get a comment on it they say, "We can't comment on ongoing investigations." I mean, come on.

Well guess what guys, at the presidential level, "We Won," as Obama would say. So now watch the criminals all over the country come toppling down. Sorry, here is more of my copy typing of this document. )

More Copy Typing:

Unfortunately the person or persons familiar with the US Attorney's Office investigations have discarded this confidentiality, which helps ensure fair and competent investigations. All of us should question the motives of anyone who would so callously subvert the safeguards of our federal legal system.

(ME: Hah. I laughed out loud, standing on Broadway and Temple waiting for the number 2, I took out this piece of paper and read it and at that phrase up there burst out laughing you could almost hear me over the clamour of the city.

"Callously subvert" ???

- from the Archdiocese, who has never cooperated with any law enforcement agency unless it was to conspire for another cover-up. Want evidence? Go document diving into the JCCP cases and read them, read the cases. All the evidence is right there. Felony after felony. . .)

Back to copy typing
God I wish I had a Valium

We repeat our call for an internal investigation of teh Government leak to determine the extent and depth of misconduct by those who were responsible for the leak.

(ME: Okay some nasty imagery, I can't help it, I am damaged, but did he say, the real criminals are the ones who leaked? I haven't read that case file yet. . . oh he meant leaked the fact there is an investigation.

SO then there is an investigation, no doubt about it, there the Archdiocese just confirmed it, they are only angry someone leaked it. . . . )

(ME: But don't they sound like thugs in the wording of this press release?)

That is it. Click the scanned thing at the top to see it better, to see it for yourself. I am getting photos and videos ready as well, so stay tuned.


More story - VIDEO & STILLS - to come as soon as humanly and technologically possible.

I don't care, honestly - sorry this is the image that comes to mind. But I do not care if they have all cut their organs off and planted them in the LA cathedral's Zen Garden. They are still guilty of all the crimes committed by then since 1950. Even earlier.

You are not answering our questions, Cardinal Roger Mahony, through your spokesman, Tod Tamberg, who actually signed this press release.

Joelle Casteix sends this photo in the meantime of the "Angry Mob" (maybe the photo the Archdiocese has posted at their website of the SNAP demonstration today.)

A Boston blogger thought he saw this photo below on the LA Archdiocese website, their undercover guy took this pic at a SNAP meeting:

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