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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angry Mob: Photos from SNAP meeting with press outside LA Cathedral Wednesday

Cameras pointed, crime victims told their stories, when out of nowhere it seemed, a statement appeared from Roger Mahony, on Archdiocese letterhead in a little stack of paper on the sidewalk. A reporter handed Mary Grant of SNAP the statement from the Cardinal, and she read, "Angry mob?" Mahony called us as an angry mob. Here is a photo montage of the Angry Mob that Threatened the Cardinal on the Sidewalk outside the LA Catholic Compound last week.


It felt so good to arrive and see a crowd gathering. Crime survivors met with the press to give their perspective on the US Attorney investigation of the LA Archdiocese last week, and I thought I was late, there were already more people than at any SNAP event in the last two years setting things up.

Soon more people arrived -

And set up began

Eric Barragan spoke en espanol numerous-numerous times, representing SNAP Mexico. City of Angels flagrantly stuck the camera in on his Telemundo interview then posted part of it on YouTube and at City of Angels 6

You Know

I'm going to use this photo a lot...


Here are the pics you have been waiting for

Angry Mob in LA

Look How Angry this Mob Is!

Angry Mob Outside LA Cathedral Threatens Cardinal

Scary Gang, aren't they?


The truth of the story is in our faces...

Do you too
See The Man

People who we had not seen for a while responded within 24 hours after the LA Times posted news of the federal investigation on their website.

Grant gets message from Mahony re "angry mob"

Reporters Risk Lives Shooting Angry Mob

We will be back, Mr. Mahony.


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Friday, January 30, 2009

HAY UN OTRO video en Espanol ahora mismo at City of Angels 6

Pedophile priests would have been in prison long ago, if bishops had taken the right action

at CityofAngels6
incluyendo videos en espanol

We hope that other US Attorneys across the United States will begin to take the types of steps taken by Calif US Attorney Tom O'Brien, investigating the Los Angeles Archdiocese. says Mary Grant, a regional leader of SNAP.

A pedophile priest like Michael Baker would have been in prison long ago, if Mahony had not just transfered him to a new parish in the 1980s. Cardinal Mahony was not acting alone.

Read the transcript of this 2-minute byte and watch the video at LA-City-Buzz-Examiner

Pedophile priests would have gone to prison decades ago if bishops had taken action, re LA Archdiocese

We hope that other US Attorneys across the United States will begin to take the types of steps taken by Calif US Attorney Tom O'Brien, investigating the Los Angeles Archdiocese. says Mary Grant, a regional leader of SNAP. A pedophile priest like Michael Baker would have been in prison long ago, if Mahony had not just transfered him to a new parish in the 1980s. Cardinal Mahony was not acting alone. Ongoing coverage of the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church at CityofAngelsNetwork5 dot blogspot dot com

War Tactics Should Be Applied to Mahony

Every day brings new evidence that we no longer live in a civilized and principled society. The worst part, it usually concerns another case of sexual misconduct involving a Catholic priest, young children and a church hierarchy that helped to cover up the case.

A regime change should have been made long ago. To be sure, media pressure and public outrage and a billion dollars in pr fees, legal fees and settlements have inspired displays of contrition from Mahony. But as more and more cases of abuse — and cover-up — come to light, one begins to wonder whether Mahony should be considered any more trustworthy than, say, Saddam Hussein.

So — what should be done if the grand jury finds Mahony to be just another member of the hierarchy more concerned with protecting dysfunctional sex freaks than innocent children? Given the level of wreckage and anguish caused in the lives of so many people, it seems appropriate to look to the war on terror for a model strategy. A first prong of attack might involve a Special Forces unit made up of highly skilled and trained military personnel capable of tracking down and obtaining confessions from any current or former priests accused of acts of sexual abuse against children.

If rights are violated, if military personnel sometimes go a little too far, so be it. The Catholic Church had ample opportunity to fess up and repent. Those incapable of civilized behavior shouldn’t expect the rights and privileges of civilization. A deck of cards can be created to help identify hard-to-find priests as well as the disgraceful church leaders who permitted, and in essence, condoned the sexual abuse of young children.

Photos of the most deviant and reprehensible church officials accompanied by a list of their offenses will encourage us all to do our patriotic duty in helping the authorities track down suspected priest-terrorists or at least be able to identify the culprits as they come and go freely because their sins where covered up and the time to criminally prosecute has expired.

Another option would be to divide the nation into territories. A color-code warning system would be established, alerting parents about abusive priests being transferred into their respective regions. Depending on the designated color for a particular region, parents would know whether their children should serve at Mass, go on field trips, or even attend Catholic school that day.

To aid this unique war on terror, a pool of money should be collected, not involuntarily from taxpayers, but voluntarily from those decent human beings who believe crimes committed against our children are sins that God takes very seriously. Some of the funds raised could then be turned into outrageously tempting reward sums for information leading to the capture of our targeted criminals. Once the rogue clerics have been imprisoned and forced to talk, I recommend that their confessions be given to someone like Steven Spielberg or George Romero.

Hollywood writers and producers could create a blockbuster movie like Roots or Schindler’s List to serve as a bitter reminder that these crimes should never again be permitted to occur. Tom Savini could be hired to recreate the horror on the faces of child actors chosen to play parts. Proceeds from the movie could go to victims of abuse and their families. And no matter how old the crime, compensation would be available. There should be no statute of limitations when the rights of children have been violated by those who lived much of their adult lives perched on a pedestal heightened by the trust of innocent and vulnerable believers. In fact, I would extend compensation to the second and perhaps even third generation of sufferers.

It would certainly include siblings denied the experience of growing up with a brother or sister untraumatized by such abuse. And since crimes of abuse tend to echo, it would extend to the victims of the victims as well. If all else fails, is it any less rational to declare war on the Catholic Church as part of a war on child abuse than it was to declare war on Iraq (which had nothing to do with 9/11 or Al-Qaeda and apparently had no weapons of mass destruction) as part of a war on terror? How many innocent children have been verifiably lost to this menace — and how many more will be lost if we don’t make a preemptive strike? As horrific as sexual abuse by priests may be, the perpetrators might merit a more forgiving place if only their superiors had the courage to do the right thing.

For a few, counseling and close supervision might have been enough to prevent future abuses. Others clearly required something more intensive — a mental hospital or a prison. But repeated abuse, as well as willfully hiding the crimes and the criminals — as far as I can see, this brings us much closer to the realm of mortal sin. And the sinners include not just the church hierarchy, but also attorneys who ill-advised parents not to buck the system and take on the Catholic Church, or may even have provided inside information to thwart legitimate cases against the church, law enforcement officials who may have thought it best to warn church officials of pending investigations, and janitors, housekeepers, teachers, and employees of the Catholic Church who kept silent because of concerns about a paycheck, a 401K, a pension, or a fear of standing up to church authorities. God has a place for everyone — and if you abuse children or protect the abusers of children, we can only hope that your place is called hell.

(Kay: Phew)



Bernard Law, in February 2002, made the same statement about the Boston Diocese. Before his exit the following December he removed over two dozen priests from active ministry in the Boston Diocese.

(Re: Angry Mob? Would you call the US Attorneys Angry Mobs posted yesterday)
THIS COMMENT just went up at LA City Buzz Examiner under: Angry mob? Posted/Updated: 01/30/2009 04:52 PM

by Edward Lozzi LMS

WE have just received this about SNAP and Cardinal Mahoney's victims the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) in reaction to the U.S. Attorney's Office Announced Investigation of The Catholic Church Hierarchy in the United States beginning with Cardinal Roger Mahoney in Los Angeles. Seems that the Cardinal has some explaining to do to the FEDS.

It's about time.

Everyone knew about it in government but did nothing. For eight long years both Attorney Generals, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales, ignored the constant cries of victims, local prosecutors, Catholic parishioners, law enforcement and government officials- to investigate and arrest this rogue Cardinal and the bishops that have carried out this documented Obstruction of Justice. Now that the "Faith Based Bush Administration" (protectors of clergy) is out, the new Justice Department can now finally do it's job.

We also hope the State Department will also lift the diplomatic immunity the Vatican lawyers have successfully hidden behind in harboring fugitives of US law enforcement including criminals residing in the Vatican and foreign Cathedrals. Enough! Kids are more important than protecting Bishops. Too bad it has taken eight years and hundreds of molested and raped children because of it. We can only hope that justice will prevail. But we doubt it.

Me: Keep writing

Mahony asks, Why now? then admits to a subpoena on 22 priests for US Attorney, and even the Cardinal wonders why there was no investigation earlier

By Kay Ebeling

Cardinal Mahony has been wondering when someone would start an investigation himself: “Why now does this come up when we said that years ago?” he said in a KNX radio interview yesterday. “We said in our Report to the People of God that, yes, this way of dealing with these issues has evolved, and during those early years it was not handled right, we've said that over and over again so that's why it puzzles me Why now."

I finally heard it, just after posting a story this afternoon saying, “Persons like me who are in this crime victim community have walked around with our mouths hanging open for years wondering where is law enforcement” at the other site where I write, LA City Buzz Examiner.

The victims want to know too, Why now? Why not sometime during the last eight years or so, as stories of rampant sex crimes against children in the Church broke across the country?

“In those years ago, decades ago, people didn't realize how serious this was and so rather than pulling people out of ministry directly and fully they were moved.”

(ME: LIAR: That is a barefaced lie, a slap in the face of everybody on Earth, not just the LA parish members and Catholic administrators but an insult to the intelligence of everybody within earshot of Cardinal Mahony.)

In the 1960s there was nothing wrong with raping children, claims Cardinal Roger Mahony in this interview with KNX?

Here is more of what Mahony said to KNX yesterday:

“There are 22 priests named in this (mumbles) subpoena, 2 are dead the other 22 returned to the lay state and are long gone so I am mystified as to what this is all about.”


Mahony on the radio continued:

We have not been told anyone is a target of an investigation but rather the subpoena called for 22 priests to have their documents sent over there, so they were the ones of interest as far as we know, apparently if I can glean between what's being leaked etc.

(ME: Okay, so now we know the US Attorney requested files on 22 priests - and guess what. The US Government has more clout than say the lead plaintiff firm in the LA Clergy Cases, Kiesel Boucher Larson et al in Beverly Hills, to get those documents out of the Cardinal.)

Mahony on the radio continued:

It seems to have to do with who got transferred when and how and whether or not all the folks in the parishes were notified. And most of these situations of those 22 priests go back into sixties and seventies

Years and years ago.

(ME: Oh good, the old that was years and years ago defense.)

Mahony continued:

And there’s no question about it

The way things were done then is not the way things are done today. We admitted in the People of God Report on our website, a complete breakdown of all of those situations, all of our failures along the way so we don’t know where this is coming from.


Me: It gets back to who was in office the last eight years, steering the US Attorneys and the Justice Department and it is no coincidence that the leak about the investigation of Roger Mahony came out within minutes of the US Senate Confirmation of Eric Holder as the Attorney General in the Barack Obama administration.

To me, it's like Thomas O'Brien said, I have a new boss now, and this is what I am going to do, when the California Central District US Attorney's office apparently leaked news of the investigation to the LA Times Wednesday.

Mahony was on KNX radio yesterday commenting on the investigation of the LA Archdiocese for its mishandling of pedophile priests.

It's about time.

Commentary on mainstream media coverage of LA Archdiocese and leak of information

By Kay Ebeling

There was a storm of stories, but look closer. Almost every one of the articles run in media about the investigation of Cardinal Roger Mahony and the LA Archdiocese just copy and pasted from the original LA Times story, even the AP copy and pasted from the LA Times story. For example, notice how many of them mention that US Attorney Tom O'Brien is "personally involved" in the investigation.

What started it all: On its Web site Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times quoted two anonymous law enforcement sources as saying Mahony is among those being investigated by the grand jury to determine if he
failed to keep children safe from predatory priests.

Several reporters did some research on the -- law that was part of the leak. They then phoned an unrelated pundit such as a law professor somewhere to comment on the law. Then other reporters copy and pasted the quotes from law professors and called that a story.

The real story is how much the public and crime victims are thirsting for an investigation, want these crimes prosecuted.
Here is a documentation of the storm, continued from yesterday's list of stories and links:

Archdiocese responds to reports of federal sex abuse probe
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into whether leaders of the Los Angeles archdiocese committed fraud by failing to properly deal with charges of priests molesting children, two law-enforcement sources told CNN.

Cardinal Mahony under federal investigation over abusive priests, sources say
LOS ANGELES (CA)Los Angeles Times
By Scott Glover and Jack Leonard January 29, 2009 The U.S. attorney in Los Angeles has launched a federal grand jury investigation into Cardinal Roger M. Mahony in connection with his response to the molestation of children by priests in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the case

Honest Services Theory Used in Priest Abuse Cover-up Probe
By Debra Cassens Weiss
A U.S. attorney is applying a criminal statute in a novel way as part of a grand jury investigation into the Los Angeles archdiocese and its response to pedophile priests, according to a newspaper report.
The theory is that a cover-up of priest abuse by church leaders, if proven, violates a federal statute that bars conspiracies to deprive others of honest services, the Los Angeles Times reports. The victims would be parishioners who entrusted the safety of their children to church leaders.

U.S. Attorney Thomas O'Brien is personally involved in the probe, two anonymous law enforcement sources told the newspaper

LA Cardinal faces probe over abusive priests: report
LOS ANGELES (AFP) — The head of the Catholic church in Los Angeles is being investigated in connection with his response to allegations of sex abuse by priests in the region, US media reported.
The Los Angeles Times cited sources familiar with the case as saying federal prosecutors were probing Cardinal Roger M. Mahony to see whether he committed "fraud" by failing to adequately deal with priests suspected of sex abuse.
A Justice Department spokesman in Los Angeles declined to comment on the report when contacted by AFP Wednesday. Mahony's lawyer J. Michael Hennigan could not be immediately contacted for comment.

Unholy act? Cardinal Mahony investigated
[with video]
(NECN/KABC) - According to unnamed sources in the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, a federal investigation will determine whether Cardinal Roger Mahony, and possibly other church leaders, committed "honest services fraud" against parishioners by failing to keep children safe from predatory priests.

"That's interesting; it raises the question: what are the fair and honest services of a cardinal and exactly what did he do or not do to deprive them of that?" Loyola Law professor Laurie Levenson said.

Investigating a cardinal?
UNITED STATESBlogging Religiously
One question I still hear asked about the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse scandal is how bishops who left abusive priests in ministry have gotten off more or less unscathed.

(ME: Here the original leak even gets translated:)

Investigan a cardenal de Los Ángeles por respuesta indolente a casos de abusos
UNITED STATESMundial (Venezuela)
Prensa Web YVKE, AgenciasJueves, 29 de Ene de 2009. 10:12 am
El trámite "apunta a determinar si Mahony, y posiblemente otros jerarcas eclesiásticos, cometieron fraude cuando no trataron adecuadamente a los sacerdotes acusados de abuso sexual de menores", según el diario.

Seven Years On, Enter the Feds
LOS ANGELES (CA)Whispers in the Loggia
In a first since the US clergy sex-abuse scandals began their major eruption in 2002, the nation's largest local church -- the 4.2 million-member archdiocese of Los Angeles and its head, Cardinal Roger Mahony -- is under Federal investigation over its response to reports of abusive clergy:

The probe, in which U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O'Brien is personally involved. . .

(ME: At least Gustavo had something original to say:)

Hey, Federales: Don't Forget the Pedo-Priest Protectors from the Diocese of Orange!
Posted by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra
January 29, 2009 6:52 AM
Comments (21)
When I heard late that the United States Attorney's office is investigating Archdiocese of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony for his role in covering up the rapes committed by his priest, I attributed it to a hallucination brought on by last night's episode of Lost.

But here's the Los Angeles Times story that proves it, and all I can say is: what about the Diocese of Orange?According to Times reporters Scott Glover and Jack Leonard, the feds are accusing Mahony and perhaps other L.A. Archdiocese officials of fraud, and "to gain a conviction on such a charge, prosecutors would have to prove that Mahony used the U.S. mail or some form of electronic communication in committing the alleged fraud" and thus depriving parishioners "of the intangible right of honest services" by knowingly harboring, accepting, and protecting pedo-priests without letting the faithful know. I don't know too much about cases in Los Angeles, but I do know the sordid details Diocese of Orange scandal like I know great Orange County restaurants. And, if the feds are using such a litmus test of mail fraud to get Mahony (what--all that internal correspondence doesn't count?), then all of O.C.'s bishops, past and present (with the curious exception of Dominic Luong) belong in the slammer. To wit after the jump!

William Johnson: OC's first bishop wrote and received many a letter . . .

By copying them here, I also save the HTML code, so I can then copy and paste this story at my other site at Examiner Dot Com - oh well, I guess that's life in the 21st Century.

What really frustrates me is all these mainstream media reporters who file electronic stories by copy and pasting under their bylines are getting a salary - and I am not.

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Commentary on mainstream media coverage of LA Archdiocese and leak of information

Thursday, January 29, 2009

SNAP applauds US attorney investigation in LA, including creative lawyering, hopes church witnesses will cooperate

Video is at City of Angels 6, below is a transcript of the two-minute byte.

(Victims of pedophile priests met in front of the LA cathedral Thursday in response to news stories that the US Attorney is investigating Cardinal Roger Mahony for mishandling of the pedophile priest crisis. SNAP leader Joelle Casteix said, "We are cautiously optimistic" and "encouraged law enforcement is using creative methods.")


I am Joelle Casteix making this statement for the advocacy group SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

I’m the Southwest Regional Director of SNAP.

As you know we also have survivors and family members here who do speak Spanish.

With me are survivors of clergy sexual abuse in Los Angeles and across California, as well as their family members and we are here today for a very - very important reason.

We are cautiously optimistic about the announcement yesterday that the US Attorney will be investigating the coverup of child sex abuse crimes here in the diocese of Los Angeles. For the first time we are very-very encouraged that law enforcement is using creative methods to make sure that men who allow children to be abused and for their families and parishioners to suffer unnecessary pain, that these people will be punished.

The way to deter a crime is to put a criminal behind bars. And we believe that if this investigation shows that Cardinal Mahony or other members of the hierarchy in the diocese of Los Angeles were criminally liable for covering up sex abuse crimes and causing unnecessary pain to parishioners and family members, then we certainly hope that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Cardinal Mahony talks a lot about the past but there are things going on right now. In fact there is a predator priest from Los Angeles who worked in Mexico for many-many years. But the diocese of Los Angeles didn't tell us about Father [SOUNDS LIKE] Lauren Ribi. The diocese of Cincinnati did. Parishioners were not notified, children were not notified, and law enforcement was not notified.

Now Father Lauren Ribi travels the United States raising money for his non profit organization that works with men and women in the Chiapa state of Mexico.

When he goes into people’s homes, no one tells them that this man is a molester.



Don't forget the PayPal High Five Campaign, keep City of Angels thriving. . . .

Next video at City of Angels 6 is Eric Barragan Burgueño, President/Founder of SNAP-Mexico, speaking in Spanish. We are also posting it on YouTube, spreading the word about sex crimes in the Catholic Church to Spanish speaking web browsers. . .

Watch it now (8:27 PM) at: City of Angels 6

Angry mob? Would you call US attorneys angry mobs? Video: Reporter hands SNAP leader Mahony statement in middle of press conference today

Video: Reporter hands SNAP leader Mary Grant the LA Archdiocese statement today, just as the press conference in front of the downtown cathedral winds down.

Transcript of the video, which is playing at follows:

Grant: - this accuses SNAP of being an angry mob running after rumors with pitchforks.

Grant: This is a classic perpetrator behavior and that is blaming the victims for crimes. Cardinal Mahony claims that the church has reformed. Hmm.

Q: They say there is no priest currently in the Archdiocese who is a perpetrator.

Grant: We heard that before years ago and that was found to be untrue.

Q: Do you think it’s true today that there is no priest-?

Grant: Based on Cardinal Mahony’s track record there’s no reason to believe him. Finally we haven’t seen any reforms. There are a lot of policies and procedures and public relations like this statement here. There is no real change in behavior.

Church officials here and elsewhere still fight. They fight the district attorneys they fight the prosecutors.

Would you call them angry mobs?

Their job is to protect and serve the public and children.

We are the victims, we are the survivors, we are sad to be here today. There’s nothing we can do about our childhood. No amount of money will bring it back, no amount of prosecution, will replace our childhood years. What we can do is take steps to prevent it from happening to someone else.

LA Archdiocese puts out statement that makes them sound even more like criminals than they did before.


ABOVE - as crime victims of pedophile priests spoke to the press today in LA, a piece of paper, on Archdiocese letterhead, emerged, saying SNAP "runs to every investigation and rumor with pitchforks," then the press release tries to turn attention away from the crimes being investigated.

Above is the entire press release scanned in for you to click and enlarge and read for yourselves.

For the record it argues with SNAP saying, "There is no priest currently in ministry in the Archdiocese," a phrase that might have been crafted by an attorney to divert public attention.

The question is not current priests.

We have seen these crimes committed by bishops over and over again: negligence, aiding and abetting pedophiles, flagrant disregard for permanent damage being done to thousands of people. FRAUD. Telling people you are giving their children spiritual guidance when you are actually sodomizing them is a Fraud so serious and heinous there is no current law in effect to describe it. So we have "creative lawyering" going into effect in the US Justice Department.

They committed crimes, horrendous crimes. The criminals need to be prosecuted.

This is what the LA Archdiocese press release said, released about 1:15 PM today.


SNAP runs to every investigation and rumor with pitchforks and torches, shouting half-truths and outright untruths. Under Cardinal Roger Mahony, the Archdiocese has put in place comprehensive child protection and abuse reporting procedures, and we say again: There is no priest currently in ministry in the Archdiocese who has been found to have abused a minor.

(ME: So what? Everything the archdiocese has done is too little too late, programs for sex education and sex crime prevention were in public schools for decades. It took 508 civil suits in 2007 to get the Church to start scraping away their dark ages structures. Up until then the church made it possible for things like pedophiles in priest robes to come into a Saturday catechism class and just systematically select from the children to go in the building next door and rape them.

You don't believe it? The crimes are all detailed in the JCCP documents in LA Superior Court archives, contact me at and I will tell you how to access the documents.

Case files FULL of felony, one felony after another - sex crimes committed on young Catholic childern. . . it's all there for anyone to read. It's all true.)

More Copy Typing:

It is precisely for the kind of "angry mob" reaction exhibited by SNAP that grand jury confidentiality is supposed to safeguard against.

(ME: THIS IS NOT A GRAND JURY investigation. In LA we have had a grand jury investigation at the county level now for several years and every time you call someone to get a comment on it they say, "We can't comment on ongoing investigations." I mean, come on.

Well guess what guys, at the presidential level, "We Won," as Obama would say. So now watch the criminals all over the country come toppling down. Sorry, here is more of my copy typing of this document. )

More Copy Typing:

Unfortunately the person or persons familiar with the US Attorney's Office investigations have discarded this confidentiality, which helps ensure fair and competent investigations. All of us should question the motives of anyone who would so callously subvert the safeguards of our federal legal system.

(ME: Hah. I laughed out loud, standing on Broadway and Temple waiting for the number 2, I took out this piece of paper and read it and at that phrase up there burst out laughing you could almost hear me over the clamour of the city.

"Callously subvert" ???

- from the Archdiocese, who has never cooperated with any law enforcement agency unless it was to conspire for another cover-up. Want evidence? Go document diving into the JCCP cases and read them, read the cases. All the evidence is right there. Felony after felony. . .)

Back to copy typing
God I wish I had a Valium

We repeat our call for an internal investigation of teh Government leak to determine the extent and depth of misconduct by those who were responsible for the leak.

(ME: Okay some nasty imagery, I can't help it, I am damaged, but did he say, the real criminals are the ones who leaked? I haven't read that case file yet. . . oh he meant leaked the fact there is an investigation.

SO then there is an investigation, no doubt about it, there the Archdiocese just confirmed it, they are only angry someone leaked it. . . . )

(ME: But don't they sound like thugs in the wording of this press release?)

That is it. Click the scanned thing at the top to see it better, to see it for yourself. I am getting photos and videos ready as well, so stay tuned.


More story - VIDEO & STILLS - to come as soon as humanly and technologically possible.

I don't care, honestly - sorry this is the image that comes to mind. But I do not care if they have all cut their organs off and planted them in the LA cathedral's Zen Garden. They are still guilty of all the crimes committed by then since 1950. Even earlier.

You are not answering our questions, Cardinal Roger Mahony, through your spokesman, Tod Tamberg, who actually signed this press release.

Joelle Casteix sends this photo in the meantime of the "Angry Mob" (maybe the photo the Archdiocese has posted at their website of the SNAP demonstration today.)

A Boston blogger thought he saw this photo below on the LA Archdiocese website, their undercover guy took this pic at a SNAP meeting:

Did anyone else notice, every other news story yesterday about an investigation of the LA Archdiocese, finally, just copy and pasted from AP and added a line or word or two, almost no new ideas.

Except for me. I wrote nothing but new original concepts not yet reported.

Mainstream reporters sit at a computer in some city copy and pasting and call it reporting. . . .

Worst yet, they get salaries.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Media storm today reveals new US Attorneys will investigate national Catholic priest pedophile epidemic. Here are more names to contact in the new DOJ

By Kay Ebeling

As the US Senate confirmed Eric Holder as the new Attorney General, Barack Obama's Justice Department in LA went to work getting the story in the media of an investigation of Cardinal Roger Mahony and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

What outrageous crime emerged in city after city across the country beginning in Boston in the last eight years, and yet was almost ignored by law enforcement, Federal Law Enforcement? Who is in charge now of the US Justice Department as of January 20th and so able to open investigations of criminal bishops across the country, and the great scam the Catholic Church pulled off, convincing America they employed priests who were safe to have around children.

Crimes committed by almost every archbishop in the nation, crimes of fraud, negligence, reckless endangerment - require federal attention, federal investigation and prosecution. Looks like it is finally going to happen with Barack Obama in office.

Other high level executives in the new Justice Department who one might want to dash off an email or a letter or two are:

David Ogden
New Deputy Attorney General

Was a top Justice Department official during the Clinton administration. Now in new post, the No. 2 figure under Attorney General Eric Holder.

Elena Kagan
New Solicitor General

Was dean of the Harvard University Law School and a former Clinton White House aide.

Tom Perrelli
New Associate Attorney General

Was counsel to Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno from 1997 to 1999, as the associate attorney will oversee civil matters.

President Barack Obama has said he wants to restore “integrity, depth of experience and tenacity” to the lead federal law enforcement agency, which has been battered by scandal.

You heard it here first
at City of Angels
in several recent posts:
It will be
the United States Attorney's office
who finally bring the bishops to justice.

Go get 'em. . .


Hundreds of thousands of adults today walk around damaged from being raped, aroused, sodomized, mind controlled, drugged, and otherwise assaulted by predator Catholic priests who used their role as spiritual guide and religious leader to target and gain access to children.

Here is an example of the explosion of stories about an investigation of Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles.

Report: LA cardinal subject of federal probe

San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 52 minutes agoFederal prosecutors are investigating Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and other officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles over their handling of ...

Cardinal Mahony under federal fraud probe over abusive priests ...

Los Angeles Times, CA - 1 hour agoThe US attorney in Los Angeles has launched a federal grand jury investigation into Cardinal Roger M. Mahony in connection with his response to the alleged ...

Grand jury targets Cardinal Mahony, CA - 59 minutes agoLOS ANGELES (KABC) -- US Attorney Thomas O'Brien launched a federal grand jury investigation of Cardinal Roger Mahony, the Los Angeles Times reported ...

Report: LA cardinal subject of federal probeThe Associated Press - 59 minutes agoLOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors reportedly are investigating top officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles over their handling of ...

U.S. Investigates L.A. Archdiocese

Wall Street Journal

By JOHN R. EMSHWILLERLOS ANGELES -- Federal authorities are investigating the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to see whether top church officials tried to cover up the sexual abuse of minors by priests, said a person familiar with the matter.

L.A. Cardinal Under Federal Probe Over Abusive Priests
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
LOS ANGELES — Federal prosecutors are investigating Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and other officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of . . .

(Added later in the evening)

Report: LA cardinal subject of federal probe
The Associated Press -
3 hours ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors are investigating Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and other officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles over ...

Report: LA cardinal subject of federal probe
The Associated Press -
4 hours ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors reportedly are investigating top officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles over their handling of ...
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Monday, January 26, 2009

10-plus counts of deviance do not stop believers from attending pedophile ex-priest Dale Fushek Praise and Worship Center on Sundays in Phoenix

By Kay Ebeling

(Mesa AZ) I asked about allegations six victims will make against Dale Fushek, when he finally goes on trial in Phoenix, and survivor Carl Mawhinney said “There’s graphic misuse of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

"Fushek would listen and not care if you had robbed the local grocery, then say, when do you masturbate and what do you think about, ask for all the details. He would be the one to bring it up.” Mawhinney (pictured)was 15 years old at the time. “He asked about heavy petting and I'm like, I'm not even sure what that is, but he was the priest.”

Later Mawhinney went to a different priest and started confessing in the manner Fushek taught him, and the new priest “talked to me shocked, said, that's too much information."

I dropped the phone and slammed the table so hard it made that little green line go down the middle of the screen and I had to jiggle the monitor to reconnect the circuitry, then screamed, “What? Oh my god, That happened to me, too.

"Father Horne used to have me talk dirty to him in the Confessional. Then we moved and I started talking like that with a new priest in the new confessional and he came running out with a look on his face like blaaaa.”

There are 600 pages of exhibits and six victims with credible enough allegations against Fushek for the District Attorney of Mariposa County to be ready to prosecute the former priest on 10 misdemeanor counts - felony counts will follow, as they have a longer statute of limitations. Still about 150 seemingly intelligent people showed up at Fushek’s Praise and Worship Center in the middle of a strip mall in Mesa AZ, for last Sunday morning’s service.

Mawhinney was at the parking lot church with Bill Nash from SNAP, who happened to be in town last week, handing out flyers and talking to local press.

Mawhinney lives right around the corner from Fushek's new church.

"The praise and worship center is half a mile away from where I have lived for 38 years," Mawhinney said. "We saw Dale and Mark going into Starbucks." Mark is the other excommunicated priest who runs services with Fushek in Mesa.

Fushek was excommunicated last December


But for starting a worship center on his own

So for the three years Fushek has been out on bail and gathering new believers, one of the men bringing charges against the pedophile priest has to run into Fushek's followers on a daily basis.

“My Target is right next to the Praise and Worship Center, my coffee shop, my Bally’s,” Mawhinney said. “Now I have to stay away from those places.”

He jokes, "I'm picking up my Xanax at Walgreen’s people come up to me."

He added, “I have coworkers that have yelled at me that because of my orientation I have no credibility, that I’m living a deviant lifestyle.”

Mawhinney wants to emphasize: He did not start all this trouble with Fushek:

"I never came forward," Mawhinney says. "They sent a guy (from the Mariposa County DA's office) out in February 2005 and I didn't have a choice.

"I emphasize that

"It’s not like I just 20 years later said, oh by the way, I want to file charges too.

"I always knew someday something was going to happen with Dale Fushek. I didn't know I was going to be part of it."

Mawhinney has been to eight (8) pretrial hearings, it has been three (3) years since the DA first filed charges against Fushek.

“The defense is trying to separate us, so that there’s different juries,” says Mawhinney, “so the jury doesn't hear or see a pattern.”

What were those patterns again?

“We were all very active,” Mawhinney says,” “like in the yearbook, I was on student council, there was a football player.”

Dale Fushek was pastor at St. Timothy’s which is across the street from the public Dobson high school, where Mawhinney and several other victims lined up to testify were students.

“Not a catholic high school but it might as well have been because Dale had all the teams over at the church,” Mawhinney said. “Where we live in Mesa, you're either Catholic or Mormon. So Dale Fushek would go to all the football games.

Mawhinney is still a devout Catholic, and feels “the real predator part” of what Fushek did to him and others was to abuse the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the confessional.

“We would all go into this multi-purpose room, no parents allowed to create a ‘safe’ environment,” Mawhinney said. “So he would isolate us, then from there we’d do group confessions.

“He’d ask all of us the same questions, did you masturbate, we’d just raise our hands.

“Looking back now, I thought it was so cool then, because I didn't have to talk about it to him in person…

“He’d ask those questions, then do a mass absolution, absolve all of us at once.”

From what we know now about pedophiles, Fushek was obviously looking over the crowd for new potential victims.

'Billy was sodomized while Dale watched, but Dale is more of a voyeur.'

“Dale is a voyeur,” Mawhinney said.

He talked about the cases going to trial some day against Fushek:

“Indecent exposure didn't happen to me. He would be touching himself while listening to me, or have a boy in bed and then take us shopping and out to lunch - Billy was sodomized while Dale watched, but Dale is more of a voyeur.”

Dale is more of a voyeur. Don’t you love it that this is the legacy Catholic priests have left you?

“The DA has over 600 pages of evidence and video and they don’t want the jury to see,” Mawhinney said, as he watches Fushek's defense attorney try to get the cases separated. It has been three years since charges have been filed and the DA has been ready to go to trial.

Mawhinney still attends St. Timothy’s which is within a mile of the strip mall where Fushek now conducts services of his own design, pictured here.

Above, in Mesa AZ, is the strip mall location of Praise and Worship Center, where Dale Fushek, pedophile priest headed for criminal prosecution on 10 counts of raping children, conducts services on Sundays and Wednesdays, further intimidating one of his victims.

Mawhinney has a message for the attorney who is defending Dan Fusheck in the criminal trial that has
been delayed for three years.

The lawyer defending Fushek is Thomas Hoydal

"He knows I'm in the courtroom with my mom and partner, the media," Mawhinney says. "He always tries to bring up my masturbatory practices. My name is the only one he brings up, because the other victims aren’t in the courtroom.

To Thomas Hoydal from Carl Mawhinney:

"How many times can you say I masturbated out loud in court?"

You've made your point.

"He says it every single time. My mom says, well he never asked me how I masturbated. My mom’s name is Madonna so that's how Catholic my parents are."

Hey, church attorney, you have made your point.

The story goes onward. . .

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Here is what happened at hearing last Tuesday, in fact, here is what is happening in release of documents from Clergy Cases settled in LA in July 2007

By Kay Ebeling

Steier: I won’t accept this. There are particular realities of the situation. I am going to ask for a hearing date and then determine if an appellate (filing?) would be appropriate. (He’s already planning to appeal the decision that will be made next hearing.)

DeMarco turns around to Steier and says, “It’s been fully briefed. Do you still want to formulate arguments? There’s no need to extend more and more delays.”

Steier: The delay is not mine. I'm not a total idiot. The issue is different from Clergy Two. Now we're going forward with a new discussion and I'm going to argue it.

But then here’s where it gets murky. Steier needs everyone to coordinate their calendars around this trip he’s taking. I sense others in the court have been impatient with him for a long time. It’s in the body language. An ephemeral slouch comes over the attorneys as Steier jumps up yet again and asks for more time to file more briefs, more hearings, more ways to stretch this thing out so long that the Los Angeles news media has long forgotten the clergy cases, even some of the plaintiffs seem to have forgotten. (January 20 post here about release of documents finally starting got less than average number of clicks.)

The lawyers and judge juggled the hearing date so that Donald Steier, who represents an undetermined number of priests, could file his opposition brief (number 7,377 or so) in time to take his trip and be back for the hearing without putting off the whole operation another couple months, because then DeMarco has to be in Fresno for a trial in March.

I know something has been happening here without me knowing what it is -

Hmm, you know something is happening here, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones.


I’ve kept an eye on Superior Court notices at the website. Even when it says “nothing on calendar next two weeks” there can still be hearings scheduled. You have to go to the Case Summary section, not the Court Calendar section.

Still, when the clergy cases were downtown in the Superior Court building on Hill Street, I could jump on a Metro and be there in half an hour, look things up, and be home, real quick.

It's near impossible for me to get to this Dept 308 location.

As a result a lot has been decided concerning release of documents in the LA cases, a lot has been ordered to remain sealed, and I have to get down there to read the judge's orders, maybe one afternoon next week -

So here is what I got from that hearing last Tuesday:

They worked it out that the hearing on Donald Steier’s latest arguments to seal documents will be March 5th.

(I could have sworn I saw a Hawaiian shirt in Steier’s briefcase, but he slammed it shut real quick.)

“I’ll get the briefing done in my absence,” he said in short curt tones, like to say - you people are causing me such an inconvenience. They are going to make him have to work while he's in the Bahamas or wherever. “It’s not our fault,” Steier said.

Judge: I know, I just hope in my lifetime we get the stuff in the jury room moved into storage.

Steier: Well you don't even have these files. (He is bristling)

DeMarco: Would you mind telling the court the anticipated length of this next brief?

Steier: It will be a complete briefing.

DeMarco: Are we talking about another 50-page--?

Judge: He needs my permission to file a 50-page brief.

Steier: Well there’s constitutional law issues, and if the court - I will write it to any deadline you set.

(You get the feeling he’s on automatic. File objections, file objections, copy and paste these paragraphs to fill the pages, stuff up everybody’s time and minds with mounds of arguments - take off on vacation leaving them to wade through it. What really bugs me is it appears to be working. Steier is getting a lot of documents sealed. He’s wearing down the court system. The pervert priests get to keep their reputations. )

Judge: It has to be before you go on vacation.

(Several attorneys overlap each other discussing exactly how many days prior to a hearing a briefing must be filed. Six of them get out hand-held digital devices to check their calendars.)

(Steier reaches in and caresses the fabric of the getaway shirt in his briefcase.)

The judge asks more questions about this trip Steier is taking. He glances back at me then says, May I approach the bench. The rest of the discussion takes place way up there where I can’t hear a thing. I try to sketch, but my hands just don’t want to draw anything.

Truth is my hands are shaking. My whole body is shaking. That incident with the Armenians in my apartment building had repercussions. I guess because I already have PTSD, the way I responded to it, I kept re-seeing them, all 11 of them standing under my balcony, hollering hate at me.

Problem is, with PTSD, I was shaking, literally shaking after the incident, inside, not just my hands, my entire being -

I shook for a week.

I think Tony DeMarco thinks I'm a junkie the way I was shaking when I interviewed him.


I'm starting to shake again now as I write about the incident last week where I was assaulted by 11 Armenians in my apartment building, three of them wielding buzz saws. That really happened.

There isn't really a Hawaiian shirt in Steier's briefcase. . .

Back to Court:

Steier: I have no objection to anything but Exhibits from third party files.

That means Police files in this case.

Judge: Okay then we're sending this pile back where they came from?

Steier: No.

Judge: Okay, we'll go look at that room. There are over three hundred (300) exhibits in the jury room. This stack (She pulls out one of several stacks of papers behind her) these are the ones someone objected to.

(She picks up another stack)

Judge: We have motions to seal, okay, we'll just keep all of these under seal.

(And the stack goes back. Piles and piles of documents remaining under seal.)

Judge: Then there are these two other stacks. Two, one for a tentative to unseal - this relates to the other order, and then there’s this pile.

(Will anyone ever be able to figure out what happened here?)

DeMarco speaks to the Judge: We've already spent time on arguments. I did not submit an objection to the order to leave these sealed.

Judge: And this stack, these DeMarco briefed with arguments why they are sealed (He later told me these would be personal private information about plaintiffs, left under seal now as well.)

Judge: Okay we had a motion to unseal on this stack quite a while ago. (She brings out another pile) Recently there was a supplemental brief, but the newer brief doesn't mention these.

Church attorney Sean Kneafsey looks back at me and says something I can't hear.

Judge: This stack is staying sealed.

(Several attorneys stand up and speak about right to privacy, and Griswold vs. Connecticut. )

Judge: They're all staying sealed. So let’s get everything boxed up and everything in that room outta here. So I’ll go look at the boxes and then this will be all wrapped up.

Steier: No. I did file objections and I was prepared to argue those today. There are documents not in the courtroom but they are in the order. I am objecting to those going to the referee.

DeMarco: The protocol is that they should go to the referee, after we hear arguments over -

Judge: Some are to be sent back where they came from and some are going to the referee.

Then all the attorneys, the court reporter, and the judge all got up and went to look at the documents that are stored in a room across the hall.

They left me behind so I could not hear what they said. That's the way they seem to like it.

That's the best I can do on this for now, guys, my two other jobs are slamming.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"We are in the midst of a season of trial. Our Nation is being tested, and our people know great uncertainty. Yet the story of America is one of renewal in the face of adversity, reconciliation in a time of discord, and we know that there is a purpose for everything under heaven.

On this Inauguration Day, we are reminded that we are heirs to over two centuries of American democracy, and that this legacy is not simply a birthright -- it is a glorious burden. Now it falls to us to come together as a people to carry it forward once more."

- Barack Obama, proclaiming January 20, 2009, a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation, his first act after taking office.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Release of LA Clergy Case documents to begin, with 30 to 40 bankers boxes to be made public within days, interview w/Tony DeMarco

By Kay Ebeling

After hearings in LA Superior Court the day of Obama's inauguration, the release of LA Clergy Case documents was set in motion, with some stacks of files to be sent to the referee, boxes to be released to the public, and attorneys continuing to battle over the remainder.

“Probably the most important information in these cases will be made public now,” Tony DeMarco said Tuesday. “There’s probably 30 to 40 bankers boxes worth of filings” ready to be sent to public archives. When? "It sounds like as soon as the court musters the manpower to bring the documents over to the downtown archives,” DeMarco (pictured) said, adding, "They are the heart of the cases."

We interviewed Tony DeMarco (pictured) after the hearings in Superior Court Tuesday. You can watch the interview video at plus here is a transcript.

City: It appeared to me (in court just now) a lot of documents are going to remain sealed, can you explain that?

Tony DeMarco: The court has essentially ruled for a lot of the documents that there’s appellate case law to tell her (Judge Emilie Elias) that it was produced in discovery only, it was not made part of a motion that decided the case. An adjuditory motion, that that document can remain under seal.

City: Wouldn't that be every document in every case?

Tony DeMarco: No. There are a lot of motions to amend complaints, there were motions for summary judgment. And there were a whole lot of other motions that -

We met over the summer, we went through every document the courts filed, that was ever requested to be sealed, and we got the defense to agree that a lot of the files don’t need to be under seal.

Motions in limine for instance don’t need to be under seal and that's where a lot of the important information is. Certainly though I’ve been fighting it and I thought there was a lot of worthwhile information in the discovery motions themselves. But, you know, the court has decided the way the court has decided.

City: What is the nature of most of the ones that are being left under seal?

Tony DeMarco: They were sometimes portions of personnel files that were attached as part of a motion to compel more documents or more testimony. Sometimes portions of a deposition transcript of a witness, the same. Things of that nature. [INAUDIBLE]

City: Is anything revealing going to ever be released?

Tony DeMarco: By the order of the court that's going to come out there is probably thirty, forty bankers boxes worth of documents now of interest, that are no longer sealed.

Tony DeMarco: By the order of the court that's going to come out there is probably thirty, forty bankers boxes worth of documents now of interest, that are no longer sealed.

City: 30 to 40 bankers boxes are no longer under seal?

Tony DeMarco: After the court issues this order.

City: And where do the documents go from there?

Tony DeMarco: The archives. The court archives.

City: Which means they're accessible to the public?

Tony DeMarco: Yes.

City: What's the anticipated date of that?

Tony DeMarco: It sounds like as soon as the court musters the manpower to bring the documents over there, to the downtown archives.

City: That's the Superior Court building downtown on Hill Street?

Tony DeMarco: Yes.

City: And does that mean that they're going to be scanned into the JCCP Documents down there so people can read them in the basement.

(ME: I'm thinking, WOW lots of document diving to do in the next months, come on down, gang, people in LA who are part of this, let’s go document diving together in the Superior Court Basement!)

Tony DeMarco: The court archive is a publicly accessible record.

City: Can you repeat that?

Tony DeMarco: There’s probably 30 to 40 bankers boxes worth of filings, which have probably the most important information in these cases that will be made public now.

Tony DeMarco: There’s probably 30 to 40 bankers boxes worth of filings, which have probably the most important information in these cases that will be made public now.

City: Within weeks?

Tony DeMarco: That's my expectation. The court order will come out within days.

City: What information will be in those documents?

Tony DeMarco: You'll find in many instances complaints that were made about priests who were then just transferred over and over again. The heart of these cases, the heart of these cases.

The heart of these cases

City: So we all have something to look forward to?

Tony DeMarco: Yes.

City: And you feel like you've finally accomplished it, you're finished?

Tony DeMarco: No not remotely. The single biggest fight that we have on our hands still and it’s part of today’s hearings as well is the personnel files, which were agreed to by the defendants that they would turn them over to a referee, and that whatever objections there might be to those documents being made public can be made heard, and then decided, and documents being made public. That process is ongoing, we have a hearing set for March 5th now.

Anyone who was following this earlier in the year, the judge that all parties agreed to would be the one reviewing the documents, Justice (Edward) Panelli had recused himself, said he didn't think he could serve.

It took us a little bit of time but we were able to get Judge Dickran Tevrizian will be the judge. He has agreed to it. The parties submitted the issue to Judge McCoy who is the settlement judge, and he’s decided that Judge Tevrizian will be the judge to do so.

City: What's holding that up now?

Tony DeMarco: The judge, Judge Elias wants to give every opportunity to all parties to raise objections to have their objections heard. Mr. (Donald) Steier, the lawyer for many of the perpetrators wants a hearing date.

I had asked that since this was already previously briefed, it’s already gone to the California Supreme Court, the Court just issued the order for us to review the briefs that have already been submitted on point and make a decision.

Mr. Steier wanted to submit another briefing and the Court has allowed him to do so, and so that briefing will come in the coming weeks and we'll oppose it as we always do and we'll have a hearing on March 5th.

City: March 5th, so that's what happened today in court, Mr. Steier submitted orally that he still had more objections to a stack of five, right? Five stacks?

Tony DeMarco: That's separate. That has to do with part of the settlement agreement was any documents that were subpoenaed from police agencies, like let’s say Father Wempe, the police (and DA) prosecuted him. It was part of the civil cases that the attorneys subpoenaed police records, and those records did not get reviewed before the settlement was reached.

Release of documents subpoenaed from police agencies is still being fought by the church.

Tony DeMarco: So part of parcel to the settlement agreement was that those files, in addition to the personnel files, would be sent to the referee and the referee would hear any objections to those documents being made public.

City: So again what is Steier objecting to?

(Shoot I obviously wasn’t listening, I should have asked now this question:

Why the heck aren’t police documents, of all documents in these cases, public, I mean to me it’s a moot point, they belong to the police, and the police belong to the people.)

Tony DeMarco: He’s objecting to the personnel files going through this process as well as the documents that came from the police agencies for in camera review, he’s objecting to that as well.

City: That hearing will be March 5th as well.

Tony DeMarco: Correct.

City: Alright, we'll see you March 5th, thank you, Tony DeMarco.

We were in court for the hearing and will file a report here at City of Angels in a matter of days,

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Why did Maine bishop need a police escort, and why was he meeting parishioners in a bar in the first place?

By Kay Ebeling

We also had a lot of response after the January 5th post: “What made me laugh out loud in the Fact Sheet about Paul Kendrick and Bishop Malone.” People sent cartoons with inebriated Irish priests, and what I think is a legitimate question. On that night when the cleric called for a police escort, citing the threat of priest sex crime survivors and their advocates in the
crowd, why was Bishop Malone meeting with people in a bar in the first place?

“Oh you California people are such prudes,” Paul Kellen of Boston joked, answering me. “The bishop proclaimed a program Theology on Tap.” So I looked it up and it’s true, for the last 20 years or so, priests all over the country have been going out to spread the word of the church in local bars and taverns.

“This was at the same time Malone was refusing to meet with (survivor) Marie Tupper,” Kellen said, “So Paul Kendrick, Mike Sweatt, and Marie stood outside. Paul Kendrick had a video camera with him, because they hadn’t called any reporters. He wanted to document the event, not just rely on the bishop’s word.”

Apparently alarmed, Bishop Richard Malone of Portland, Maine, got a staffer to get on a cell phone and call for a police escort, a judgment call which methinks shows he probably tippled a few beforehand to get prepared for Theology on Tap that night. In fact, when I found out about Theology on Tap, I saw a religion on its last legs, desperately trying to find a way to keep itself from going under.

Tell the truth. Then parishioners will come back. You don't have to go out to bars to find them.

At Malone's meeting “His spokeswoman got up and said they were harassing the bishop and peppering him with questions,” Kellen related. “It turns out, according to the video Paul Kendrick made, Marie Tupper asked one question to which she got a short response and then Malone walked into the bar.”

The Catholic News Agency reported on a Bishop Richard Malone inevitably inebriated Bible study session in a July 2005 article

“Malone cited the literature of Flannery O’Connor and James Joyce and the theories of Sigmund Freud in addressing the modern problems of the Catholic Church”--

I’ll bet he did.

The more drunk he got the more drivel came out, brutalized recitations of esoteric poetry, and then in the the famous words of Sigmund Freud-

You're darn right, I'm a prude.

This is an excuse to go out and get drunk while you are being a priest.

Along much the same pattern

As priests going out in collar to visit mothers, coming over each night to aid her in her selfless efforts

- by tucking in her little boys and finger banging them.

The beer mugs, the shots, the more he sips the looser the lips and Did I tell ever you, in the verrry words of what Signmund Freud him shelf said, him sself shed, him, oh what the heck have another one on the archdiocese, ha-ha-ha. . .

“It is a casual forum where young adults can gather together and have ‘straight talk, hard facts, and real answers’ about our faith and how it applies to daily life,” reads a flyer from Maine’s “Greater Portland Young Adult Ministry” advertising Theology on Tap 2005.

Priests going out acting like priests so they can satisfy their compulsions and still look holy. . .

Who can believe anything these priests say ?

“When they arrived the owner of the bar came out and said he didn't want us there,” Kellen told me. “They said it’s not going to be a problem it’s a public sidewalk, but apparently then the bishop called and got himself a police escort.

“They had a woman police officer walk with him down the sidewalk.”

The Chicago Archdiocese is a big promoter of Theology on Tap, in fact, I found this tidbit of information:

“Kate DeVries works for the Archdiocese of Chicago as associate director of the Young Adult Ministry Office. Cities seeking to start an official Theology on Tap program must contact DeVries and adhere to the model provided by her office.

(Hmm, sounds a little bit like a SNAP support group meeting.)

I finished work last week, took out the disk and the TV returned to cable, Comedy Central, where comic:

Alonzo Bodden

Was doing standup, saying:

"About the Catholic Church coming out against gay marriage?

I'm thinking don’t you guys have some problems of your own to work out. Because I don't know how it’s going to work when judgment day comes, but if it’s anything at all like the DMV with those lines, depending on what you did, I’d rather be in the gay people getting married line than in the I touch little boys line."

The Story Goes Onward. . .


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Video, Betrayed, released Jan. 17, 2009, by survivor of Fr. Jim McCarthy, active in the 1960s in South Carolina

New Video at City of Angels 6 Click this link to view:

McCarthy survivor says the priest gave him Kool-Aid spiked with alcohol, and described "Hell," where the the parents would go if the boy told. McCarthy died in 2008, now this man 40 years later seeks others who were sexually assaulted by this pedophile priest, active in South Carolina in the 1960s. He posted this video on YouTube today and we have embedded it here at City of Angels for you to watch:

A lot of people got angry after reading last post here, writing, My perp was a Scout leader too, and There is no justice in PA

(The Jan. 14 post about Peter Dunne provoked a peppering of emails. Here are three letters from City of Angels readers, including an encounter with Dunne in the seminary, by author Tom Barnes.)

What the hell, Kay, you think this makes you angry! What about my story where Fr. Cotter was the Boy Scout Leader as well and he went swimming nude with the Scouts and was in charge of the altar boys and the CYO.

The Assistant Scoutmaster was also a pedophile. When my lawyers went to talk to them about Cotter the Scouts said they never even heard of him. But I have pictures of Cotter in his Scout uniform on the altar of my church. I have papers settling with the Scouts out of court. The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church are so fucking embedded with each other it is enough to make you puke.

The church scandal has given the Scouts enough time to burn their records. It is a huge story that needs to be told!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so mad I cannot even begin to tell you how upset this has made me. I have been saying this for years but to no avail. All those people who know the truth about what Cotter did are getting old but I do not think they could ever forget.

Do you know they even transferred him to another church and let him be involved with Scouting again, Fuckers fuckers fuckers.

Robert Costello

No wonder survivors of clergy abuse in PA need to file claims in other states -

You Can't Find Justice in Philadelphia

Dear Editor,

Children never were and may never be safe in the Commonwealth of PA. With no window for the statute of limitations for sexually abused children and with PA senators and legislators more concerned about protecting dogs and cats, little wonder that survivors of clergy abuse at the hands of PA Pedophile priests need to file claims in other states and in federal courts. In PA you can’t find justice.

This message will be sent to a majority of PA State Senators (and I expect no response) as well as every media outlet in PA.

Mike Ference

(COOL: He also sent the entire Jan. 14 post to all those people. Readership!)


He had the presence of a freaking vampire

As For Peter Dunne, he gave me the willies

Dear Kay,

As for Peter Dunne, believe it or not, when I was a seminarian at St. Charles a friend of mine in that class, a guy who was two or three years older than the rest of us, spoke incessantly about how wonderful Dunne was. This guy adored Dunne. He was a real big fan and had spent time up at that summer camp with him. I only met Dunne once. I was a seminarian. He gave me the willies. He had the presence of a freaking vampire. I have to agree with you. I cannot imagine that nobody knew what was happening. The guy was weird beyond belief.

Tom Barnes,
Author, "The McGurk"

(I emailed back to Barnes, tell me more about Dunne and Barnes wrote more:)

Well I only met the guy once for a few minutes. A seminary classmate who was a follower of his introduced me to him. He gave me the willies. He looked, walked and had the appearance of a freaking vampire.

You have to understand how things were in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 1970. Vatican II was only over about five or six years and any clerics or nuns in power had taken vows in the 1940s or earlier. Philadelphia Catholicism is very traditional even today. One never questioned a priest or nun about anything. They were gods and goddesses. They were not to be questioned by mere mortals like you and me. They were above that. And they knew it and they played to that strong hand 24/7. That still goes on in Philadelphia to this very day.

Dunne had a following. He was seen as some sort of savior for boys who came from broken homes. The Archdiocese was quite proud of him and gave him free reign. To see these pedophiles as the monsters they are and were is a little misleading. That is using year 2009 eyes to view things in 1970 or 1960 or 1950. It is not intellectually appropriate to do that. That is not really how it was. The situation was much foggier than this. It was not clear cut. Everybody had a Boystown view of this guy. If anyone knew or suspected he was a pedophile, it was not apparent in the leeway that he was given by the Archdiocese.

'Dunne had a following. He was seen as some sort of savior for boys'

(Tom Barnes response continued:)

Dunne literally scared me to death when I met him. I was in his presence once for less than five minutes and I got the impression the guy was, frankly speaking, nuts. He had the cold and empty stare of a manic depressive. He actually looked like a vampire. He seemed to have a hunch, he walked with a slightly stopped gait, he was more than a tad homely and frankly he had absolutely zero personality. But the boys loved him, and I mean literally adored this guy. And my guess would be because they were all working class boys from odd families with estranged parents and Dunne actually talked to them, his grooming of these boys worked. It is really as simple as that. It was no deeper than that I would think.

Pedophile Priests Are Monsters

These people are monsters and evil not because they are incredibly different and outlandish. They are monsters and evil because they learned somehow to take something as mundane as slight interest in a pre-teenage boy or teenage boy and turn it ever so slowly to their sick advantage. Dunne stayed away (as far as I can tell) from the wealthy, the informed, the powerful Catholics in Philadelphia. If I remember this correctly, his whole appeal to the Archdiocese was that he worked with "troubled boys". Now, who better to take advantage of than an already half-nuts "troubled boy"?

That is pretty much how I remember Peter Dunne and the archdiocese's treatment of him. This was not secret. It did not have to be. It was typical, subservience on the part of the typical working class Philadelphia Catholic. They have no one to blame but themselves. They made a god out of a man.

Tom Barnes
Author, "The McGurk"

(We have a reviewers' copy of The McGurk and will be writing about it soon, it looks good.)


Meanwhile I'm still on the space station but starting to venture out into the atmosphere more. The body they gave me for my visit here on Earth is working again, I can walk. So even though I still have problems with gaseous emissions, I am able to use the legs and arms to go out, so I can once again study the planet and its inhabitants while I am still here.

Unfortunately on a recent night I had a run in with a group of earthlings, a situation that found me under attack, by six Armenian men, some of them weilding chain saws.

Honest, six Armenian men weilding chainsaws came after me outside my front door the other night.

They are tenants in a unit near mine. So I’ve had to bunker down. Three couches now block the front door entrance.

I am particularly proud of one defense tactic I concocted out of packing materials that came with a recent delivery. The plastic packing stuff that cracks real loud when you pop it? I have it under each window, so if anyone tries to climb in, they will cause a cacophony.

I have also hidden scissors and knives around the rooms, so I am ready to defend myself, any time any place, even in the bath, I have a kind of pipe that can be used as a weapon if needed.

Life in my neighborhood in LA.

With furniture piled in front of the door and the deep red curtains closed, even if they know I'm in here, they don’t know where I am or in which room.

I remain safe for now, here in the space module. Someone from the Administration stiill brings a Meals on Wheels delivery each day, so I have fuel for this human vessel.

But this run-in with the local earthlings has brought the hostility from the street into my building. The guys who came after me with electric saws consume mass quantities of alcohol in the form of a thick malt beverage in dark bottles.

They seem to be living in the home of a relative who pays rent here. They are all from someplace that was once called Armenia, and they are part of an influx of population to the USA in the 1980s, people running away from cleaver and sword weilding Muslims.

This Really Happened, Honest, Just Last Week

My neighbor became hostile with me and started to follow me around the building with his chainsaw buzzing in his hands, because I asked them to stop running the chainsaws inside the patio the other night, the noise was too loud.

Five other Armenian guys weilding tools and several of their women came out.

They ran after me then stood under my window screaming, "White Trash," "I have connections, I'll get you evicted," "You and your daughter have had black men in there with you," just crazy stuff.

I do not like this group of earthlings.

This is what untreated PTSD will do. Apparently these earthlings watched Muslims slaughter their families in Central Europe. Then Ronald Reagan arrived with airplanes, and they landed here in East Hollywood, a slummy part of town that even I would not come into back in the 1980s.

The Armenians still live here in the same places the airplanes dropped them, along with people from Thailand and other US colonial conquests gone bad. Most of them did not learn English, maybe they thought they would be going back.

Now they shout all the time

they are living with untreated PTSD.

And now I live here too. The other night they yelled at me, "Get out of this neighborhood," and of course I had to yell back, "Get out of this country. Oh you don't have a country anymore. Well stop fucking up mine."

I don't think they know enough English to understand what I said. But the police came and it has been quiet here since.

I called the LAPD as it is called here, Hollywood Division. A half hour later they came and the man downstairs was indeed inebriated, but he’d hidden away the chainsaw.

So the police could only ask us to be cool.

But since I called the police, I am now even more an enemy to the armenian earthlings downstairs.

Every time I look out the window, the chainsaw weilding neighbor sits there. He is blocking my way to the trash bins. So I cannot get rid of waste products that I am producing here in this space cubicle, and the bags of refuse have joined the furniture defending the entryway.

I do have a plan for the trash. Wait until 4 AM to take it down, when the enebriated armenian is snoring inside. But I keep sleeping through the window of opportunity.

So the trash is just another part of the fortress I have put up to keep them all out.

I wish the mother ship would come to get me soon.

In anyone has any suggestions of a place I can move to and get outta here, please email. I pay more than a thousand dollars a month for this.

Meanwhile, keep clicking the PayPal Donate button, so we can pay to have supplies delivered to the space station by guys in UPS and Postal Service uniforms. . .

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