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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angry Mob: Photos from SNAP meeting with press outside LA Cathedral Wednesday

Cameras pointed, crime victims told their stories, when out of nowhere it seemed, a statement appeared from Roger Mahony, on Archdiocese letterhead in a little stack of paper on the sidewalk. A reporter handed Mary Grant of SNAP the statement from the Cardinal, and she read, "Angry mob?" Mahony called us as an angry mob. Here is a photo montage of the Angry Mob that Threatened the Cardinal on the Sidewalk outside the LA Catholic Compound last week.


It felt so good to arrive and see a crowd gathering. Crime survivors met with the press to give their perspective on the US Attorney investigation of the LA Archdiocese last week, and I thought I was late, there were already more people than at any SNAP event in the last two years setting things up.

Soon more people arrived -

And set up began

Eric Barragan spoke en espanol numerous-numerous times, representing SNAP Mexico. City of Angels flagrantly stuck the camera in on his Telemundo interview then posted part of it on YouTube and at City of Angels 6

You Know

I'm going to use this photo a lot...


Here are the pics you have been waiting for

Angry Mob in LA

Look How Angry this Mob Is!

Angry Mob Outside LA Cathedral Threatens Cardinal

Scary Gang, aren't they?


The truth of the story is in our faces...

Do you too
See The Man

People who we had not seen for a while responded within 24 hours after the LA Times posted news of the federal investigation on their website.

Grant gets message from Mahony re "angry mob"

Reporters Risk Lives Shooting Angry Mob

We will be back, Mr. Mahony.


My Buddy in Boston burst out laughing when he saw my videos at City of Angels 6. He said, Girl, you better get more PayPal clicks so you can get a better camera. For now we are raising a travel budget to take Amtrak and stay at Motel 6's and report on Catholic priest sex crime cases across the country.

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Anonymous said...

Rog 'Mahal' Mahony = THE DEVIL

Anonymous said...

Reminder: A white lettered piece of translucent architectual tape, on the white background marble, remained on Roger M. Mahony's wall head stone, on date of DEMISE, in the sky boxe$, down stairs, in the Rog 'Mahal', aka OLA, for over 6 months, with no one bothering to remove it; which tells you a GREAT DEAL, that read: "NOT SOON ENOUGH".

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any pitchforks or torches in the SNAP group that the LA archdiocese desperately claimed was in their hands in their disgusting PR statement.

In fact, I did see a group of clergy abuse survivors with their backs to Mahony and his tower of abuse (his cathedral)and the group was reaching out to expose the truth....the horrific truth of cover-ups that Mahony and his cohorts are running from with church goer's money.

Hopefully, criminal prosecutors have a strong will to find a way to put an end to Mahony's obsession with secrecy that has created a fiedom of abuse in the LA Archdiocese.

And hopefully, anyone who has information about clergy sex crimes will find the courage to call the U.S. Attorneys office and will no longer be victims of church officials' ongoing manipulation and intimidation.