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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Angry mob? Would you call US attorneys angry mobs? Video: Reporter hands SNAP leader Mahony statement in middle of press conference today

Video: Reporter hands SNAP leader Mary Grant the LA Archdiocese statement today, just as the press conference in front of the downtown cathedral winds down.

Transcript of the video, which is playing at follows:

Grant: - this accuses SNAP of being an angry mob running after rumors with pitchforks.

Grant: This is a classic perpetrator behavior and that is blaming the victims for crimes. Cardinal Mahony claims that the church has reformed. Hmm.

Q: They say there is no priest currently in the Archdiocese who is a perpetrator.

Grant: We heard that before years ago and that was found to be untrue.

Q: Do you think it’s true today that there is no priest-?

Grant: Based on Cardinal Mahony’s track record there’s no reason to believe him. Finally we haven’t seen any reforms. There are a lot of policies and procedures and public relations like this statement here. There is no real change in behavior.

Church officials here and elsewhere still fight. They fight the district attorneys they fight the prosecutors.

Would you call them angry mobs?

Their job is to protect and serve the public and children.

We are the victims, we are the survivors, we are sad to be here today. There’s nothing we can do about our childhood. No amount of money will bring it back, no amount of prosecution, will replace our childhood years. What we can do is take steps to prevent it from happening to someone else.


M Shoemaker aka AZ said...

Yes indeed, Mahony truly fears SNAP. That's why he feels the need the need to release statements like this, right? Mahony fear SNAP...SNAP scary, SNAP powerful. Then.... of course, this statement is read at a press conference.

Believe that if you like. I don't. Not for the length of time that it takes a pederast priest to consider the harmful effects of his actions upon a victim, which is less time than zero.

I know I will most likely get flames for this, I'll be called insane and abusive and angry and mean...etc. Whatever. I am not angry, I haven't been for a while. I am amused.

I see this latest public statement as yet another public relations ploy, beneficial to and agreed upon in advance, by both SNAP president Barbara Blaine and Cardinal Mahony. That is just my opinion. i have no proof, nor do I intend to waste my time looking for proof. It's an opinion.

Mahony fears SNAP not. He has no reason to, no reason whatsoever. He has unlimited funds...let me repeat that, unlimited funds... and what amounts to, despite so many threats to the contrary, immunity from prosecution. I think this should be painfully obvious by now.

This latest press release then is intended to do nothing other than to maintain some illusions.

The illusion that SNAP is doing something meaningful in terms of fighting the evils in the church.

The illusion that SNAP is causing financial harm to the church, and the church is having to sell assets and such because of SNAP. That is a joke. It is not so. SNAP hasn't had any negative impact on the day to day operations of the LA diocese whatsoever. SNAP and the diocese have a vested interest in the appearance of a real battle, but I just don't see any evidence of it at all. 80 pound pitbulls do not fear kittens.

To promote the illusion that the LA diocese needs more money. That is jive, the LA diocese is wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, but they will never pass up a good opportunity to ask for more.

It also gives Mahony another public platform for restating once again the lie that his diocese and the church has reformed.

It also helps, vis a vie another illusion, to keep up the polarity between many faithful Catholics who see the victims of clergy sex abuse and their attorneys as a money grubbing enemy. It keeps Mahony's flock viewing these victims all as members of this pitchfork wielding bunch of nuts known as SNAP. SNAP claims what...5000, 8000 members? I've never seen anything approaching a tenth of that. But SNAP obviously wants all to believe that all victims are SNAP members. We're not.

On the flip side, there is also the illusion that donations to SNAP are necessary to keep the fight going and that the fight is slowly but surely, with your generous financial help, being won.

This in turn of course is good for SNAP. It makes them look (creates another illusion) besieged and legitimizes Blaine's never ending pleas for more cash. Cash that 99.9% of victims by the way, will never, ever, see.

It might be a surprise to many in the church, but the vast majority of victims have to PAY to participate in SNAP conferences and cruises etc, even though SNAP takes in north of a million bucks year in donations alone for it's very small staff (3 or 4, it varies a bit) paid employees.

So like I said, this is just my opinion. Want to donate to SNAP Please do. The church? By all means. In the immortal words of David Gates, it don't matter to me.

Better yet, send Kay a high five.


Frater G said...

Yeah first Pope Rat de-excommunicates the nazi bishops.

Now they're acting like they're fighting for survival over a standard corporate charge.

Mahoney is certainly not the most macho of leaders. He really needs to "man up" here its not like he's being charged with personally raping a child; the archdioscese is being charged rightly with falsifying services, and I can testify to the fact that they played up Richard Henry as being a youth pastor, when he was known to be problematic.

If that's not falsifying services I don't know what is!

Anonymous said...

Over 100+ recently published books on the subject, providing MASSIVE & OVERWHELMING evidence of Mahony's guilty, the USCCB's (Unremoved Sexual Criminal Cabal Bishops) guilt, & that of the Roman "La Cosa Nostra" Curia's guilt, can be read for free, at your local public libraires, or purchased at:, from such authors as: Roman Catholic Bishps Jeffery Robinson of Australia, Thomas Gumbleton of the USA, or even illuminating comments from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milano, Italy, in the UK's THE TABLET.

Other factual and honest authors include: Attorney & Legal Scholar Marci Hamilton, Fr. Richard Sipe, Dr. Robert Grant, MD, Jason Berry, David Yallop, Dr. Leon Podles, Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, Fr. Howard Bleichner, SS, & Fr./Dr./Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle, OP, to name only a few.

If you can watch the 2006 (DVD) US Academy Award Winning BEST DOCUMENATRAY nominated: 'DELIVER US FROM EVIL', the 2007 Cannes Film Festival Winner: 'VOWS OF SILENCE', or the 2008 historical accurate retrospective: 'GOYA'S GHOSTS', and come away thinking Mahony innocent, you seriously need to seek mental clarity professional help.

Just read a few days of vetted & verified coverage at: to see the massive extent of DEMONIC EVIL still being perpetrated on the laity (paying 100% of the bills) by the Mahony & the Church, who to date has diverted or stolen over $12 Billion laity global offetory plate dollars, for the cover up, that remains uncorrected, and no guilty miters or red hats removed (of which there are many hundreds of such office holder perpetrators, enablers, aid & abettors).

If a curia member's lips are moving, they are lying.

The Roman Catholic Church with evil office holders like Bernard Law (less), Francis 'Boy's Club' George, Shawn 'No Shoes' O'Malley, Eddie 'Gay/AIDS Dead Priest-Lover Palimony Lawsuit' Egan, Noberto 'There Is No Crime In All The Mexican Church' Rivera, and of course Rog 'Mahal' Mahony, is the single largest unprosecuted pedophile and sexual violent child assault ring on the globe.


The Interim Solution? "STOP DONATING LAITY!" as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted.

Remember, the Curia's Motto Remains = ISAIAH 28:15!

Edmund Burke reminds each of us: "The only condition for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to do nothing."


Not Smiling, From Heaven, Where Marciel/Legion of Christ Serial Pedo Enabler, John Paul II, Is No Where To Be Found!


Albino Luciani,