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Monday, January 26, 2009

10-plus counts of deviance do not stop believers from attending pedophile ex-priest Dale Fushek Praise and Worship Center on Sundays in Phoenix

By Kay Ebeling

(Mesa AZ) I asked about allegations six victims will make against Dale Fushek, when he finally goes on trial in Phoenix, and survivor Carl Mawhinney said “There’s graphic misuse of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

"Fushek would listen and not care if you had robbed the local grocery, then say, when do you masturbate and what do you think about, ask for all the details. He would be the one to bring it up.” Mawhinney (pictured)was 15 years old at the time. “He asked about heavy petting and I'm like, I'm not even sure what that is, but he was the priest.”

Later Mawhinney went to a different priest and started confessing in the manner Fushek taught him, and the new priest “talked to me shocked, said, that's too much information."

I dropped the phone and slammed the table so hard it made that little green line go down the middle of the screen and I had to jiggle the monitor to reconnect the circuitry, then screamed, “What? Oh my god, That happened to me, too.

"Father Horne used to have me talk dirty to him in the Confessional. Then we moved and I started talking like that with a new priest in the new confessional and he came running out with a look on his face like blaaaa.”

There are 600 pages of exhibits and six victims with credible enough allegations against Fushek for the District Attorney of Mariposa County to be ready to prosecute the former priest on 10 misdemeanor counts - felony counts will follow, as they have a longer statute of limitations. Still about 150 seemingly intelligent people showed up at Fushek’s Praise and Worship Center in the middle of a strip mall in Mesa AZ, for last Sunday morning’s service.

Mawhinney was at the parking lot church with Bill Nash from SNAP, who happened to be in town last week, handing out flyers and talking to local press.

Mawhinney lives right around the corner from Fushek's new church.

"The praise and worship center is half a mile away from where I have lived for 38 years," Mawhinney said. "We saw Dale and Mark going into Starbucks." Mark is the other excommunicated priest who runs services with Fushek in Mesa.

Fushek was excommunicated last December


But for starting a worship center on his own

So for the three years Fushek has been out on bail and gathering new believers, one of the men bringing charges against the pedophile priest has to run into Fushek's followers on a daily basis.

“My Target is right next to the Praise and Worship Center, my coffee shop, my Bally’s,” Mawhinney said. “Now I have to stay away from those places.”

He jokes, "I'm picking up my Xanax at Walgreen’s people come up to me."

He added, “I have coworkers that have yelled at me that because of my orientation I have no credibility, that I’m living a deviant lifestyle.”

Mawhinney wants to emphasize: He did not start all this trouble with Fushek:

"I never came forward," Mawhinney says. "They sent a guy (from the Mariposa County DA's office) out in February 2005 and I didn't have a choice.

"I emphasize that

"It’s not like I just 20 years later said, oh by the way, I want to file charges too.

"I always knew someday something was going to happen with Dale Fushek. I didn't know I was going to be part of it."

Mawhinney has been to eight (8) pretrial hearings, it has been three (3) years since the DA first filed charges against Fushek.

“The defense is trying to separate us, so that there’s different juries,” says Mawhinney, “so the jury doesn't hear or see a pattern.”

What were those patterns again?

“We were all very active,” Mawhinney says,” “like in the yearbook, I was on student council, there was a football player.”

Dale Fushek was pastor at St. Timothy’s which is across the street from the public Dobson high school, where Mawhinney and several other victims lined up to testify were students.

“Not a catholic high school but it might as well have been because Dale had all the teams over at the church,” Mawhinney said. “Where we live in Mesa, you're either Catholic or Mormon. So Dale Fushek would go to all the football games.

Mawhinney is still a devout Catholic, and feels “the real predator part” of what Fushek did to him and others was to abuse the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the confessional.

“We would all go into this multi-purpose room, no parents allowed to create a ‘safe’ environment,” Mawhinney said. “So he would isolate us, then from there we’d do group confessions.

“He’d ask all of us the same questions, did you masturbate, we’d just raise our hands.

“Looking back now, I thought it was so cool then, because I didn't have to talk about it to him in person…

“He’d ask those questions, then do a mass absolution, absolve all of us at once.”

From what we know now about pedophiles, Fushek was obviously looking over the crowd for new potential victims.

'Billy was sodomized while Dale watched, but Dale is more of a voyeur.'

“Dale is a voyeur,” Mawhinney said.

He talked about the cases going to trial some day against Fushek:

“Indecent exposure didn't happen to me. He would be touching himself while listening to me, or have a boy in bed and then take us shopping and out to lunch - Billy was sodomized while Dale watched, but Dale is more of a voyeur.”

Dale is more of a voyeur. Don’t you love it that this is the legacy Catholic priests have left you?

“The DA has over 600 pages of evidence and video and they don’t want the jury to see,” Mawhinney said, as he watches Fushek's defense attorney try to get the cases separated. It has been three years since charges have been filed and the DA has been ready to go to trial.

Mawhinney still attends St. Timothy’s which is within a mile of the strip mall where Fushek now conducts services of his own design, pictured here.

Above, in Mesa AZ, is the strip mall location of Praise and Worship Center, where Dale Fushek, pedophile priest headed for criminal prosecution on 10 counts of raping children, conducts services on Sundays and Wednesdays, further intimidating one of his victims.

Mawhinney has a message for the attorney who is defending Dan Fusheck in the criminal trial that has
been delayed for three years.

The lawyer defending Fushek is Thomas Hoydal

"He knows I'm in the courtroom with my mom and partner, the media," Mawhinney says. "He always tries to bring up my masturbatory practices. My name is the only one he brings up, because the other victims aren’t in the courtroom.

To Thomas Hoydal from Carl Mawhinney:

"How many times can you say I masturbated out loud in court?"

You've made your point.

"He says it every single time. My mom says, well he never asked me how I masturbated. My mom’s name is Madonna so that's how Catholic my parents are."

Hey, church attorney, you have made your point.

The story goes onward. . .

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