At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mahony aided pedo-priest escape to Mexico to evade the law, in new L.A. case quoted here; plus FBI interrupts Knights of Columbus; & Twitter SNAP

Police interviewed 26 children who were abused by the priest during his nine month stay in Los Angeles, says the complaint in case #BC416014 filed June 18th. Plaintiffs describe sex crime coverups re Father Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera, who was brought to California by Cardinal Roger Mahony in 1987, after residents of Cuacnopalan, Puebla, Mexico, ran him out of town for his perversions with children. Then in 1988 Mahony sent the pedophile priest back to Mexico, after parishioners / crime victims started complaining to police in L.A. From the June 18, 2009 Complaint:

"In January 1988, several children complained to their parents of Father Aguilar's abuse. The parents reported these complaints to the parish school teacher, the principal, and the pastor of Defendent Doe 2.

"Instead of immediately contacting police (THIS WAS 1988!) the Defendant Archdiocese was contacted. In the morning of January 9, 1988, Bishop Thomas Curry personally met with Father Aguilar in his rectory bedroom at Defendant Doe 3. Curry informed Aguilar of the complaints against him and encouraged Father Aguilar to leave Los Angeles. By the end of the day, Father Aguilar had fled California and was in Mexico.

"Two days later, the principal of the Defendant Doe 2 school contacted law enforcement."

More direct quotes from the June 18, 2009, complaint, which is beginning its way through Los Angeles Superior Court, are at the bottom of this post.

A laugh out loud moment: (You can't make this stuff up.)

A St. Louis priest was arrested yesterday in a pedophile-pederast sting operation. James Patrick Grady, 57, thought he had arranged over the internet to have "kissing and oral sex" for one half hour for $80-

With a 16 year old girl

It turned out to be a federal set-up ala MSNBC's To Catch A Predator. The Archbishop of St. Louis spoke later to the press and this bit of info ended up buried at the bottom of a news story:

FBI agents later went to the parish and seized Grady's personal computer

- During a Knights of Columbus meeting.

I don't know, that just made me break into out loud laughter. (Stories linked below.)

Plus, this makes my heart sing. Ten years ago the FBI would have probly turned Grady, pictured at right, over to the parish and dropped the case.
St. Louis priest is bailed out of jail With photo

RE: CENSORSHIP and Media Control

Read Wikepedia Bans Stories and Experts on SRA

Write WIKIPEDIA re its removal of articles on Ritual Sex Abuse


Or use Snail Mail:
Wikipedia Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 78350
San Francisco, CA 94107-8350
Phone: 415-839-6885


Follow the SNAP conference on TWITTER

SNAP Conference on TWITTER:

Michael Baumann, producer of Off My Knees blog, will be posting commentary on the SNAP conference in D.C. Aug 7-9, on Twitter and his blog.


Here is some coverage of yesterday's FBI Sting Operation in St. Louis that caught a pedophile priest soliciting sex with a 16 year old girl online:

Priest Caught Up in Sex Sting
ST. LOUIS (MO)Courthouse News Service
ST. LOUIS (CN) - A priest is among the three men charged with sex trafficking of children. James Patrick Grady, 57, faces federal charges of attempted sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.

St. Louis priest charged with soliciting sex from minor
ST. LOUIS (MO)St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By Robert PatrickST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH07/31/2009
ST. LOUIS — The arrest of a Catholic priest in an FBI pedophile sting is a "black eye" for all priests, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson said Thursday.

Abp. Carlson suspends priest arrested for sex charges
ST. LOUIS (MO)St. Louis Review
Barb Watkins

“Abuse of any kind is always wrong.” That was the message of Archbishop Robert Carlson at a July 30 press conference at the Catholic Center, called shortly after the ...


Below are Quotes

From: Original Complaint filed June 18, 2009, re Father Nicholas Aguilar

And how Cardinal Roger Mahony aided and abetted his escape to Mexico to avoid law enforcement:


Plaintiff makes the following allegations: The Catholic Bishops in the United States, Mexico, and other Latin American countries have long facilitated the sexual molestation of children by engaging in the international trafficking of known child molesting priests.

The Bishops have subjected Catholic families and children in these communities to known pedophiles, counting on the devotion and reverence in the communities to keep any further abuse by the priests secret.

Father Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera, a priest at San Sabastian Martyr Church in the town of Cuacnopalan, Puebla, Mexico, sexually molested numerous children in 1986.

When the abuse became known in the community, a group of parents physically confronted Father Aguilar. Local police became aware of the incident.

Father Aguilar sought the assistance of the bishop, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, then the bishop of Defendant Doe 5, defendant diocese in Mexico.

Cardinal Rivera facilitated the gransfer of Father Aguilar to Los Angeles and the defendant Archdiocese, despite counseling Father Aguilar to have psychiatric help because the incident.

In January and March of 1987, using coded language long used by the Bishops to facilitate the international transfer of child molesting priests, Cardinal Rivera informed Cardinal Roger Mahony and the Defendant (Los Angeles) Archdiocese that there were accusations of Father Aguilar molesting children.

Despite this knowledge and these warnings, Cardinal Mahony and the Defendant Archdiocese assigned Father Aguilar as an associate pastor at Defendant Doe 2, a parish in a predominately immigrant Hispanic community known as Rose Hill, just east of downtown Los Angeles.

Immediately after his arrival, Father Aguilar began having altar boys and students from the parish school come to his rectory bedroom. This conduct was known by defendants and their employees at Defendant Doe 2. This conduct was known by the defendants to be strongly suspicious of child sexual abuse.

One of the children Father Aguilar was bringing to his bedroom complained to an employee of Defendant Doe 2 about Father Aguilar’s conduct. Instead of investigating, disciplining, or reporting the complaint to law enforcement, Defendant Archdiocese reassigned Father Aguilar to a different parish, Defendant Doe 3, several miles away.

Once there Father Aguilar continued his conduct of bringing children to his rectory and pulling children out of classes at the parish school. He also continued visiting families of children from Defendant Doe 2.

In January 1988, several children from Defendant Doe 2 complained to their parents of Father Aguilars abuse. On January 8, 1988, the parents reported these complaints to the parish school teacher, the principal and priest pastor of defendant oe 2.

Instead of immediately contacting police

(THIS WAS 1988, For Cripes Sake)

The Defendant Archdiocese was contacted. In the morning of January 9, 1988, Bishop Thomas Curry, who was then the Vicar For Clergy of the Defendant Archdiocese, personally met with Father Aguilar in his rectory bedroom at Defendant Doe 3.

Curry informed Aguilar of the complaints against him and encouraged Father Aguilar to leave Los Angeles. Father Aguilar informed Curry he would leave Los Angeles and go to Mexico that day.

By the end of the day, Father Aguilar had fled California and was in Mexico.

Two days later, the principal of the defendant Doe 2 school contacted law enforcement.

When the Los Angeles Police Department began investigating Father Aguilar and the complaints, the Defendant Archdiocese and Defendant DOES 2, 3, and 4 obstructed the investigation by refusing to provide the names of altar boys at Defendants Does 2 and 3. Eventually, without assistance from the defendants, police interviewed not less than 26 children who had been abused by Father Aguilar during his nine month stay in Los Angeles.

7. When Father Aguilar fled to Mexico, officials with the Defendant Diocese in mexico were informed of the charges against the priest. No effort was taken by the defendant Diocese in Mexico to discipline, investigate, or terminate Father Aguilar from his position as a priest of the Defendant Diocese of Mexico.

Instead Father Aguilar was allowed to continue working as a parish priest at numerous Catholic parishes in Mexico, where he continued to sexually molest children. To the present day, Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera remains a priest in mexico. No efforts have been taken by the Defendant Diocese of Mexico to defrock him.

Plaintiff was one of the children sexually abused by Father Aguilar while he was in Los Angeles. Plaintiff was between 9 and 10 years old when he was abused by Father Aguilar. Father Aguilar gained access to plaintiff because of his family’s relationship with defendants. Father Aguilar acting as a managing agent of the defendants utilized his position of trust, reverence, and access as a way to isolate and abuse plaintiff.

Prior to and during the abuse, plaintiff aspired to become a priest himself. After the abuse, plaintiff’s life began to spiral.


From Case Summary at L.A. Superior Court Website:

Filing Date: 06/18/2009
Status: Pending

BOUCHER RAYMOND P. ESQ. - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
DEFENDANT DOE 1 -5 Defendant/Respondent
DEFENDANT DOES 6 THROUGH 1000 - Defendant/Respondent
FINNEGAN MICHAEL - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
JOHN DOE - Plaintiff/Petitioner

Documents Filed
06/18/2009 Complaint
07/01/2009 Notice-Case Management Conference

Proceedings Held
07/17/2009 in Department 324, Emilie H. Elias, Presiding
Court Order: (case brought into the Combined Coordinated Cases aka L.A. Clergy Cases)

Complaint was filed June 18, 2009, by Ray Boucher of Los Angeles and Jeffrey Anderson of St. Paul, MN.

The story goes onward. . .
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That Cool Thing That Happens

When my schedule allows, I go around the corner on Friday mornings for “chapel” at a homeless services place on Sunset Boulevard near Normandie. It’s the same place that housed my daughter and me, after we’d been living on the streets of L.A. in our car for six months in 2004, and helped us get back up from that astounding experience. Nonetheless to this day I say I'm grateful I became homeless, because I ended up at The Lighthouse and learned to look at the Bible a new way, this sort of Zen Christian non denominational way of reading and applying the Word to life. The changes in me after a year of mandatory Bible study at the Lighthouse still resonate and in fact give me the strength I need to keep writing this blog.

Today the passage we studied was

2nd Corinthans 5:14-21

Which Talks About Reconciliation

It is amazing how inevitably, when I do make it to chapel at The Lighthouse on Fridays, I hear something that I want to write here, as it applies to the issue of working to end sex crimes in the Catholic Church.

It’s the references to Reconciliation in this passage that jumped out at me.

Recently I had a phone conversation with a very devout Catholic person whose family member is a victim of a predator priest. This man is I think reeling a little bit in shock seeing how his church has reacted to these crimes.

Especially since the Catholic Church is the only Christian Church that has this Extra Added Sacrament of Confession or Reconciliation. Yet it’s the Catholic bishops who are using teams of law firms to keep from confessing, or admitting to their guilt, totally, in public, of these astonishing serial pedophile crimes that left tens of thousands of damaged crime victims in the United States in the last 50 years alone.

The illogic is not lost, in an environment that is already overrun with inconsistencies.

In the session this morning, we took apart the words one at a time in the 2nd Corinthians passage about Reconciliation, and then said what came to mind.

I kept quiet because what came to my mind is how the Catholic Church managed to make an aberration of this and other passages about Reconciliation and turn it into a Sacrament with Ceremonial stuff-

As children, so many of us were doing what seemed so right, innocently reverent when we walked into Confessionals with these pervert priests-

And became part of a particularly weird abomination-

Use of the Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation by pedophile priests to access children.

These crimes are especially astounding, since the real words about Reconciliation in the Bible are so liberating and have nothing to do with any whoo-whoo ceremony or magic words spoken by a priest.

This morning, we read 2nd Corinthians 5:14-21 and then the group raised their hands to call out what they think reconciliation means. The pastor, this 22 year old musician / singer, summed it all up as “That cool thing that happens when you get past your sin to unity with God.”

“That cool thing that happens when you get past your sin to unity with God.”

The pastor who leads this Friday morning session at Hope Again Ministries in L.A. is Patrick Something has a growing church off Sunset behind The Guitar Center Sundays at ten, which means it ties in with my ongoing story Sunset Boulevard at City of Angels 2. So, going to try to get there.

From 2nd Corinthians 5
From New Living Translation
16 So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! 17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

The old life is gone; a new life has begun!
18 And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. 19 For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

The story goes onward. . .
By Kay Ebeling

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ritual Sex Abuse stories banned, as Wikipedia blacklists California psychologist, website

To Contact Wikipedia with your reaction to this story: and write:Wikimedia Foundation Inc.P.O. Box 78350 San Francisco, CA 94107-8350 USA Phone: 415-839-6885

Wikipedia edited its site this month to say Satanic Ritual Abuse is "a moral panic" from the 1980s that has since subsided. Articles Wikipedia deleted are linked at the end of this post.

"Wikipedia Blacklisted Four Important Websites on Ritual Abuse on July 18, 2009," writes California Psychologist Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., at the End Ritual Abuse Website: The following information is from Dr. Lacter's July 27th post:

On July 18, 2009, at about 9:30pm Pacific time, Wikipedia blacklisted the following important websites on ritual abuse:

Wikipedia has now escalated its censorship of all information supporting the existence of ritual abuse by blacklisting four important websites about ritual abuse on July 18, 2009.

Since February, 2008, on Wikipedia's page on "Satanic Ritual Abuse," Wikipedia's staff has been suppressing and deleting credible posts from credible sources (including my posts- I am a licensed California psychologist) that have documented substantial criminal and psychological evidence of criminal ritual abuse, and instead has completely discounted the existence of ritual abuse.

My website is endritualabuse dot org. I have attempted to get information from Wikipedia as to why my website was blacklisted and to get it de-blacklisted. I have been stonewalled on both counts.

As of July 27, 2009, Wikipedia's page on "Satanic ritual abuse" begins as follows: "Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organised abuse, sadistic abuse and other variants) refers to a moral panic that originated in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout the country and eventually to many parts of the world, before subsiding in the late 1990s."

I find Wikipedia's history of treatment of this issue dangerous to victims and survivors of ritual abuse and dangerous to victims of child abuse in general.
An account of my correspondence with Wikipedia on this matter is pasted in below.

This correspondence clearly demonstrates that Wikipedia has stonewalled my polite attempts to communicate with them on this issue. When I persisted, Wikipedia directed me to send a letter via registered mail to the Wikimedia Foundation for comment, Wikimedia Foundation Inc.P.O. Box 78350San Francisco, CA 94107-8350USA.
However, when Wanda Karriker, Ph.D., on October 15, 2008, sent a registered letter to Wikipedia concerning Wikipedia's treatment of the subject of ritual abuse, she received no response. I also include the correspondence by Dr. Karriker below.

Dr. Karriker is one of four authors of the Extreme Abuse Survey. The website for the Extreme Abuse Survey,, is one of the four websites that Wikipedia blacklisted on July 18, 2009.

It is clear that Wikipedia refuses to consider any documentation about the existence of ritual abuse.
Wikipedia claims that its mission is: "The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally."

Wikipedia claims that its vision is: "Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment."
I find these claims by Wikipedia to be untrue, based on its censorship of the evidence of ritual abuse. I also believe that Wikipedia is recklessly putting child abuse victims in danger by its treatment of this issue. I deem Wikipedia to be irresponsible, unethical, and to be in violation of its own statutes.

I urge individuals and organizations to disseminate this article, including freely re-posting it to other websites, with the condition that it be posted in its entirety with nothing added or removed from the article .

Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist in California, USA

Account of Lacter's Correspondence with Wikipedia on this Matter

On July 18, 2009, at about 9:30pm Pacific time, Wikipedia blacklisted the following important websites on ritual abuse:

On July 20, 2009, at 00.52 (I am not sure what time zone this refers to), I posted the following on the MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist page of Wikipedia at:


I am a California licensed psychologist and have just noticed that my website,, has been blacklisted, as well as the websites, and , all of which provide information about ritual abuse. These three resources have been of tremendous value to victims of ritual abuse and to therapists and clergy helping victims. I cannot fathom any legitimate basis for Wikipedia prohibiting access to these websites. There is absolutely no basis to suspect any wrongdoing or criminal activity on any of these three websites.

These websites are dedicated to helping victims of violent crime. There is no basis to deny that such crimes occur. Criminal convictions of crimes involving ritual elements are well-documented, such as the May 2006 conviction of Father Gerald Robinson for the 1980 murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. I personally correspond with a few hundred legitimate psychotherapists, internationally, who treat these victims. I urge Wikipedia to quickly reverse the blacklisting of these websites.

Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D. tlDone/archives/July/2009/Proposed removalsarchived Ellenlacter (talk) 00:52, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

On July 20, 2009, at 17:42 (I am not sure what time zone this refers to), Wikipedia posted the following reply to my post, also on the MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist page of Wikipedia at:

"Typically, we do not remove domains from the spam blacklist in response to site-owners' requests.

Instead, we de-blacklist sites when trusted, high-volume editors request the use of blacklisted links because of their encyclopedic value in support of our encyclopedia pages.

If such an editor asks to use your blacklisted links, I'm sure the request will be carefully considered.

Equally Wikipedia is not a soapbox nor is it a place to to promote your sites"[20][21][22].--Hu12 (talk) 17:42, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

On 7/21/2009, at 10:10pm, Pacific Time, I sent the letter below to

Dear Wikipedia, I see that my website has been blacklisted on Wikipedia. My website is I understand from your website that blacklisting happens in response to spam. I read this: I have never spammed Wikipedia.

In fact, I only posted to Wikipedia once or twice, on the page on satanic ritual abuse, perhaps a year ago (now deleted). I posted with my real name, as I do everywhere. I have nothing to hide from anyone.

I have read the Wikipedia page on blacklisting, and still do not understand the process. Please help me understand the basis of blacklisting a website. Does this happen when Wikipedia believes that someone is sending spam from a website? Can spam be sent from a website? I thought spam could only be sent from an email address. My email address is I have only one email address (the same one since I went online) My website is mine and mine alone.

If you believe that a spammer is co-owner of my website, I can assure you that this is not true. I am a licensed psychologist and am very cautious and above-board in everything I do. I am not violating any Wikipedia guidelines, any net ethics, other ethics, or laws. Please help me understand this process. Some people have told me that they are quite disturbed that my site is blacklisted. I cannot even explain to them why this happened. Please help me understand. Warmly, Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., California licensed psychologist since 1986.

As of 7/24/2009, I had received no response.

(Lacter's website: )


Here is material that was deleted by Wikipedia, as received in my email today - ke

The following information from four articles at Wkipedia was deleted due to it being from the newly blacklisted wordpress site ( ) .

This site provided information from mainstream newspapers and court documents showing evidence that abuse had occurred in these cases. deleted from Fells Acres Case articleAll nine children testified in a broadly consistent way...The children testified to numerous instances of sexual abuse. Some of the children testified that they were photographed during this abuse, describing a big camera with wires, a red button, and pictures which came out of the camera.

The children testified that the defendant threatened them and told them that their families would be harmed if they told anyone about the abuse....The Commonwealth also presented a pediatric gynecologist and pediatrician who examined five of the girls who testified...She made findings consistent with abuse in four of the girls.[5]The motion judge who heard Violet and Cheryl's motion, declared that "[a]t best, the defendants could only see the right ear and a part of the right cheek of the testifying witness." The Commonwealth contends that the defendants could see almost a full profile view including the child's lips and that the child witness could make eye contact by turning toward the defendants.[5]Commonweath v. Amirault, Middlesex, 424 Mass. 618 --deleted from McMartin Preschool Trial case article

One source stated that a hospital exam confirmed he was sodomized, and that he named a teacher at the school as the perpetrator.Tamarkin, Civia (1994). "Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases, Part I and Part II". Treating Abuse Today. deleted from Day Care Sex abuse cases(Fells Acres case)All nine children testified in a broadly consistent way...The children testified to numerous instances of sexual abuse...The children testified that the defendant threatened them and told them that their families would be harmed if they told anyone about the abuse""Commonweath v. Amirault, Middlesex" 424 Mass. 618. "Commonweath v. Amirault" (scanned reprints). 424 Mass. 618. (Wenatchee Sex Ring)
Dr. Deborah Harper testified in the trial "One girl showed definite medical signs of sexual abuse and it could not be ruled out for two others.""Doctor confirms abuse in sex-ring case." (scanned
reprint). Associated Press. 1996-12-05.
"One girl showed definite medical signs of sexual abuse and it could not be ruled for two others, a defense witness the child rape and molestation trial of a Pentecostal preacher and his wife ... Prosecutors allege unordained pastor Robert "Roby" Roberson and his wife, Connie, has sex with children at the East Wenatchee Pentecostal Church of God House and Prayer and at their home.

" deleted from Wenatchee sex ring articleDuring the trial, a defense witness stated that one girl showed "definite medical signs of sexual abuse" while "it could not be ruled out for two others. "Doctor confirms abuse in sex-ring case." Associated Press .
"One girl showed definite medical signs of sexual abuse and it could not be ruled for two others, a defense witness testified ... in the child rape and molestation trial of a Pentacostal preacher and his wife ... Prosecutors allege unordained pastor Robert "Roby" Roberson and his wife, Connie, has sex with children at the East Wenatchee Pentacostal Church of God House and Prayer and at their home."A U.S. Department of Justice investigation also found that there was no evidence of civil rights violations. Consultant finds no fault in sex ring probe"

Associated Press in Tri-City Herald. February 22, 1996. .
"A consultant hired by the city's insurer to look into the way Wenatchee police conducted child sex-abuse investigations said Wednesday the cases were properly handled."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

President Obama abandons entire class of sex crime victims, meeting with Pope. Are votes really that important?

Venting: Prepare your gag reflex in advance before viewing videos below of Obama with the Pope July 10th. If you wonder why we're just covering this today at City of Angels 18 days later, I must have blocked this out, in a PTSD reaction, trying to prevent an anger outburst.

A class of tens of thousands of crime victims were abandoned in the name of politics this month as Barack Obama played humble Christian to Pope Benedict's holy man. I've spoken today with a few survivors of Catholic priest sex crimes, of which no one knows more than this most criminal pope, and we feel abandoned and angry at the President of the United States.

They used the "blessed sacraments" to get to us as children, and now as American adults we have to watch as one President after another grins at the Pope and abandons us.

Oh, Come on, Obama! Disappointing us again?

Like most politicians since Hitler, Barack Obama chose blissful respect over hard nosed action, greeting this current international leader of felony child sex offenders with a goofy grin. Obama bowed down listening to the Chief Perpetrator from the Vatican, (sovereign nation above prosecution), as Benedict delivered some hack of a spiritual message.

Oh, God, readers, just Google: "Generic Uplifting Words," and you get anything this Pope has to say, still worldwide media are agog.

Obama should have used that opportunity, face to face with the apparent ringleader of pedophile networks around the world, to serve the Pope with a subpoena, demanding he appear before the U.S. Senate for questioning. If not Obama, someone should start a real prosecution of these sex criminals.

They used the "blessed sacraments" to get to us as children, and now as American adults we have to watch as one new President after another grins at the Pope and abandons us.

Scaredy-cat. Yellow bellied pansy, limp-- ARRGH@!@

Do I have to start saying "Not My President" already?

As Obama meets the Pope he says, It's a Great Honor, thank you so much, and slaps the face of tens of thousands of already reeling sex crime victims trying to eke some sense of justice out of decades of criminal activity by a religious group that still gets mindless adoration from the masses:

How Dare You!

I hope he kept those little girls, his daughters, supervised every second, in the environs of these perps in robes.

- Kay Ebeling

Here are more videos on this topic, who are these people? What cave have they hidden in the past 8 years or so as these crime stories came out? DUUUUHHHH!

Come over here five minutes, I'll give you the position of the Catholic Church:

From: Yahoo News Story

Even in his gift to the U.S. leader, the pope sought to underscore his beliefs. Benedict gave Obama a copy of a Vatican document on bioethics that hardened the church's opposition to using embryos for stem cell research, cloning and in-vitro fertilization. Obama supports stem cell research.

"Yes, this is what we had talked about," Obama said, telling the pope he would read it on the flight to his next stop, Ghana.

Earlier, the pope's secretary, the Rev. Georg Ganswein, told reporters the document would "help the president better understand the position of the Catholic church."


Which position is that?

Uh, do I sound a little angry?

Abortion top topic as Obama meets with Pope
The Christian Century -
‎Jul 26, 2009‎
Even so, Obama "told the pope of his commitment to reduce the number of abortions and of his attention to and respect for the positions of the Catholic ...

Vatican says pope was looking for light switch in dark room when ...
Gaea Times -
‎Jul 27, 2009‎
Obama's motorcade arrived at the Holy See on Friday, greeted by Swiss Guards in their colorful uniforms. July 10th, 2009 Obama meets with Pope Benedict ...

AARGGHHH Continued:

Pope Benedict is the man on the money
Times Online -
Brian Griffiths -
‎Jul 12, 2009‎
When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, his strengths and weaknesses seemed clear. Here was an eminent theologian, philosopher and guardian of Christian ...

PM lauds Pope's leadership after meeting at Vatican
Toronto Star - Taziana Fabi -
‎Jul 12, 2009‎
Harper meets the Pope ROME - Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family wrapped up a four-day trip to Italy on July 11, 2009 with an audience at the ...

Navigating worldly gold and the golden rule
Calgary Herald - ‎Jul 12, 2009‎
"C harity is at the heart of the Church's social doctrine," writes Pope Benedict XVI at the beginning of his new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate -- a sort ...

Does Obama Have a Friend in the Vatican?
New York Times -
‎Jul 11, 2009‎
By The Editors
Photo: Chris Helgren/Associated Press President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on ...

Obama Brings the Pope a Letter From Kennedy
Wall Street Journal Blogs -
Susan Davis -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
President Barack Obama hand-delivered a letter to Pope Benedict XVI from ailing Sen. Ted Kennedy during a private meeting at the Vatican today. ...

The First Draft: Obama and the Pope
Reuters Blogs -
John Whitesides -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
President Barack Obama heads to Africa on Friday on the final stop of a weeklong trip that included visits to Russia and Italy, but before leaving Rome he ...

US Catholic CEO responds to Benedict's economic encyclical
Reuters Blogs -
Daniel Bases -
‎Jul 8, 2009‎
Pope Benedict's encyclical “Charity in Truth” proposed a sweeping reform of the world economic system from one based on the profit motive to one based on ...

Japan's rare Catholic PM Taro Aso meets Pope Benedict
Reuters Blogs -
Yoko Nishikawa -
‎Jul 7, 2009‎
Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, a member of Japan's tiny Roman Catholic minority, had a chance toenjoy some time away from political trouble at home when ...

Same Pope, Different Moral Authority
Wizbang -
Michael Laprarie -
‎Jul 11, 2009‎
I personally love this headline -- "Pope Expected to Challenge Bush on US Policies" -- because it so nicely encapsulates the expectations of the liberal ...

Pope, Schmope: WaPo Oozes 'You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop' When ...
NewsBusters - Tim Graham -
‎Jul 11, 2009‎
Saturday's Washington Post is topped by a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama with Pope Benedict, but the image might be ...

Pope lectures Obama on abortion
Hot Air -
Ed Morrissey -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
Some people believed that Pope Benedict's meeting with Barack Obama amounted to a slap in the face of conservative American Catholics, who have criticized ...

Obama to Pope: US to Lower Abortion Rate -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
US President Barack Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI, who presented Obama with a booklet about the church's viewpoints, on Friday and promised to reduce the ...

Barry and Benedict Meet in the Land of Caesars and Martyrs
Politics Daily -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
ROME -- In the land of Caesars and martyrs, the 44 th President of the United States on Friday met the 264 th successor of St. Peter. ...

Pope Benedict Issues New Encyclical Calling for Sustainable ...
Sustainablog -
Jeff McIntire-Strasburg -
‎Jul 10, 2009‎
Pope Benedict XVI added to his growing reputation as the “green Pope” on Tuesday with the release of a new encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) ...

TPMDC Morning Roundup
TPMDC - Eric Kleefeld - ‎Jul 10, 2009‎
During his press conference this morning, President Obama said the world seems to have avoided a total economic ...

Kennedy-Townsend in Newsweek: Obama 'More Catholic' Than Pope
NewsBusters -
Matthew Balan - ‎Jul 9, 2009‎
Newsweek took their criticism of Pope Benedict XVI to the next level on Thursday- not only did guest columnist Kathleen ...



The Pope has Zero credibility, as long as he continues to let perpetrator priests roam free and easy
Thank God there's a Law & Order Special Victims Marathon on the USA channel right now, as Mariska Hargitay speaks to me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New cases in L.A. re Father Michael Baker & Brother Modesto Leon going through court system; jury trial re Renato Lopez cancelled as case settled

By Kay Ebeling

With new lawsuits making their way through the courts in Los Angeles, the pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church is indeed not "behind us" as Cardinal Roger Mahony and other church heirarchy have claimed.

The L.A. Archdiocese's motion to strike the case concerning Michael Baker was going to be heard Tuesday, July 28th but it has been continued. This case concerns charges made by plaintiff “Luis C,” one of the victims whose accusations sent the pedophile priest Baker to prison last year. The hearing on Motion to Strike and three Demurrers filed by the church, originally continued from July 1st to the 28th, is now on calendar October 1st, 2009.

Another case we are watching is “Saul R versus Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles,” filed June 2, 2008. These charges concern Brother Modesto Leon at Camp Unity in the Angeles National Forest above LaCanada, a Catholic retreat for at risk teenage boys that was founded, organized, and supervised by Brother Leon, through his own nonprofit organization, Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc.

Jury trial in the Julie C case, which was on calendar for October 19, 2009, is now canceled as the case was settled early this month. Julie C concerns allegations against Renato “Ray” Lopez, Jr. Athletic Director and coach at Sacred Heart High School in L.A. Later in today's post are quotes from a document in the Julie C case. The formal dismissal hearing of Julie C is August 24th, but City of Angels will not be there to cover it. Because we will be in Portland speaking and taking part in the Walk Across Oregon.

The new set of allegations against Michael Baker, the Archdiocese, and Servants of the Paracletes in the Luis C case happened in 1995. “It occurred in different places, in the boy’s house, mainly in his home,” said Vince Finaldi of Manly & Stewart, who represent Luis C, in a recent phone conversation.

Brother Modesto Leon from the Saul R case first surfaced as a pedophile priest in the L.A. Archdiocese Report of 2004 on page 6, with one accusation: “Los Angeles. Leon, Modesto. Claretians C.M.F. 1995 - 1996.”

Following are quotes come from the original complaint in the Saul R case with new allegations against Brother Modesto Leon from 1996-1999. All charges and quotes here are from public documents:

Following are


Plaintiff Saul R alleges that he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by Brother Modesto Leon, a Roman Catholic Brother in the religious order Claretian missionaries.

For decades certain Roman Catholic Church personnel have sexually preyed upon the children under their leadership and or supervision. All the while, Defendants knew such vile practices were occurring, yet failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of these children and to prevent the future acts of molestation.

Defendants’ despicable conduct has resulted in a legacy of pain and emotional devastation. This suit seeks compensation for sexual abuse.

Defendants use their position as religious instructors and counselors to gain the trust and confidence of sexual molestation victims. Thereafter, Defendants misrepresent, conceal, or fail to disclose information relating to the sexual misconduct of clergy members.

This suit seeks compensation relating to this breach of trust.

Plaintiff SAUL R brings this action as an individual.

Plaintiff Saul R alleges that the abuse occurred between 1995 and 1999 while he was a participant in youth retreats at Camp Unity in the Angeles National Forest - founded, organized, and supervised by Brother Leon.

(There is as of now, one allegation concerning Modesto Leon at Bishop Accountability. The allegations in Saul R took place three years after the one case identified in the BA database regarding Brother Modesto Leon. The Saul R case is now going through pretrial motions in L.A. Superior Court with new allegations: )

On June 15th Church Attorney Lee Potts of the Hennigan Law Firm, the L.A. Archdiocese’s lead attorneys in the Clergy Cases, filed “Motion to Quash Second Amended Complaint and Motion to dismiss for lack of Personal Jurisdiction” in the Saul R. Case.

I don't think a hearing has yet been set regarding this motion in the Saul R case, but I might be mistaken. Will try to find that out this week as well.

This could be a hearing about Saul R: (From L.A. Superior Court website:)

08/05/2009 at 11:00 am in department 324 at 600 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005
Motion to Strike (-DEMURRER)

Dawn Smith of CIFARELLI THOMAS A. ESQ in Santa Ana, CA, is the attorney in Saul R, currently appearing in pretrial hearings on motions in the Raul C case. I will try to contact her this week.

More about Brother Modesto Leon’s Camp Unity for at risk teenagers to come be put at risk of a Catholic priest predator pedophile in the woods:

Camp Unity is in the Angeles National Forest above LaCanada Flintridge, The place where Brother Leon apparently set up a whole non profit 501(c)3 organization where he could bring young boys and molest them.

DRIVING ROUTE 1 to Camp Unity, run by Soledad Enrichment Corporation

• From the intersection of I-210 and Angeles Crest Highway (SR 2), drive north on Angeles Crest Highway 9.5 miles to Angeles Forest Highway. Keep straight.

• Continue about 4.5 miles to the junction with the Mount Wilson Road at the Red Box Ranger Station.

• Continue on Angeles Crest Highway 3.7 miles farther to the Barley Flats Road (paved) on the left. Turn left.

Drive 2.5 miles to the gate of Camp Unity


One final lawsuit against the Salesian Religious Order, from Clergy Cases 2007 settlement in L.A, may finally be drawing to a close in the coming weeks.

A hearing regarding Las Encinas Medical Center and its liability in the one last Salesian case case was on calendar last week and parties may be about to finally reach a settlement. There were hearings in April, May, and June.

Las Encinas Medical Center has been trying to get their portion of the case dismissed.

Another hearing to dismiss the Las Encinas portion of the Salesian case (or settle it) will be in August:

From L.A. Superior Court website:

08/24/2009 at 11:00 am in department 324 at 600 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005 - Motion (TO CONTEST GOOD FAITH SETTLEMENTOF LAS ENCINAS MEDICAL CENTER'SSETT. (RE: BC294323)AND MTN FOR PROTECTIVE ORDERRE: BC376766)

HOWEVER, City of Angels won’t be at the Aug 24th hearing in L.A. as we will be winding down in Portland, Oregon, getting ready to come back to L.A. on Amtrak.

Kay Ebeling, producer of City of Angels blog, is speaking in Portland Oregon at the Aug 23 and 24th venues of Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse, in that Pacific coastal clean water filled city that week.

Join me for a potluck picnic in Jameson Park Aug 23rd in Portland at the interactive fountain.

City of Angels also hopes to interview Kelly Clark, plaintiff attorney, on camera in his Portland, Oregon, offices while we are there, to talk about his lawfirm's battle to get the Portland Archdiocese to release documents from the 2006 settlement, a battle that is finally drawing to a close now, after three years.


As one chapter ends, another one begins. We will try to track down documents on all these cases in the next 30-40 years, as City of Angels continues to cover Sex Crime Coverups in the Roman Catholic Church

I'll be covering these stories until I’m 90 years old or so, like Dominick Dunne.

I want to be the Dominick Dunne of Catholic priest sex crimes. What Dominick Dunne did for Wealthy People Who Get Away With Murder, I want to do with Catholic priests who get away with pedophilia and other sex crimes, - ke


In that last final Salesian case, Las Encinas Medical Center was fighting to get out of its part of the 2007 settlement. Count the number of defense or Church Attorneys versus plaintiff attorneys.

(From L.A. Superior Court Website:)


BOUCHER RAYMOND P. ESQ. - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner

DON BOSCO TECH - Defendant

DUMMIT BUCHHOLZ & TRAPP - Attorney for Defendant/Respondent

DUMMIT CRAIG S. ESQ. - Attorney for Deft/Respnt

FOLEY & LARDNER LLP - Attorney for Deft/Respnt


LB - Plaintiff/Petitioner

LR - Plaintiff/Petitioner

MCFEELY STEPHEN A. ESQ. - Attorney for Defendant/Respondent



We are still trying to track down the illusive deposition of George Neville Rucker from this hearing last February: 02/26/2009 Objection Document (OF ARCHDIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES' TO RELEASE OF INFORMATION FROM DEPOSITION TRANSCRIPTS PROHIBITED BY COURT ORDER ) Filed by Attorney for Defendant/Respondent


The Julie C case which was on calendar for a july trial October 19, 2009, settled out of court last week. The Julie C case involved Catholic School employee RENATO LOPEZ, JR, and was first filed February 4, 2008.

From a doc filed in the Julie C case:

Plaintiff Julie C alleges that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse while a student at Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles, owned by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. She alleges that the perpetrator of the abuse was Renato “Ray” Lopez, Jr. Athletic Director and coach at Sacred Heart in 2003-2004. The Complaint includes a negligence cause of action, and alleges that the Archdiocese either knew or strongly suspected that Lopez had engaged in prior romantic and sexual relations with Sacred Heart students.

The archdiocese negligently hired, supervised, retained, monitored, and otherwise employed Lopez, and negligently failed to ensure the safety of a minor student, Plaintiff Julie C, who was entrusted to the Archdiocese’s custody, care, and control.

Again the Julie C case settled last week, attorney was David Ring of Los Angeles. The hearing where the case will officially be dismissed will be August 24th, and City of Angels will still be in Portland, Oregon, on that date.

Reminder: Kay Ebeling will be speaking August 22nd and August 23rd, in Portland, as part of the Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse. On Sunday the 23rd, City of Angels is hosting a pot luck picnic in the park near the Interactive Fountain in Jameson Square.

Hope to see you there, or at the listening session at Ascension Church the day before.

Help pay for this trip

Re Luis C Case against Michael Baker:
From Los Angeles Superior Court Website:

10/01/2009 at 02:30 pm in department 324 at 600 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005 Motion to Strike (AND 3 DEMURRERS RE: BC376766LUIS CC/F 7-1-09)

Notice, this is a new courtroom, new judge too I believe, stay tuned for more. I plan to go to the courthouse one day this week and find out what's happening.

Brother Modesto Leon, in the Saul R case, was founder and operator of Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc. and Camp Unity, where the two allegations against him so far took place.

RE U.S. Supreme Court:

One of the first cases to come before the new session of the United States Supreme Court, which could begin as early as August 7, 2009, in Washington, D.C., will be the class action lawsuit filed against The Holy See from Portland, Oregon, by Jeff Anderson of Minnesota, which was passed forward by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, March 2009.

So it does matter that new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (not yet confirmed) would be a Roman Catholic with a passion for pure justice.


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

EXTRA: George Neville Rucker dating, Gus Krumm doing licensed rehab; plus: Ebeling to speak in Oregon, Aug 22- 23

The Catholic Church seems to think they can defrock these priests who are sex criminals, then wipe their hands of any responsibility. The accused priests' names never make it to sex registries, as the Church never admits guilt in pretrial settlements. Instead Lawyers for the Church refer to those cases as "dismissed" as in the 510 cases that settled in L.A. in 2007 for $660 million were all "dismissed." Ex-priests can leverage their skills as spiritual counselors and experts on Jesus. They end up in the community interacting, if not with children, with other vulnerable individuals.

We have it from a Very Reliable, documented source that George Neville Rucker, renowned pedophile priest for whom millions have been paid out in Los Angeles settlements, comes and goes freely and takes long expensive vacations from his residence, an apartment in an "Assisted Living" home for seniors, Nazareth House in Los Angeles. Rucker was identified as disabled and elderly by Church Attorneys in recent court sessions, but our source tells us he walks with a cane, and regularly goes out to lunch and to movies, often in the company of one of two elderly women he is dating. We will undoubtedly have more stories about Rucker in the near future.

ALSO: Gus Krumm has been working as an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Counselor registered in the state of California as recently as 2008. Krumm is a Franciscan friar whose acts resulted in at least two settlements from Santa Barbara and new accusations from Orange County in June of this year. See: where you can read Krumm, under license number RS3593 was "Registered With or Certified By CCBADC in 2005," and renewed his license September 30, 2007. That two-year license is now listed as expired.

Those two stories are enough to bring us back early from hiatus, but also, and you are seeing it here in print first: Kay Ebeling, producer of City of Angels Blog, is speaking next month at the Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse events in Portland, first at the Compassionate Listening session at Ascencion Church Saturday Aug. 22, (one of many parishes from which Gus Krumm was removed), then at the Interactive Fountain in Jameson Square Sunday the 23rd.

Come prepared to get wet. ... stay tuned.

Next new post July 27 will cover a few new L.A. cases. Below is a rerun.

The story below first ran at Examiner Dot Com in April. We removed it from Examiner when they fired us in May and are now reprinting it here to keep the information available to the public.

The illusive deposition of George Neville Rucker and other documents that may disappear in LA pedophile priest cases

Last week I tried to track down the rest of the documents from Clergy Cases 2007, so called the LA Superior Court media office, explained that the cases were moved from one courthouse to another, there were “30 bankers boxes” of documents released to the public. Will the remaining docs be scanned in with the rest of the JCCP docs, and will we ever again have easy access to civil case documents in Room 106 of Superior Court again? Asking the PIO got me no answer at all as well.

I'm learning, I have to be more aggressive, just come right out and ask everyone I see. So before the hearing April 20th in Department 308, I asked both Donald Steier defense attorney for the pedophile priests and Tony DeMarco plaintiff attorney for hundreds of the priests’ crime victims, “What is the deposition that the judge agreed to keep sealed? I think it’s with law enforcement, the deposition of George Neville Rucker.

The judge ordered it to be returned to the party who provided it. Who is that party?”

Deposition? Both attorneys seemed flummoxed. Which order?

Steier bombasts: “There are so many depositions in these cases, you think I remember one more than any other one?”

I'm trying to get Steier to stop running this tape by interrupting: “With Rucker, the only document the judge seems to agree with you needs to remain sealed. Who did the deposition?”

But Steier was going on and on, “I can’t remember everything I do, I can’t remember everything I write or say,” then from a foot higher than me he is in my face saying: “I don't remember a lot of things, I don't even remember who you are.”

Silence. Okay, there’s jocularity between opposing parties and then there’s arrogance. I went into the courtroom convinced the new mantra for american liars is “I don't remember, I don't recall,” we've heard it from Senate hearings to every time a Catholic Church hierarchy person goes under oath.

FYI, from Order of Judge Emilie Elias

3. Lodged Deposition transcript of Neville Rucker
Tentative Rulings: #3 is a lodged document and should be removed from the files and returned to the party who provided same to the Court.

(From: Tentative Ruling Re: Purportedly Sealed and Lodged Documents, February 24, 2009)

The 11 o'clock hearing began and rogue deposition of George Neville Rucker came up, who has it, where is it, what is in it, and how can the judge rule on whether it should be sealed if she doesn't even know what it is. Here is the gist of what was said in the hearing April 20th. (I do transcription for a living for TV production so I'm REAL fast and accurate. Most of the following lines would be found in the Hearing transcript if you could ever afford to buy one. )

JUDGE: I don't understand why a privilege log.

SEAN KNEAFSEY: Just categories of information such as nonparties including employees of the archbishop.

(Sean Kneafsey is one of several teams from several law firms that represent the L.A. Archdiocese corporation in these cases.)

(Judge Elias doesn't understand why it should be sealed.)

KNEAFSEY: For some reason it got put in the public court file, we believe it should remain sealed.

JUDGE: Okay the Miani one and then another one?

KNEAFSEY: The Miani one was filed under seal and there has been no argument over it. With the Rucker privilege log, that was erroneously filed in support of a motion to compel by a plaintiff’s lawyer. It has information such as names of individuals, it should have been lodged under seal with notice to all parties. I don't believe parties for Father Rucker realized until later that it hand’t been filed under seal when it should have been.

JUDGE: But you don’t represent the priests.

STEIER: He’s just articulating on my behalf, your honor, thank you. The only reason these documents were ever prepared was in response to motion to compel discovery. There would be no other reason for a privilege log to begin with.

JUDGE: What is the name of the priest again?

(ME: Oh no, the Judge does not even know the name of George Neville Rucker? It’s bad enough no one knows where the deposition transcript is)

JUDGE: I’ll consider putting them back under seal, if we can ever find them.

KNEAFSEY: We have a list of what box all the documents are in, and I can submit the location to you.

JUDGE: Oh this document is in one of the exhibit rooms. I don't know if there still is anything in the exhibit room. We don’t know, we're working on it now.

DEMARCO: There has to be good cause to keep them under seal. There still has to be good cause even if they're discovery. That said, these documents, the prior protective order pertained to specific information, if the opponent wants it sealed it should be only to that information.

JUDGE: Here’s the thing, I don't have them. What you've given me is a privilege log.

KNEAFSEY: I have copies of it in my officer, your honor. All the boxes were numbered and all the files were numbered so we can give directions to whoever has those documents as to where they're located.

JUDGE: The only person objecting is the one person whose name is in it. I need a copy of what was in the privilege logs. I don't have the privilege logs because they're over in those boxes. (OVERLAPPING DISCUSSION) Give me the box number and the location. I'm happy to look at them, but I don't believe I’ve ever even gotten them.

KNEAFSEY: Your honor has already ruled that discovery documents are sealed,

JUDGE: They don’t fall under two point five oh. Just get me a copy of them, as soon as I see them, I’ll rule. These seem to be the only documents left.

So, no one really knows where the Rucker deposition is, if I want to see it someone with a conscience reading this blog who knows where it is will get it to me. I could try calling the lawyers again, but which one?

THEN AFTER THE HEARING WAS OVER, the judge was talking casually to DeMarco and Kneafsey. The Court Reporter was not listening, but I was standing behind the barrier that keeps the public from coming through and strangling attorneys…. I was standing there, already packed up my Acer but grabbed some paper and started taking notes, obviously listening as Judge Emilie Elias talked over the problem with the remaining documents with the two attorneys.

Some of the paralegals are “not putting them in the right envelopes” or other mistakes, so the Clerks are rejecting them and turning them back.
JUDGE: The Clerks know this stuff. The Plaintiffs want some of these documents sealed too. They have personal information about employment, their names.
Apparently this is a logistics problem in civil court with a lot of cases and Judge Elias is on a committee of judges and others who are trying to resolve the problem.

JUDGE: we do an education program on sealing documents for everyone. Everyone who wants to do it right.

[OVERLAPPING CONVERSATION]: That creates a lot more work:

JUDGE: [INTERRUPTS] Following laws takes work.
She set up a breakfast meeting for their paralegals to meet with her in June.

The Wheels of Justice Grind Slo-o-o-o-owly…..
So frustrating to me coming to the Commonwealth courthouse to cover these little hearings. In the courtroom next door for a good two months now has been the Diet Doctor Jury Trial with cameras and a packed courtroom, lots and lots of testimony. I sat in on it for a few minutes last week and realized I was surrounded by angry plaintiffs, nudging each other, giving out collective harrumphs as the corporate side testified.

Why can’t people who were raped as children by priests and essentially got their innocence and understanding of sex destroyed - why do we so rarely get to experience justice?
Above Story is from April 2009 at Examiner Dot Com.

I removed this story from Examiner when they fired me as they would have then owned it, so I am rerunning it here is a reminder that this priest, George Neville Rucker, is living in L.A. free to come and go as he pleases from Nazareth House.

FYI: Nazareth Regional House
3333 Manning Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90064
Near the Santa Monica Freeway at the National Boulevard Exit, pretty ChiChi part of town, City of Angels can't afford it.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walk Across Oregon starts July 27, crosses state along the Columbia, goes urban in Portland, then on to the Pacific

UPDATE: Kay Ebeling will speak at the Saturday the 22nd listening session, and hold a pot luck picnic in Jameson Square on Sunday the 23rd of August, by the interactive fountain. NEXT POST JULY 27th
Third week of the Walk, they approach the ocean along a trail of gorges and waterfalls.

Above, Multnomah Falls

"We want to stop child abuse, domestic violence, rape, and clergy abuse by getting people to talk about it. Abuse happens when we remain silent," says Virginia Jones who started the Walk Across Oregon and Compassionate Gathering Dot Org after hearing about the crimes of pedophile priest Franciscan Gus Krumm at her church in Portland.

"We don’t carry signs, just wear t-shirts that identify what we're doing," said Jones, who sent the pictures featured in this post, which make me want to jump on the road and go north. The group will walk through the small towns of rural Oregon where Jones has set up meetings in advance with organizations dealing with child abuse and local media. Then the weekend of August 22-23, they have a whole agenda of events in Portland's city streets and parks, including a meeting at Powell's Book Store, which is four-stories high and covers an entire block.

The t-shirts are yellow or turquoise. They read: Stop Child Abuse, Heal the Wounds.

(At left, Virginia Jones)

"At this point I say heal the wounds because this is a lifelong healing process," says Jones. "Compassionate Gathering healing and mentoring have helped me a lot."

July 27th the second annual Walk Across Oregon begins in LaGrande, then meanders along the Columbia River to Portland, arriving Saturday August 22nd, where you bet you will find City of Angels at the "Interactive Fountain" where you are Supposed To jump in and splash. My kinda place....

"It's a fountain intended for people to go in and play in it. It’s built like a waterfall in Jameson Square Park," said Jones.
(Below, Latourel Falls, along the Walk)

July 27 to September 5, 2009 Walk Across Oregon from LaGrande to the Pacific Ocean

"What I found last year is we had more people walking up to us in the farmers’ market, like in Independence Oregon. People started walking up to us and telling us their stories.

"We found out we were most effective when we were having fun. Then people think, that person will be sympathetic, maybe I’ll tell them my story.

"It’ll probably be hot so it’ll be a good time for people to get out of the city," Jones said. "We're not marching to make a statement. We're wearing the shirts and hopefully people will notice us."
Here is Where You Will Find City of Angels on the 23rd of August:

Oregon, Downtown Portland:

"We will start at OMSI at 9 AM and walk along the Willamette Esplanade to the Steel Bridge, cross on the lower pedestrian walkway to Waterfront Park.

(Above, Willamette River Esplanade)

"Then walk to Yamhill Street and up, arriving at Pioneer Square at 11:30AM. We will take a break at Pioneer Square. Then we will proceed along Yamhill to SW 10th Avenue. We will turn right at SW 10th Avenue and walk right to Powell’s City of Books on Burnside Street. We will pause to browse at Powell’s, and head to Jamison Square Park arriving at 2 PM. We will pause to enjoy the fountain and then head along Lovejoy to NW 23rd."

The day before that on the 22nd in Portland:

"Saturday, Mt/ Tabor, Hawthorne District: We will meet at Ascension Catholic Church at 10 AM to have a Compassionate Gathering listening session with a survivor of abuse. At Noon we will walk to the top of Mt. Tabor and then down Stark Street to Laurelhurst Park at 2PM and then Belmont / Hawthorne Districts visiting shops and cafes as we please.

They are going to keep going then, west of Portland all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

"Between Portland and the coast about 20 years ago the state basically gave over an old railroad track to become a trail, 17 miles of trail between Banks and Vernonia, it’s beautiful and cool and a lovely way to end the walk," says Jones.

Picture above shows the beach on the Pacific, near mouth of Columbia River at Oregon-Washington border, final destination of the Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse.

Contact: Virginia Jones

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Talk About Angelic Intervention

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not masturbated, I just fondled him, says Monsignor Herdegen, plus email says Jesuits in Santa Barbara as bad as Franciscans

By City of Angels

In a June 2006 Deposition, before an attorney can stop Anthony Herdegen from continuing to answer, the Monsignor says, “I probably fondled him, but I never had intercourse with him or he with me, I never masturbated him," about an adult victim of pedophilia who is suing the church. Right after that utterance, Herdegen stops and there’s a back and forth between attorneys and at first it looks in the transcript as if plaintiff attorney Tony DeMarco stopped him from answering, but later you see it is actually the church attorney who stopped the dialogue at that point..

Also in this post, a Santa Barbara County resident says the Jesuits manipulated the media to put all the attention on the Franciscans and whitewash their own crimes in that region, responding to new photos of Franciscan Gus Krumm we posted July 13. Her email is at the bottom of the blog .

As soon as Herdegen incriminated himself in the June 2006 depo, his team of attorneys stopped him from talking. In the transcript you read that Carey H. Johnson, Church Attorney, from Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey in Fresno, said, “Yes, I said something because I thought Mr. De Marco was interrupting you in the middle of your answer there."

That is church attorney speak for he interrupted his witness and kept him from answering by saying he thought the plaintiff attorney was interrupting. In the transcript you can sense the chaotic crosstalk and overlapping, confusing even the Court Reporter, after Herdegen said those words about "fondling, not masturbating."

Attached to Defendants’ Motion in Opposition to a New Trial filed last June was Exhibit 17, Deposition of Monsignor Anthony Herdegen, in the case of Santillan vs. Bishop of Fresno, on which we last reported here. So now in the California appellate court system, as the Church tries to get the June 12th order for a new trial overturned, the judges will likely consider quotes from this deposition. Whatever the Bishop of Fresno is cooking up with his team of lawfirms, the deposition of Anthony Herdegen from June 8, 2006, is public record.

Below is the entire dialogue where Herdegen admitted "fondling not masturbating,: direct from the transcript of Video Depo of MONSIGNOR ANTHONY HERDEGEN, 6/8/06. You can also read the entire transcript at City of Angels 11 here


Q Okay. And when you would have him in the -- in the room with you, the bedroom, what would be done? What were you in there for?

A: How should I say it? I probably -- probably fondled him then, but I never had intercourse with him or he with me. I never masturbated him. All those accusations were made; they're lies.

Q But so that I'm clear then --

MR. JOHNSON: Excuse me, I don't know -- I don't know if he's finished answering the question.


Q I apologize, then. I don't mean to interrupt.

A What was that?

Q I didn't mean to interrupt you, Monsignor.

A Oh.

MR. KNIGHT: That was lawyers talking about the record. They can put objections in. The -- there's the question to you, Monsignor, if the -- have you completed your answer to that. And if so, Mr. De Marco will move on and ask the next question.

MR. JOHNSON: Yes, I said something because I thought Mr. De Marco was interrupting you in the middle of your answer there.

MR. De MARCO: And I apologize if I was, Monsignor; it was not my intent.


Q Did you -- did you want to add anything to your answer? I'll -- I'll ask more questions, but if --

A What was the answer?

MR. JOHNSON: We could have that answer read back, and then if he needs to add something to it, he can add it.

MR. De MARCO: That's fine.

MR. JOHNSON: She can read it back to you.


THE WITNESS: Oh, poor girl. How do you do that?

(The requested question was read by the reporter.)


Q Did you want to add anything?

A No.

Q Okay. When you mentioned fondling, were you referring to his genitals?

A No, just him. I didn't play with that.

Q Okay. You fondled him where?

A Probably held him, something like that. But I didn't -- I didn't go into, and I did not masturbate him or doing anything like that.

Q So you -- you fondled his shoulders? I'm not understanding. I'm sorry.

A Just like that, you know, put around him (indicating).

Q Gave him a hug?

A Yeah, hug. There was nothing the other way around. If he did, he misinterpreted.


PARANOID KAY SAYS: Read between the lines. You can hear the church attorneys above getting Herdegen to stop that answer, then Herdegen says, oh - no, I have nothing more to add, as if responding to a pre-determined Code in pre-depo attorney client preparation. This tiny gem is an example of how hard it is to get one of these Church guys saying anything totally truthful on the record, because the truth would be totally incriminating.


Jesuits Used Franciscans to White Wash Their Own Crimes in Pedophile Epidemic of Santa Barbara Church

(Email from Tina:)

Gus Krumm and the Franciscans are not the only priests in Santa Barbara who were grooming and molesting and abusing kids and their widowed mothers The Jesuits also are and were part of that evil system..

I still see the whole system as a ritual initiation process both covert and overt that operates in the Catholic Church and through with and in the different religious orders and communities

I hope that the grooming process begins to get the attention it needs in order that we can connect all dots and put the pieces of this monster puzzle together..

Thanks for letting me vent.. I had given up hope that the grooming and the exploitation of widows, parents and other vulnerable people by the church systems and the orders would ever be addressed..

I know Ignacio. (who wrote a letter posted here). I did protesting with signs at the mission where the boys were abused and did a lot to expose the Franciscans and help those who were struggling with the enormity of what happened However, the Jesuits managed thru manipulation to make the Franciscans’ abuse the issue, and then use it to whitewash what the Jesuits were doing.

My hope is that the programming and mind control parts of grooming will be addressed because that is what lures the child away from the parents and or inspires the parent to believe that it is awesome for their son to be a priest. (We are programmed to believe it is God’s calling, when in fact it is only men beefing up their cult (and often a sex cult )

Thanks for this, KAY ( story with photos of Gus Krumm ), I appreciate your work. . so many little things that may not seem like much to some, are great healing tools for me.

- Tina, former Santa Barbara County resident

City of Angels response: We just keep putting up what shows up in front of us, for Kay Ebeling, producer, no shortage of material on this topic.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vigil in Boston now 7.5 years and going strong, here are recent photos and report from Speak Truth To Power (STTOP)


Above left to right: Brian Doherty - Stan Doherty - Richard Orareo - Eileen Doherty - Blanche Crandall (Photo by Ruth Moore)

Above left to right: Steve Angier - Marge Bean - Steve Sheehan (Photo by Ruth Moore)

By City of Angels

In Photos above, Stephen Angier joined Steve Sheehan and Marge Bean at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Boston, a vigil that has been going on now for seven and a half years. That same weekend in early July, Blanche Crandall from Anchorage Alaska (who stood up before in Boston) joined the campaign in Weymouth.

Kathy Dwyer of Boston writes at the STTOP website : We are called the "Sidewalk Protesters" (organized and named in 2002) and consist of women and men who share a common goal of holding the hierarchy of the Catholic Church responsible and accountable for the sexual, ritual and spiritual abuse and betrayal of countless children, women and men.

From STTOP Website continued:

We are survivors of sexual abuse and others who have been painfully affected by the betrayal, cover-up and perpetuation of sexual abuse by those who demanded we trust, follow and obey them.


We speak publicly against sexual abuse by priests and other members of the Catholic Church.

We speak against the past, present and on going silence and collusion by the hierarchy, most priests and most laity of the Catholic Church.

We protest on the sidewalks of cathedrals throughout the country supporting survivors and demanding accountability, responsibility and change.

We name corrupt Cardinals, Bishops and priests and demand their resignations and indictments.

We support survivors and others as they shatter the silence that has entombed for centuries the sexual, ritual and spiritual abuse of children, women and men.

We honor the right of each individual to speak form their heart.

We support other groups and individuals with similar goals






For background on this story go to City of Angels 13, where in September 28, 2008, we posted this:
In Boston for almost seven years...

If You Just Have To Read More:

I finally got back to work on "This Really Happened Part Two" and put up a new segment this morning. Please go to City of Angels 2 and read the work in progress and tell me what you think.


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Church appeals New Trial order in Santillan vs. Bishop of Fresno

The church filed an appeal of the order for a new trial in Fresno Superior Court July 10th in Santillan vs. Bishop of Fresno, where after the trial in March, a jury found Monsignor Anthony Herdegen did indeed molest the Santillan brothers, but the Diocese did not know the crimes were taking place, so there was not "prior notice."

From the Fresno Superior Court Case Summaries: "Civil Cross-Appeal, Notice of Appeal, filed by: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Fresno on 07/10/09. Date of Judgment/Order:06/12/09 Judicial Officer: Donald S. Black. (mailed on 07/13/09)."

The motion for a new trial for the younger Santillan brother was passed June 12th after a new witness came forward, and parties met yesterday with Judge Black for a status conference, but no date was set for the second trial.

Because the Church has appealed.

More to come later, after I finish work on my "real" job, funny, today I'm working on interviews about the rock band Black Sabbath. . .

We have some Wow-ser quotes related to this Fresno case, plus other interesting stuff to post later ... as soon as can break away.

Read background by clicking headline below linking to June 24 post:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Diocese, the Bishop, and the School are separate entities and other fiction by church attorneys in Santillan vs. Bishop of Fresno

*By Kay Ebeling
Creator, City of Angels Blog

One more post here about the Fresno case, for which a new trial was granted June 12th....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News Roundup: Fresno decision today; Krumm victim responds; Development of John Urell; Aussie says, no, Pope, it is Year of the Pedophile Priest

This afternoon we should know what date will be a new trial in Santillan vs. the Bishop of Fresno, as lawyers from both sides meet with Judge Donald Black for a status conference 3:30 this afternoon in San Joaquin County.

Meanwhile, since starting this blog, one of the best parts is the email I get. One of the first victims of Gus Krumm to come forward, Ignacio Aceves, responded within minutes after we posted new pictures of the several times credibly accused pedophile Franciscan Friar, Gus Krumm. His compelling email is copied below.

A recent story by Gustavo Arellano in OC Weekly evoked a comment describing the gestures and tone of Monsignor John Urell as he stood on the podium and apparently diverted attention from crimes committed by a pedophile priest in an Orange County parish a few years back. Her comment could serve as backstory and character development for anyone planning to write or play the part of John Urell, or another bishop felon child molester protecting bishop. So we've copied that comment in this News Roundup today as well. First Ignacio’s email:

“I must respond to these photographs. I just went through the story about Franciscan Friar Fr. Krumm O.F.M. and can say firsthand that seeing him in these photos activated my anxiety threefold! They are truly chilling; perhaps not to a person viewing them who doesn't know anything about him, but to people like me! People like us survivors who have been victimized by him!

“I think it's important to note that Fr. Krumm knew my mother, a widow. He doesn't only go to moms with small children in order to gain access, but also to moms with teen kids, too! He went after me and got me! He abused me! No child is safe! No child is safe.

“Thank you for exposing him, Fr. Gus Krumm O.F.M.. Although it was difficult for me to see him in these photos, I did so by choice and know how important it is for them to be seen by the public.”

-Ignacio Aceves
Clergy Abuse Survivor
At St. Anthony's Seminary
Santa Barbara, CA


Another DeNiro Moment

From a woman writing in Comments at Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra, (July 2 John Urell Gets Punked):

"I have a story about John Urell I would like to share. perhaps Gustavo or others can help me a bit with the names of the priest involved as it has slipped my mind. Back in 2002 I think it was, there was a priest who was accused of punishing his male students by forcing them to wrestle with them in the classroom. During these so called "wrestling" sessions, the priest would grab and fondle the genitalia of the male students."


'When Urell mentioned the touching, he put his hands to his upper body, his shoulders. In fact, every time he said the word "touched" he touched his shoulder or upper arm. He led the people to believe that was the part of the body that was being touched. Never once did he actually mention nor infer that these boys were grabbed between their legs, skin to skin contact or not'

At St. Edwards, a meeting was held by Maria Shinderlie and John Urell to explain to the parishioners why Fr. Lenihan has been released from the priesthood as well as to explain the current events surrounding the so called "wrestling priest".

The way Urell put is was like this..

The diocese was taking action against an allegation of a priest "touching" some students. Although he assured the congregation that there had been no skin on skin contact. He mentioned that many times. Now the important part of his protecting the priest is this.

When Urell mentioned the touching, he put his hands to his upper body, his shoulders. In fact, every time he said the word "touched" he touched his shoulder or upper arm. He led the people to believe that was the part of the body that was being touched.

Never once did he actually mention nor infer that these boys were grabbed between their legs, skin to skin contact or not.

Of course the congregation was fuming that the diocese wouldn't fight such an obviously innocent form of contact, but Urell (knowing the actual severity of the contact) told the congregation that they were taking action nonetheless.

I was shocked that John Urell could mislead the people so much as to make them believe this priest in question was being wrongly punished. It caused an uproar by the people insisting that the priests be more protected by Diocese against such further false allegations.

‘Urell (knowing the actual severity of the contact) told the congregation that they were taking action nonetheless’

It's called "grooming". He was making up a story and telling the church goers what he wanted them to believe, not what the truth was. I wanted to stand up and confront him right then and there. I wanted to ask him if he really wanted us to believe they were taking action against a priest for touching kids on the shoulders. But I didn't. I regret I didn't.

The hundreds of people sitting there hadn't read the court papers or the complaint so they were not being informed of what really happened in order to come to their own conclusions about whether it was truly inappropriate or not. They blindly trusted what Urell was saying to be the honest facts and were forming their decisions based on what Urell was telling them.

That was the day my opinion of John Urell changed forever. I saw he was in a position of public relations and not one of a follower of Jesus Christ. That was the day I stopped going to church.

Posted in In Ex Cathedra Thursday July 2, 2009. At 2:21 PM


It should be Year of the Pedophile Priest, not Year of the Priest

"Year of the Pedophile Priest" is on the rear end of the car John Brown is driving around Toowoomba, Australia. With the Pope's recent proclamation 2009 as the Year of the Priest, with gushy follow-up sound bites showing up in archdioceses around the world, Brown, like many adult victims of pedophile priests, became outraged.

The Toowoomba, Australia, survivor put a sign on the back of his car that says, “Year of the Pedophile priest.” He emailed me about it saying, "I had a policeman demand to know what the &98#@ is the sign on the back of the car about?" Their conversation went roughly like this

COP: What does it say? Year of the pedophile priest?

JB: … Yes

COP: You need to be careful of what you say son - the aggrieved could sue you.

JB: That would be fine

COP: So 2009 is the year of the pedophile priest?

JB: Yes

COP: Who says that?

JB: Me and a lot of other clergy abuse survivors

COP: Hmm.

JB: After all the largest known group of pedophiles on the planet is found amongst the catholic clergy.

COP: I don't want to debate with you

JB: Okay.

John Brown then writes, “The PC (Aussie for cop) walked off - dropped his slip of paper, then walked into the pizza shop and then straight out again, as he was in fact going to pick up take out from the noodle shop - seemed to be a bit confused about that."

The priests produced tens of thousands of crime victims us in the USA alone last fifty years, and we all have very recent experience with the bishops covering up for the pedophiles among them. The Church continues to use teams of attorneys and consultants to keep the true story from being told. PR firms have always been major players, this year they are in the lead, helping the church make it official. You can put the whole thing behind us, put a positive spin on things.

The Pope and the bishops say 2009 is the Year of the Priest.

Scoff. Desperation glimmers through their widening cracks.

2009 is not the year of the Priest because we have yet to have the year of the pedophile priest, where the church comes clean on how organized and internally connected to its very structure the pedophile conspiracy and coverup has been. And continues to be.

When John saw these "sticky letters" in the market, he bought the kids' craft item for $2.99 (about $3.25 American), went out to his car, and slapped the words "Year of the Pedophile Priest" on the automobile's rear end.

A million dollar PR firm with focus groups could not have come up with a better graphic, I think. The letters look crooked as if a child placed them on the metal - a damaged child - maybe the child who never got to grow up inside John Brown of Toowoomba, Australia ...

John is cooking up a plan to put the graphic "Year of the Pedophile Priest" with kids' sticky letters on coffee mugs, t-shirts and - of course - bumper stickers. We'll be selling them here at City of Angels network. Stay tuned.

In Case You Missed It:

The Flyer from OC Click to Enlarge

Above is the flyer that was put on cars in an Orange County Catholic Church parking lot, (click to enlarge). The act of produced Gustavo's story "John Urell Got Punked."

And applause from people like me.

We suggest you print similar flyers for perpetrators in your home town to put on cars in your local church parking lots.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Watch today here and other news reports for the decision on the date for new trial from Judge Donald Black in Fresno Superior Court later today...

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PS I made a huge mistake in the first paragraph of this story and did not fix it until 7:39 PM the 15th, God, I wish I had an editor!