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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Priest takes Fifth Amendment to cover his own sex crimes? Make his life miserable, folks

By Kay Ebeling

Today we're running commentary from a reader, a response to the Rucker deposition we posted last week, expressing rage as at Catholic Church lawyers' abuse of the Fifth Amendment. But first let me clarify. The post Sunday saying murdered TV actor Bob Crane could have been a pedophile priest rape survivor was only about things in his life that are similar to things I’ve heard from some priest rape survivors. In NO WAY am I saying all survivors act out the way Crane did. Some do, most don't.

However, I do think rage and sometimes shocking behavior on the part of survivors shouldn't be so … shocking. Because stop and think a minute. Look at what was done to us. You can’t welcome brave survivors to a place where we can finally talk about crimes committed against us, and then expect us to look good and do everything right and proper and within respectable constraints. We were raped by Catholic priests, some of us as children. Now some of us are angry almost beyond control. That's the monster the Catholic Church created, a population of people who are perennially PO’d at them, especially after the way the Church responded to the crimes. Now all of us have to learn to live with the resulting raging monster.

The post last week of Father George Rucker pleading the Fifth Amendment got a lot of people angry, and a reader wrote this commentary in response:

Ken Schneider of Detroit writes:

Listen, I am very in tune with the pure intent of our Founding Fathers’ revolution. I am quite certain they were very busy with winning wars and framing the country and such, and could not possibly be expected to finalize everything -- dot all the I's -- cross all the T's. They could not reasonably be expected to see into the future, either, so they left contingencies to allow for amendments to be made to the founding documents.

Our dear founders could not possibly expect a future whereby a so-called man of God would diddle little tykes, get the blessing of his employer, then hide among us plainly visible as "Mr. COOL" bread-blessing, transubstantiatin’, wine-sippin’, confession-hearin’ hypocrite.

How insulted should our Founders be up in the wink of the Great Beyond? I don't know word-for-word, so I am left with the sentiment and reasoning of my brain. The Founders would say screw this blasphemous, hypocritical heinous criminal -- we NEED A NEW God-Blammed amendment.

And so if nothing else here, we should write the language to begin proposing the Fifty-Fifth amendment. We can call it "RUCKER'S LAW." The law should plainly state that when a Charlatan of the Holy Book takes the Fifth amendment in a court case regarding their deviant sex crimes, he has chosen the civil protection status of the fifth amendment over God's own demanded penance. He has completely walked away from God, then.

HOLD THE PHONE --- there may be a de facto app. Brainstorm. How the bleep can we do it? Let's see --try this:

First -- PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR EVERY BREATH OF THE REST OF HIS LIFE in a state where CONVICTED FELONY PRISONERS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE. His sentence should bar employment in any capacity as a prisoner, and bar him from any type of participation in the prison Chapel system. His worship should be entirely private. He can bless his own bread. He already blew his confession with God -- so he doesn't need that sacrament.

As far as Extreme Unction, I'll allow that. He doesn't need marriage. I might o’ forgot some of the other sacraments -- but he don't need them anymore anyhow. I think the rest are for younger folk. The kind he raped. Anyway -- by doing these things -- we've now taken away a good chunk of tax-free leisure.

As an American citizen who volunteered to get shot at for our country, and the son and grandson of men who did get shot at for this country, I surely do despise gall-darned tax-cheats, heinous criminals, people who insult my founding fathers, and insult my God.

Confession ain't able to be blabbed. I'm sure this scum-bag went to confession over the matter --

Oh the Penance? The truth. The unbearable truth.

Telling the truth was supposed to be very painful for Freakin' Rucker, a penance intended by God to pain Rucker and his heinousness and vanity -- BEYOND what he could bear -- just as his sins and crimes have pained his victims beyond what they could bear. Worse, even. God's penance requires Rucker to have 1000 times 1000 the pain he has caused each victim , AND 1000 times 1000 the pain he has caused his victim's loved ones and community.

And so he could easily tell the truth -- at least without requiring exorbitant expenses or use of other resources, and taking a little actual time - a good three-days' deposition would handle it. The fact that Rucker's an old fart in human years does not factor in -- God has assured me in my heart that Rucker is healthy enough to endure a three-day deposition ... at any rate God has actually made it very, very easy physically for Rucker to do this "unbearable" mental penance.

By the way, God has also confided to me in my heart that the priest who heard Rucker's confession DID NOT ACTUALLY HAVE THE POWER TO ABSOLVE HIM -- that only God retained such a right. God also told me of the fake penance that priest had given Rucker. God has said that he refuses to hear all the Hail Mary's and Lord's Prayers and such of Rucker’s.

So Rucker has so far blown his confession to God by hiding behind the fifth amendment.

He has blown his credibility to society, his country, and his victim's too by cowardly hiding behind the good framework of our founders.

So then --

Rucker would be a double tax-liability. Taking up prison space with his bony or el grande azz ( doesn't matter which), and he ain't probably paid too many taxes to begin with. How could the government re-coup?

By insisting that Rucker stipulate to using his photograph and images in Public Service Announcements, and other media to increase the reporting/awareness of child sexual abuse; or promote child sexual abuse victims' assistance and advocacy agencies.

Yeah. Put Rucker’s friggin’ face on everything --

Make his life miserable, people. Think stuff up.

Let's send him Christmas Cards en masse which say something like "Die in Hell, you freakin’ monster; with a picture of a Satan Santa burning ol' Rucker in the chimney. Make it a good one. We should all sign it.

Maybe that's not too mature, but, oh... did you know?

Personality disorders such as 'immaturity,' and even 'poor judgment skills' and 'low impulse control' are absolutely common after becoming an abuse victim. Lots or worser psychobabble and the foulest cornucopias of fetid stew have festered in our hearts.

Oh yeah, some of us kill ourselves, too. Think of those people, my friends. Think of those among us as victims who have not made it as far as we have. Think of their families. Think of their friends and loved ones. Think up some ways to torture ol' Rucker for every whiff of air God grants him in the rest of this wink.


There is no personal right or constitutional guarantee in heaven, whereby you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself. God is kinda an azz-kicker, I've heard.

God's Fifth Amendment is his foot, then a lightning bolt up the arse.

Whatever you do, though, if it crosses some church dream team lawyer or other's idea of the line, and they sue you, I highly suggest taking the FIFTH AMENDMENT when you have your day in court.

PS I am actually a proponent of the death penalty in the matter, [institutionally administered, or otherwise] but that's another vent in the attic.)

Ken Schneider
Detroit, Michigan
(formerly of Pittsburgh)


In 1955 things were still black & white

I already look angry in this pic I just found of myself in first grade at St. Mary's School in Elgin. Don't I look PO'd already at six years old?

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