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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Linkup 1998 newsletter scanned here, to whet appetites for new book by survivor Jay Nelson, Sons of Perdition

By Kay Ebeling

Before there was an Abuse Tracker or Bishop Accountability, Jay Nelson was producing The Missing Link newsletter for Linkup, an early clergy abuse survivor organization. Every three months The Missing Link arrived in postal mailboxes with up to the quarter news 1990s style, reporting on the crimes and scandals of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.

Jay Nelson has now written a new book, Sons of Perdition, about "New Mexico in the Secret History of the Sex Scandals." Sons of Perdition emerged on Amazon for sale last month, and here at City of Angels we are developing a story about the book and Jay's journey as an adult victim of a pedophile priest, for an upcoming post.

To whet your appetites, read through these pages of The Missing Link, winter 1998 edition, which we have scanned in below, click to enlarge and read on your full screen.

But First
Next Educating to End Abuse Program:

September 24, 2009 6:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME

GUEST: Arthur Baselice, father of deceased Arthur Baselice III, 1978-2006, who was victimized by Fr. Charles Newman and Brother Regis Howitz at Archbishop Ryan High School - Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Topics: A father's fight for justice, the statute of limitations, Newman's conviction on a lesser crime.

(We will cover Educating to End Abuse the way we covered last month's show here here at City of Angels.)

Here it is

Edited by Jay Nelson

Winter '98 p. 1-16, (click to enlarge) scanned in for you to read some history of the crisis of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.

I remember my copies of The Missing Link arriving in the mail. It was packed full of information carefully garnered by Nelson from newspapers and other reports around the world.

It's almost eerie to read the Winter 1998 edition of The Missing Link above. The stories sound way too much like stories coming out today. The church is doing a good job of maintaining a lid on public knowledge of their crimes, as we can see in the redundancy of stories from 1998 and stories from this year, 2009.



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All in the penetrating endless heat of summer in Los Angeles I've been doing it. Now I've got AC for the first time right now, this minute at 11:08 AM Wednesday the 9th and it Feels So Good. Might be able to get some better stuff done now too...

ONE Last National Enquirer Moment

There is likely a religious tie-in with the Jaycee Dugard story, the girl who was discovered last week being held captive For 18 Years in a hut in Antioch, California. She had been plucked off the street at a school bus stop when she was age 11 in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Her kidnapper was apparently a Christian propagator, one of those fundamentalists who stand on street corners handing out tracts for Jesus. This from SF Gate story Wednesday Sept. 9 morning:

“She emerged from captivity Aug. 26 after authorities discovered (kidnapper predator) Phillip Garrido was a registered sex offender when he tried to get a permit to distribute religious leaflets at UC Berkeley.”

Keep your eyes open for more on the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping and imprisonment, this may end up being another bizarre crime story that qualifies to run on Abuse Tracker. . .
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