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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pics: Tour bus greeted by SNAP leaflets about Mahony, plus Paul Shanley on YouTube

A Tourcoach bus pulled up in front of the Cathedral downtown L.A. and out stepped a handful of tourists, likely Catholics not wanting to miss Sunday Mass the weekend they are in L.A. They were greeted by SNAP leafletters, and the news that Cardinal Roger Mahony is a pedophile enabler, on their way to a 'glorious' L.A. Cathedral experience.

Welcome to Los Angeles the Cardinal is a felon

Above & below, SNAP leaflets at Cathedral Sunday morning re new evidence released in deposition of Monsignor Richard Loomis last week and re Cardinal Roger Mahony's negligence in handling pedophile priests.

SNAP Breezed Through Town Last Week
Barbara Dorris with a 1-month Jet Blue pass, trying to do one city a day for a month, met with other activists Tuesday in front of L.A. Cathedral, then went to San Francisco, or was it San Diego, then on to more cities.

At right, Joelle Casteix outside L.A. Cathedral this morning. Above, Barbara Dorris in same location, 555 Temple Street L.A., last week.

One reason I don't like leafletting at the Cathedral is omnipresence of Mahony thugs, below

A fashionable woman, she looked like me thirty years ago, got a leaflet, read a line or two, then tossed it on the ground. A nearby Mahony guard snatched it up.

Below, Activist on Sunday carries sign naming the scenes of several of Fr. Michael Baker's sex crimes against children in and around L.A.


Wait a minute. It's beginning to look like Roger Mahony is going to be the fall guy here. By putting all focus on him, the Church can hide and cover up the fact that the same crimes took place in every archdiocese across the country.

Five thousand priests have now been identified as pedophiles just since the data began to be collected in 2002, and the fact is nearly every bishop and monsignor in the country committed the same kind of collusion with sexual predators and neglect of children's lives.

Mahony needs to be prosecuted, but so do dozens of other bishops. Let's be intelligent people here, and pay attention. Mahony is but one of many criminals running the Catholic Church at this time.

For example, read the deposition of Monsignor Loomis that was released Friday. He says it was the General Counsel (Sister Judy) who told him the plan had changed, not to call the police, allegedly after Mahony had finally agreed to call. It was not "face-to-face" with Mahony, it was the Archdiocese attorney who said don't go to the police after all. See stories posted here yesterday. Here are quotes to which I'm referring, read carefully.

LOOMIS: Toward the end of my time as Vicar for Clergy there was- I made a suggestion that the police should be called.
Q: Who did you suggest that to?
A: To the Cardinal.
Q: Did he tell you why he wouldn't do it?
A: I was told that Michael Baker had submitted a hand written letter asking for laicization that the Cardinal was to forward to Rome. It was toward the end of my term as Vicar for Clergy after the lawsuit involving Arizona came. At that point I said, you know, there is no cooperation here, we ought to take further action.
Q: Who else was present, if anyone, when you suggested that to the Cardinal?
A: The suggestion was made by memo.
Q: And did he respond?
A: Yes. He wrote on the memo. And initially his response was to proceed. But then through the General Counsel’s office I heard that he had received that letter from Baker and that we were going to wait

Someone else is pulling Mahony's strings, and now if we don't watch out, that same someone will make Mahony the focal point, the fall guy, while a brainless America forgets the rest of the epidemic of pedophilia in the Catholic Church - allowing it to continue.

These crimes and their coverups are going on all over the country, at a higher level than even the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

The L.A. Cardinal is really nothing but a limp puppet, easily repositioned, easily removed. But that won't remove the nationwide layer of negligence abuse intimidation and corruption that enabled serial pedophilia to take place for decades.
This Thursday
September 24, 2009
Educating to End Abuse
Tune in live from Wichita, Kansas at

GUESTS: Arthur Baselice, father of deceased Arthur Baselice III, 1978-2006, who was victimized by Fr. Charles Newman and Brother Regis Howitz at Archbishop Ryan High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Topics: A father's fight for justice, statute of limitations, Newman's conviction on a lesser crime.

You will Definitely be reading more about the story below at City of Angels in upcoming months:

Defrocked priest Paul Shanley to challenge use of repressed memories in sexual abuse trial

By Denise Lavoie/Associated Press - Daily News Tribune Boston - 9/10/09

Defrocked priest Paul Shanley, one of the central figures in the clergy sex abuse scandal, was convicted after a 27-year-old man tearfully described how the popular priest used to pull him out of catechism classes and rape him, beginning when he was just 6 years old....Now Shanley is challenging his conviction based on an ongoing debate in the psychiatric community over the validity and reliability of repressed memories.


Websites with articles on veracity of recovered memory include:

Excellent reporting from Boston WBZ4 on Paul Shanley recent attempt to appeal is here

This is what we are up against.

Survivors need to produce more videos to put on YouTube and counter things like Video Nation report below:

A kid scored 67 on English project below on Paul Shanley, posted in 2007 on YouTube. He should have gotten a much higher grade:


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Producer, City of Angels Blog

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