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Friday, September 25, 2009

As Illinois Court denies claims for pedophilia pre-2000, 65 year old perpetrator priest released into Chicago area

(At the same time the priest who was supposed to be civilly committed was released from prison, the Supreme Court of Illinois denied claims for molestation from the period of time the priest was perpetrating. It started 9/24/2009 at about 11 AM PST. The world works in strange ways.)

"Convicted pedophile priest Fred Lenczycki was set free today in DuPage County, but will continue his sex offender treatment as an outpatient," reads a press report.

"The Court admits the legal sufficiency of the complaint, but asserts that some affirmative matter defeats the plaintiff’s claim," reads the decision on Belleville released within minutes the same day.

In other words, too bad, crime victims, you obviously aren't lobbying hard enough. The Church gets a walk even though they allowed pedophiles to get to you for decades, because when you crime victims were in your twenties, you didn't take legal action.

And the pedophile priest gets a walk with electronic bracelets and other monitoring ... at least this priest has a police record and IS on the registries. Now about those other 4,500 or so.

The state of Illinois allows pedophiles to continue to thrive and displays judicial ignorance of how the mind works. Cases against the Church for pedophilia across the country prove that it takes decades for victims of child sex crimes to come forward, especially when the perpetrator is wearing a collar and convincing you as a child he's somehow connected to God.

How ideal for a criminal. Your victim will not be able to report you until the SOL runs out. That's statute of limitations as well as s-- outta luck.

More from the decision the Supreme Court of Illinois dismissed September 24, 2009:

"The pleadings and supporting documents in this case indicate that when plaintiff was 14 years old, he was sexually molested by defendant Kenneth Roberts, a Catholic priest. At the time of the molestation.

"Father Roberts was spending a week at the school as a guest lecturer."

Father Roberts was allowed to speak to the children on sex education even though the church knew he had previously engaged in "sexual abuse of children, including a boy in Dallas, Texas."

The former flight attendant, Father Robert was a popular author in the 1970s. Titles of some of his books are:

From Playboy to Priest
Pray it Again Sam
Nobody Calls it Sin Anymore

The popular priest was perpetrating on little boys and writing those books, and today the Court rules for the Church... again.

What about the instution's responsibility, not for this one 14-year old victim, but for turning predators like this loose on the communities.

To this day, the church controls the courts and the media, and is getting off practically free for turning sexual predators loose on parish families for decades. The Roman Catholic Church will replace money spent on settlements, just as fast as they are replacing their reputation as a benevolent church.

And as of the same morning, a perpetrator priest from Joliet is out on the streets of Illinois, near Chicago.

This is the priest who the courts assured us would be "civilly committed" in early 2008 after his sentence was served, because he is a perennial sex offender.

Here is how Illinois solved that problem, from Thursday's news stories:

Lenczycki was due to be paroled 3.5 years ago after serving part of a five-year prison term for inappropriately touching three boys at a Hinsdale church.

A month before his release date, prosecutors filed paperwork to have him civilly committed beyond his prison term as a sexually violent person.

Then, July 9, the court ruled he could be released under a strict plan that includes dozens of conditions, such as electronic monitoring, weekly counseling, polygraph tests and sex offender registration, to name a few.

He had admitted molesting 31 boys, ages 9 to 17, while serving in six churches during a 25-year span until 1999, when he took a forced retirement.

The first few crimes involved three boys at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Naperville until 1975. At his next assignment in Romeoville, two other accusers said they were molested. Lenczycki later nappropriately touched as many as 14 boys at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church in Hinsdale. Other victims followed after he moved to California and Missouri.


Was he at the Servants of the Paracletes treatment centers in San Bernardino and St. Louis, perhaps?

Lenczycki technically still is a priest and receives a pension, because the Vatican did not defrock him, but he cannot preside over Mass or perform any other official duties.

(He won’t miss a meal, he’ll never have to work more hours than he wants to, he’ll have people waiting on him, he’ll get treatment whenever something goes wrong medically or mentally. How many of his crime victims can say that? )

Here's a better story from Friday morning, lifted freely from Abuse Tracker:

Pedophile ex-priest is freed

WHEATON (IL)Naperville Sun
September 25, 2009
By BILL BIRD wbird@scn1.comWHEATON — Fred Lenczycki, a former Roman Catholic priest who served at SS Peter and Paul Church in Naperville and sexually abused as many as 30 boys in three states, was freed Thursday from DuPage County Jail.

Lenczycki, 65, was the first priest in the nation to be deemed a "sexually violent" person. He left DuPage County Circuit Court accompanied by a conditional release supervisor, after a judge approved an outpatient treatment plan for him.

Natalie Bauer, a spokeswoman for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, confirmed Thursday night Lenczycki had been released from custody and had registered as a sex offender.

Coming soon:

Report on last Tuesday's hearing in L.A. Superior Court, as only City of Angels can report it, with pictures ...

Posted by Kay Ebeling

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