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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mahony aided pedo-priest escape to Mexico to evade the law, in new L.A. case quoted here; plus FBI interrupts Knights of Columbus; & Twitter SNAP

Police interviewed 26 children who were abused by the priest during his nine month stay in Los Angeles, says the complaint in case #BC416014 filed June 18th. Plaintiffs describe sex crime coverups re Father Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera, who was brought to California by Cardinal Roger Mahony in 1987, after residents of Cuacnopalan, Puebla, Mexico, ran him out of town for his perversions with children. Then in 1988 Mahony sent the pedophile priest back to Mexico, after parishioners / crime victims started complaining to police in L.A. From the June 18, 2009 Complaint:

"In January 1988, several children complained to their parents of Father Aguilar's abuse. The parents reported these complaints to the parish school teacher, the principal, and the pastor of Defendent Doe 2.

"Instead of immediately contacting police (THIS WAS 1988!) the Defendant Archdiocese was contacted. In the morning of January 9, 1988, Bishop Thomas Curry personally met with Father Aguilar in his rectory bedroom at Defendant Doe 3. Curry informed Aguilar of the complaints against him and encouraged Father Aguilar to leave Los Angeles. By the end of the day, Father Aguilar had fled California and was in Mexico.

"Two days later, the principal of the Defendant Doe 2 school contacted law enforcement."

More direct quotes from the June 18, 2009, complaint, which is beginning its way through Los Angeles Superior Court, are at the bottom of this post.

A laugh out loud moment: (You can't make this stuff up.)

A St. Louis priest was arrested yesterday in a pedophile-pederast sting operation. James Patrick Grady, 57, thought he had arranged over the internet to have "kissing and oral sex" for one half hour for $80-

With a 16 year old girl

It turned out to be a federal set-up ala MSNBC's To Catch A Predator. The Archbishop of St. Louis spoke later to the press and this bit of info ended up buried at the bottom of a news story:

FBI agents later went to the parish and seized Grady's personal computer

- During a Knights of Columbus meeting.

I don't know, that just made me break into out loud laughter. (Stories linked below.)

Plus, this makes my heart sing. Ten years ago the FBI would have probly turned Grady, pictured at right, over to the parish and dropped the case.
St. Louis priest is bailed out of jail With photo

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Here is some coverage of yesterday's FBI Sting Operation in St. Louis that caught a pedophile priest soliciting sex with a 16 year old girl online:

Priest Caught Up in Sex Sting
ST. LOUIS (MO)Courthouse News Service
ST. LOUIS (CN) - A priest is among the three men charged with sex trafficking of children. James Patrick Grady, 57, faces federal charges of attempted sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.

St. Louis priest charged with soliciting sex from minor
ST. LOUIS (MO)St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By Robert PatrickST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH07/31/2009
ST. LOUIS — The arrest of a Catholic priest in an FBI pedophile sting is a "black eye" for all priests, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson said Thursday.

Abp. Carlson suspends priest arrested for sex charges
ST. LOUIS (MO)St. Louis Review
Barb Watkins

“Abuse of any kind is always wrong.” That was the message of Archbishop Robert Carlson at a July 30 press conference at the Catholic Center, called shortly after the ...


Below are Quotes

From: Original Complaint filed June 18, 2009, re Father Nicholas Aguilar

And how Cardinal Roger Mahony aided and abetted his escape to Mexico to avoid law enforcement:


Plaintiff makes the following allegations: The Catholic Bishops in the United States, Mexico, and other Latin American countries have long facilitated the sexual molestation of children by engaging in the international trafficking of known child molesting priests.

The Bishops have subjected Catholic families and children in these communities to known pedophiles, counting on the devotion and reverence in the communities to keep any further abuse by the priests secret.

Father Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera, a priest at San Sabastian Martyr Church in the town of Cuacnopalan, Puebla, Mexico, sexually molested numerous children in 1986.

When the abuse became known in the community, a group of parents physically confronted Father Aguilar. Local police became aware of the incident.

Father Aguilar sought the assistance of the bishop, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, then the bishop of Defendant Doe 5, defendant diocese in Mexico.

Cardinal Rivera facilitated the gransfer of Father Aguilar to Los Angeles and the defendant Archdiocese, despite counseling Father Aguilar to have psychiatric help because the incident.

In January and March of 1987, using coded language long used by the Bishops to facilitate the international transfer of child molesting priests, Cardinal Rivera informed Cardinal Roger Mahony and the Defendant (Los Angeles) Archdiocese that there were accusations of Father Aguilar molesting children.

Despite this knowledge and these warnings, Cardinal Mahony and the Defendant Archdiocese assigned Father Aguilar as an associate pastor at Defendant Doe 2, a parish in a predominately immigrant Hispanic community known as Rose Hill, just east of downtown Los Angeles.

Immediately after his arrival, Father Aguilar began having altar boys and students from the parish school come to his rectory bedroom. This conduct was known by defendants and their employees at Defendant Doe 2. This conduct was known by the defendants to be strongly suspicious of child sexual abuse.

One of the children Father Aguilar was bringing to his bedroom complained to an employee of Defendant Doe 2 about Father Aguilar’s conduct. Instead of investigating, disciplining, or reporting the complaint to law enforcement, Defendant Archdiocese reassigned Father Aguilar to a different parish, Defendant Doe 3, several miles away.

Once there Father Aguilar continued his conduct of bringing children to his rectory and pulling children out of classes at the parish school. He also continued visiting families of children from Defendant Doe 2.

In January 1988, several children from Defendant Doe 2 complained to their parents of Father Aguilars abuse. On January 8, 1988, the parents reported these complaints to the parish school teacher, the principal and priest pastor of defendant oe 2.

Instead of immediately contacting police

(THIS WAS 1988, For Cripes Sake)

The Defendant Archdiocese was contacted. In the morning of January 9, 1988, Bishop Thomas Curry, who was then the Vicar For Clergy of the Defendant Archdiocese, personally met with Father Aguilar in his rectory bedroom at Defendant Doe 3.

Curry informed Aguilar of the complaints against him and encouraged Father Aguilar to leave Los Angeles. Father Aguilar informed Curry he would leave Los Angeles and go to Mexico that day.

By the end of the day, Father Aguilar had fled California and was in Mexico.

Two days later, the principal of the defendant Doe 2 school contacted law enforcement.

When the Los Angeles Police Department began investigating Father Aguilar and the complaints, the Defendant Archdiocese and Defendant DOES 2, 3, and 4 obstructed the investigation by refusing to provide the names of altar boys at Defendants Does 2 and 3. Eventually, without assistance from the defendants, police interviewed not less than 26 children who had been abused by Father Aguilar during his nine month stay in Los Angeles.

7. When Father Aguilar fled to Mexico, officials with the Defendant Diocese in mexico were informed of the charges against the priest. No effort was taken by the defendant Diocese in Mexico to discipline, investigate, or terminate Father Aguilar from his position as a priest of the Defendant Diocese of Mexico.

Instead Father Aguilar was allowed to continue working as a parish priest at numerous Catholic parishes in Mexico, where he continued to sexually molest children. To the present day, Nicholas Aguilar-Rivera remains a priest in mexico. No efforts have been taken by the Defendant Diocese of Mexico to defrock him.

Plaintiff was one of the children sexually abused by Father Aguilar while he was in Los Angeles. Plaintiff was between 9 and 10 years old when he was abused by Father Aguilar. Father Aguilar gained access to plaintiff because of his family’s relationship with defendants. Father Aguilar acting as a managing agent of the defendants utilized his position of trust, reverence, and access as a way to isolate and abuse plaintiff.

Prior to and during the abuse, plaintiff aspired to become a priest himself. After the abuse, plaintiff’s life began to spiral.


From Case Summary at L.A. Superior Court Website:

Filing Date: 06/18/2009
Status: Pending

BOUCHER RAYMOND P. ESQ. - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
DEFENDANT DOE 1 -5 Defendant/Respondent
DEFENDANT DOES 6 THROUGH 1000 - Defendant/Respondent
FINNEGAN MICHAEL - Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
JOHN DOE - Plaintiff/Petitioner

Documents Filed
06/18/2009 Complaint
07/01/2009 Notice-Case Management Conference

Proceedings Held
07/17/2009 in Department 324, Emilie H. Elias, Presiding
Court Order: (case brought into the Combined Coordinated Cases aka L.A. Clergy Cases)

Complaint was filed June 18, 2009, by Ray Boucher of Los Angeles and Jeffrey Anderson of St. Paul, MN.

The story goes onward. . .
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That Cool Thing That Happens

When my schedule allows, I go around the corner on Friday mornings for “chapel” at a homeless services place on Sunset Boulevard near Normandie. It’s the same place that housed my daughter and me, after we’d been living on the streets of L.A. in our car for six months in 2004, and helped us get back up from that astounding experience. Nonetheless to this day I say I'm grateful I became homeless, because I ended up at The Lighthouse and learned to look at the Bible a new way, this sort of Zen Christian non denominational way of reading and applying the Word to life. The changes in me after a year of mandatory Bible study at the Lighthouse still resonate and in fact give me the strength I need to keep writing this blog.

Today the passage we studied was

2nd Corinthans 5:14-21

Which Talks About Reconciliation

It is amazing how inevitably, when I do make it to chapel at The Lighthouse on Fridays, I hear something that I want to write here, as it applies to the issue of working to end sex crimes in the Catholic Church.

It’s the references to Reconciliation in this passage that jumped out at me.

Recently I had a phone conversation with a very devout Catholic person whose family member is a victim of a predator priest. This man is I think reeling a little bit in shock seeing how his church has reacted to these crimes.

Especially since the Catholic Church is the only Christian Church that has this Extra Added Sacrament of Confession or Reconciliation. Yet it’s the Catholic bishops who are using teams of law firms to keep from confessing, or admitting to their guilt, totally, in public, of these astonishing serial pedophile crimes that left tens of thousands of damaged crime victims in the United States in the last 50 years alone.

The illogic is not lost, in an environment that is already overrun with inconsistencies.

In the session this morning, we took apart the words one at a time in the 2nd Corinthians passage about Reconciliation, and then said what came to mind.

I kept quiet because what came to my mind is how the Catholic Church managed to make an aberration of this and other passages about Reconciliation and turn it into a Sacrament with Ceremonial stuff-

As children, so many of us were doing what seemed so right, innocently reverent when we walked into Confessionals with these pervert priests-

And became part of a particularly weird abomination-

Use of the Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation by pedophile priests to access children.

These crimes are especially astounding, since the real words about Reconciliation in the Bible are so liberating and have nothing to do with any whoo-whoo ceremony or magic words spoken by a priest.

This morning, we read 2nd Corinthians 5:14-21 and then the group raised their hands to call out what they think reconciliation means. The pastor, this 22 year old musician / singer, summed it all up as “That cool thing that happens when you get past your sin to unity with God.”

“That cool thing that happens when you get past your sin to unity with God.”

The pastor who leads this Friday morning session at Hope Again Ministries in L.A. is Patrick Something has a growing church off Sunset behind The Guitar Center Sundays at ten, which means it ties in with my ongoing story Sunset Boulevard at City of Angels 2. So, going to try to get there.

From 2nd Corinthians 5
From New Living Translation
16 So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! 17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

The old life is gone; a new life has begun!
18 And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. 19 For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

The story goes onward. . .
By Kay Ebeling

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