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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News Roundup: Fresno decision today; Krumm victim responds; Development of John Urell; Aussie says, no, Pope, it is Year of the Pedophile Priest

This afternoon we should know what date will be a new trial in Santillan vs. the Bishop of Fresno, as lawyers from both sides meet with Judge Donald Black for a status conference 3:30 this afternoon in San Joaquin County.

Meanwhile, since starting this blog, one of the best parts is the email I get. One of the first victims of Gus Krumm to come forward, Ignacio Aceves, responded within minutes after we posted new pictures of the several times credibly accused pedophile Franciscan Friar, Gus Krumm. His compelling email is copied below.

A recent story by Gustavo Arellano in OC Weekly evoked a comment describing the gestures and tone of Monsignor John Urell as he stood on the podium and apparently diverted attention from crimes committed by a pedophile priest in an Orange County parish a few years back. Her comment could serve as backstory and character development for anyone planning to write or play the part of John Urell, or another bishop felon child molester protecting bishop. So we've copied that comment in this News Roundup today as well. First Ignacio’s email:

“I must respond to these photographs. I just went through the story about Franciscan Friar Fr. Krumm O.F.M. and can say firsthand that seeing him in these photos activated my anxiety threefold! They are truly chilling; perhaps not to a person viewing them who doesn't know anything about him, but to people like me! People like us survivors who have been victimized by him!

“I think it's important to note that Fr. Krumm knew my mother, a widow. He doesn't only go to moms with small children in order to gain access, but also to moms with teen kids, too! He went after me and got me! He abused me! No child is safe! No child is safe.

“Thank you for exposing him, Fr. Gus Krumm O.F.M.. Although it was difficult for me to see him in these photos, I did so by choice and know how important it is for them to be seen by the public.”

-Ignacio Aceves
Clergy Abuse Survivor
At St. Anthony's Seminary
Santa Barbara, CA


Another DeNiro Moment

From a woman writing in Comments at Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra, (July 2 John Urell Gets Punked):

"I have a story about John Urell I would like to share. perhaps Gustavo or others can help me a bit with the names of the priest involved as it has slipped my mind. Back in 2002 I think it was, there was a priest who was accused of punishing his male students by forcing them to wrestle with them in the classroom. During these so called "wrestling" sessions, the priest would grab and fondle the genitalia of the male students."


'When Urell mentioned the touching, he put his hands to his upper body, his shoulders. In fact, every time he said the word "touched" he touched his shoulder or upper arm. He led the people to believe that was the part of the body that was being touched. Never once did he actually mention nor infer that these boys were grabbed between their legs, skin to skin contact or not'

At St. Edwards, a meeting was held by Maria Shinderlie and John Urell to explain to the parishioners why Fr. Lenihan has been released from the priesthood as well as to explain the current events surrounding the so called "wrestling priest".

The way Urell put is was like this..

The diocese was taking action against an allegation of a priest "touching" some students. Although he assured the congregation that there had been no skin on skin contact. He mentioned that many times. Now the important part of his protecting the priest is this.

When Urell mentioned the touching, he put his hands to his upper body, his shoulders. In fact, every time he said the word "touched" he touched his shoulder or upper arm. He led the people to believe that was the part of the body that was being touched.

Never once did he actually mention nor infer that these boys were grabbed between their legs, skin to skin contact or not.

Of course the congregation was fuming that the diocese wouldn't fight such an obviously innocent form of contact, but Urell (knowing the actual severity of the contact) told the congregation that they were taking action nonetheless.

I was shocked that John Urell could mislead the people so much as to make them believe this priest in question was being wrongly punished. It caused an uproar by the people insisting that the priests be more protected by Diocese against such further false allegations.

‘Urell (knowing the actual severity of the contact) told the congregation that they were taking action nonetheless’

It's called "grooming". He was making up a story and telling the church goers what he wanted them to believe, not what the truth was. I wanted to stand up and confront him right then and there. I wanted to ask him if he really wanted us to believe they were taking action against a priest for touching kids on the shoulders. But I didn't. I regret I didn't.

The hundreds of people sitting there hadn't read the court papers or the complaint so they were not being informed of what really happened in order to come to their own conclusions about whether it was truly inappropriate or not. They blindly trusted what Urell was saying to be the honest facts and were forming their decisions based on what Urell was telling them.

That was the day my opinion of John Urell changed forever. I saw he was in a position of public relations and not one of a follower of Jesus Christ. That was the day I stopped going to church.

Posted in In Ex Cathedra Thursday July 2, 2009. At 2:21 PM


It should be Year of the Pedophile Priest, not Year of the Priest

"Year of the Pedophile Priest" is on the rear end of the car John Brown is driving around Toowoomba, Australia. With the Pope's recent proclamation 2009 as the Year of the Priest, with gushy follow-up sound bites showing up in archdioceses around the world, Brown, like many adult victims of pedophile priests, became outraged.

The Toowoomba, Australia, survivor put a sign on the back of his car that says, “Year of the Pedophile priest.” He emailed me about it saying, "I had a policeman demand to know what the &98#@ is the sign on the back of the car about?" Their conversation went roughly like this

COP: What does it say? Year of the pedophile priest?

JB: … Yes

COP: You need to be careful of what you say son - the aggrieved could sue you.

JB: That would be fine

COP: So 2009 is the year of the pedophile priest?

JB: Yes

COP: Who says that?

JB: Me and a lot of other clergy abuse survivors

COP: Hmm.

JB: After all the largest known group of pedophiles on the planet is found amongst the catholic clergy.

COP: I don't want to debate with you

JB: Okay.

John Brown then writes, “The PC (Aussie for cop) walked off - dropped his slip of paper, then walked into the pizza shop and then straight out again, as he was in fact going to pick up take out from the noodle shop - seemed to be a bit confused about that."

The priests produced tens of thousands of crime victims us in the USA alone last fifty years, and we all have very recent experience with the bishops covering up for the pedophiles among them. The Church continues to use teams of attorneys and consultants to keep the true story from being told. PR firms have always been major players, this year they are in the lead, helping the church make it official. You can put the whole thing behind us, put a positive spin on things.

The Pope and the bishops say 2009 is the Year of the Priest.

Scoff. Desperation glimmers through their widening cracks.

2009 is not the year of the Priest because we have yet to have the year of the pedophile priest, where the church comes clean on how organized and internally connected to its very structure the pedophile conspiracy and coverup has been. And continues to be.

When John saw these "sticky letters" in the market, he bought the kids' craft item for $2.99 (about $3.25 American), went out to his car, and slapped the words "Year of the Pedophile Priest" on the automobile's rear end.

A million dollar PR firm with focus groups could not have come up with a better graphic, I think. The letters look crooked as if a child placed them on the metal - a damaged child - maybe the child who never got to grow up inside John Brown of Toowoomba, Australia ...

John is cooking up a plan to put the graphic "Year of the Pedophile Priest" with kids' sticky letters on coffee mugs, t-shirts and - of course - bumper stickers. We'll be selling them here at City of Angels network. Stay tuned.

In Case You Missed It:

The Flyer from OC Click to Enlarge

Above is the flyer that was put on cars in an Orange County Catholic Church parking lot, (click to enlarge). The act of produced Gustavo's story "John Urell Got Punked."

And applause from people like me.

We suggest you print similar flyers for perpetrators in your home town to put on cars in your local church parking lots.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Watch today here and other news reports for the decision on the date for new trial from Judge Donald Black in Fresno Superior Court later today...

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PS I made a huge mistake in the first paragraph of this story and did not fix it until 7:39 PM the 15th, God, I wish I had an editor!


Anonymous said...

Kay, whatever happened to the LA Criminal Grand Jury formed, to go after Rog 'Mahal' Mahony, yet again, back in February? Any news?

Inquiring Minds & Souls Want To Know

city of angels lady said...

I have heard rumors of persons going in to testify, but they are not allowed to speak about it. When you call and ask the DOJ PIO about the grand jury on Cardinal Mahony, all they answer is by rote: "Cannot comment as to whether there even is a grand jury."

It should not be hard to find evidence with a little digging, but these public servanats need to grow extended backbones to take on the Catholic Church.

Will it ever happen?