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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walk Across Oregon starts July 27, crosses state along the Columbia, goes urban in Portland, then on to the Pacific

UPDATE: Kay Ebeling will speak at the Saturday the 22nd listening session, and hold a pot luck picnic in Jameson Square on Sunday the 23rd of August, by the interactive fountain. NEXT POST JULY 27th
Third week of the Walk, they approach the ocean along a trail of gorges and waterfalls.

Above, Multnomah Falls

"We want to stop child abuse, domestic violence, rape, and clergy abuse by getting people to talk about it. Abuse happens when we remain silent," says Virginia Jones who started the Walk Across Oregon and Compassionate Gathering Dot Org after hearing about the crimes of pedophile priest Franciscan Gus Krumm at her church in Portland.

"We don’t carry signs, just wear t-shirts that identify what we're doing," said Jones, who sent the pictures featured in this post, which make me want to jump on the road and go north. The group will walk through the small towns of rural Oregon where Jones has set up meetings in advance with organizations dealing with child abuse and local media. Then the weekend of August 22-23, they have a whole agenda of events in Portland's city streets and parks, including a meeting at Powell's Book Store, which is four-stories high and covers an entire block.

The t-shirts are yellow or turquoise. They read: Stop Child Abuse, Heal the Wounds.

(At left, Virginia Jones)

"At this point I say heal the wounds because this is a lifelong healing process," says Jones. "Compassionate Gathering healing and mentoring have helped me a lot."

July 27th the second annual Walk Across Oregon begins in LaGrande, then meanders along the Columbia River to Portland, arriving Saturday August 22nd, where you bet you will find City of Angels at the "Interactive Fountain" where you are Supposed To jump in and splash. My kinda place....

"It's a fountain intended for people to go in and play in it. It’s built like a waterfall in Jameson Square Park," said Jones.
(Below, Latourel Falls, along the Walk)

July 27 to September 5, 2009 Walk Across Oregon from LaGrande to the Pacific Ocean

"What I found last year is we had more people walking up to us in the farmers’ market, like in Independence Oregon. People started walking up to us and telling us their stories.

"We found out we were most effective when we were having fun. Then people think, that person will be sympathetic, maybe I’ll tell them my story.

"It’ll probably be hot so it’ll be a good time for people to get out of the city," Jones said. "We're not marching to make a statement. We're wearing the shirts and hopefully people will notice us."
Here is Where You Will Find City of Angels on the 23rd of August:

Oregon, Downtown Portland:

"We will start at OMSI at 9 AM and walk along the Willamette Esplanade to the Steel Bridge, cross on the lower pedestrian walkway to Waterfront Park.

(Above, Willamette River Esplanade)

"Then walk to Yamhill Street and up, arriving at Pioneer Square at 11:30AM. We will take a break at Pioneer Square. Then we will proceed along Yamhill to SW 10th Avenue. We will turn right at SW 10th Avenue and walk right to Powell’s City of Books on Burnside Street. We will pause to browse at Powell’s, and head to Jamison Square Park arriving at 2 PM. We will pause to enjoy the fountain and then head along Lovejoy to NW 23rd."

The day before that on the 22nd in Portland:

"Saturday, Mt/ Tabor, Hawthorne District: We will meet at Ascension Catholic Church at 10 AM to have a Compassionate Gathering listening session with a survivor of abuse. At Noon we will walk to the top of Mt. Tabor and then down Stark Street to Laurelhurst Park at 2PM and then Belmont / Hawthorne Districts visiting shops and cafes as we please.

They are going to keep going then, west of Portland all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

"Between Portland and the coast about 20 years ago the state basically gave over an old railroad track to become a trail, 17 miles of trail between Banks and Vernonia, it’s beautiful and cool and a lovely way to end the walk," says Jones.

Picture above shows the beach on the Pacific, near mouth of Columbia River at Oregon-Washington border, final destination of the Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse.

Contact: Virginia Jones

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The girl staying with us, my daughter's friend, is a former foster child, has no family, but a distant relative in Astoria, Oregon, on the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific.

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Lizzie and I want to take her up there, and at the same time, meet up with the Walk Across Oregon in Portland. If we can get Michelle to Astoria, then from there she has a ride to Seattle so that -

She can start college in the fall in Seattle. Otherwise she will stay here and be broke with Lizzie and me in L.A. where she has been for a month and the only jobs you can find are in the sex industry.

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