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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

President Obama abandons entire class of sex crime victims, meeting with Pope. Are votes really that important?

Venting: Prepare your gag reflex in advance before viewing videos below of Obama with the Pope July 10th. If you wonder why we're just covering this today at City of Angels 18 days later, I must have blocked this out, in a PTSD reaction, trying to prevent an anger outburst.

A class of tens of thousands of crime victims were abandoned in the name of politics this month as Barack Obama played humble Christian to Pope Benedict's holy man. I've spoken today with a few survivors of Catholic priest sex crimes, of which no one knows more than this most criminal pope, and we feel abandoned and angry at the President of the United States.

They used the "blessed sacraments" to get to us as children, and now as American adults we have to watch as one President after another grins at the Pope and abandons us.

Oh, Come on, Obama! Disappointing us again?

Like most politicians since Hitler, Barack Obama chose blissful respect over hard nosed action, greeting this current international leader of felony child sex offenders with a goofy grin. Obama bowed down listening to the Chief Perpetrator from the Vatican, (sovereign nation above prosecution), as Benedict delivered some hack of a spiritual message.

Oh, God, readers, just Google: "Generic Uplifting Words," and you get anything this Pope has to say, still worldwide media are agog.

Obama should have used that opportunity, face to face with the apparent ringleader of pedophile networks around the world, to serve the Pope with a subpoena, demanding he appear before the U.S. Senate for questioning. If not Obama, someone should start a real prosecution of these sex criminals.

They used the "blessed sacraments" to get to us as children, and now as American adults we have to watch as one new President after another grins at the Pope and abandons us.

Scaredy-cat. Yellow bellied pansy, limp-- ARRGH@!@

Do I have to start saying "Not My President" already?

As Obama meets the Pope he says, It's a Great Honor, thank you so much, and slaps the face of tens of thousands of already reeling sex crime victims trying to eke some sense of justice out of decades of criminal activity by a religious group that still gets mindless adoration from the masses:

How Dare You!

I hope he kept those little girls, his daughters, supervised every second, in the environs of these perps in robes.

- Kay Ebeling

Here are more videos on this topic, who are these people? What cave have they hidden in the past 8 years or so as these crime stories came out? DUUUUHHHH!

Come over here five minutes, I'll give you the position of the Catholic Church:

From: Yahoo News Story

Even in his gift to the U.S. leader, the pope sought to underscore his beliefs. Benedict gave Obama a copy of a Vatican document on bioethics that hardened the church's opposition to using embryos for stem cell research, cloning and in-vitro fertilization. Obama supports stem cell research.

"Yes, this is what we had talked about," Obama said, telling the pope he would read it on the flight to his next stop, Ghana.

Earlier, the pope's secretary, the Rev. Georg Ganswein, told reporters the document would "help the president better understand the position of the Catholic church."


Which position is that?

Uh, do I sound a little angry?

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AARGGHHH Continued:

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The Pope has Zero credibility, as long as he continues to let perpetrator priests roam free and easy
Thank God there's a Law & Order Special Victims Marathon on the USA channel right now, as Mariska Hargitay speaks to me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the only thing i heard was the pope broke his arm or something
did that happen after the obama visit?
bush kissed up to the popes and his brother became a catholic

i heard bush might too..(become catholic)

when bush first became president i remember him saying something to the then pope and media about the catholic church having to clean up its act.. then next i know bush is a slave to them..

i am not a fan of abortion but i am also not a fan of trashing the already born or about to be born with crap food, alcohol, cigarettes, beer caffien, sugar, hydrogenated fats pollution of all kinds etc either.
how many young girls are poisoned on a daily bases by "pro life" fanatics who just dont want to get it that even tho a child is born their life is aborted by garbage both before during and after their birth..

well that's what i have to say about the pope and obama and all of priest know it alls who try to lord over everyones life, tell us all what to do what to wear what to eat all the time killing us with their ignorance and insanity..

maybe obama and the pope can get together and drink beer and bond
throw in the know it all jesuits and they can all party get drunk and go rape a few million kids and adults
(sorry.. got carried away)