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Thursday, February 05, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Nationwide, crime victims to deliver docs and evidence to U.S. Attorneys in different cities at same time

A U.S. Attorney does not allow a leak to the news media, such as we had in L.A. last month, without there being a reason. They know what they are doing. The US Attorney in L.A. I think let us know last month that the Department of Justice is investigating the pedophile epidemic in the U.S. Catholic Church, at least in this city, when two persons from "law enforcement" talked to the L.A. Times.

As crime victims, we know Pedophile Catholic Priests are a national problem, not just something to do with Cardinal Mahony in L.A. With news of a Federal Grand Jury in L.A., we have a wonderful window of opportunity to reach out to U. S. Attorneys all across the country. Not by standing outside in front with a sign, but by walking in with letters, all of us on the same day in several different cities, on a day coming up in the next two weeks.

Robert Costello in Boston has conjoined brains with me through City of Angels, pointing out in a recent phone call that standing in front of the Courthouse would really not reach a lot more than the 18 homeless men who live across the street.

So far press events in front of the Archdiocese just result in minions of corporate controlled media, who come out after reading a 3 paragraph press release for research, always stay within the ropes, then later run the same press report as every other media outlet, and go onto another story.

We need to do more.

Robert Costello says, let's hand deliver letters

Professional looking carefully written letters full of attribution

I say, dress up in business suits, look professional, this is serious business, not something that calls for walking on a sidewalk with signs:

Here is first note from Robert. Keep coming back to City of Angels for more:

To coordinate a letter delivery to the U.S. Attorney effort in your city, contact Kay Ebeling, producer of City of Angels, at
in Boston
Robert Costello at


By Robert Costello
(Re going to the Federal courthouse:)

Dear Friends,

How old you make me feel. Back a few years ago when the Attorney General of Massachusetts spent 18 months investigating the Archdiocese of Boston he was not able to bring any charges against them.

At the end of giving his reporthe, the AG said that he still wanted everyone to know that he was still a good catholic!

I lost my cool, too say the least.

I believed he tainted the entire investigation by claiming allegiance to the organization he was charged to investigate.

Believing the report to be tainted with fraud and lies John Harris, Carmen Durso, and I went to the US District Attorney for MA, Michael Sullivan. The only thing we could do was deliver the letter requesting a federal investigation. We three with one other person were allowed into the court house to present the letter to a secretary, who promised to pass on our letter.

I will get Kay the letter in the next few days so she can post it on her blog

Use legal terms get a lawyer or law student to look over your letters.

Do not demonstrate outside a Federal Courthouse go inside and demand action.

There is a new man in the White House we must use that to our advantage. And by we, I mean we survivors. We should wait to see what the new director of the Justice Department does in the next few weeks, since things moved so fast in LA.

(ME: Hah! Things fizzled in L.A., and the "press" has moved on...)

But Letters proper in form should be ready to go the U.S. Attorneys in districts that represent as many diocese as possible.

Deliver the Letters to the U. S. Attorneys around the country

It would also be a good move to have all the letters brought to the federal courthouse all on the same day. That would give them a one two. All religious institutions welcome.

By the way in Boston the grand jury brought Bernie Law back from Rome twice in order to give testimony. However federal grand juries work with a shorter period of time than state grand juries. So if you know or know someone who knows of something that is of recent years or current please help them to report the abuse to the courts right away.

(ME: Yes shorter SOL's but an ability to create new law. We had our Civil Rights violated, for an example. I was denied my right to a normal life.)

Please feel free to contact me with questions. I also think nowadays you wouldn't be able to gather outside a federal courthouse.

Robert Costello

(ME: AMEN: For decades signs and leaflets have had the image of people on the fringe. I do not feel comfortable - let alone effective - on the street with a sign or a leaflet, especially after signs and leaflets and press announcements reading prepared statements have all been done once or twice in L.A. - or in the case of SNAP in L.A., about seventy-five times, with little variation - ever under the eye of archdiocese security...

We are not delicate fragile survivors or wackos likely to go off any minute. We are Crime Victims demanding Justice, adult sane people, don't let them tell you different.

PTSD is not a mental illness, it is a reaction to something that was done to us

Even if we ARE damaged, we still deserve Justice.

We are adults who today have legitimate business with the Federal Department of Justice.

Our letters to take to the U.S. Attorneys could be for one or two paragraphs, a form letter.

But also each one of us could include


of crimes committed in the jurisdictions that each individual U.S. Attorney district represents.

So in your letter you not only are requesting an investigation, but delivering to them documents from your lawsuit against the church, or your story, with pictures and whatever evidence you might have.

We will be delivering EVIDENCE as well as our letters, to the Federal Department of Justice. . . in a coordinated effort, on the same day in different cities in the country -

Keep coming back to City of Angels as the Story Goes Onward. . . .

in the next week or so, watch here for updates.

Meanwhile, I gotta get back to my job. ..




AZ said...

I couldn't agree more, hanging out in front of a church (yecchh!) and leafleting hasn't accomplished diddly squat.It brings to mind the old saying from the 12 step movements, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

We definitely need another approach, something that's actually effective. The old paradigm is a loser for us. There were some very good ideas expressed in this article.

"Still a good catholic" You were right to be torked off over god!

One of the biggest advantages the RCC has is this one, prosecutors who trust the suspect with their eternal salvation. This will never be good for us. AGs who are "good Catholics" need to step aside and appoint investigators who aren't hindered by faith issues. It is a clear conflict of interest. The same should go for jurors and judges. This is a huge freaking conflict of interest problem.

There is also the problem of the confessional. The RCC has the all the dirt it will ever need on those who, as an article of faith, have to confess their sins to a priest or risk damnation. Spare me the lectures about how privileged this communication is, I don't buy it for a micro-second. I have not a doubt in my mind that the RCC uses this info to defend itself when the need arises. Does anyone seriously still believe that the sacrament of reconciliation is more important to the RCC than protecting itself from documented proof of it's crimes against children, adults and humanity being shown on 60 Minutes?

Anonymous said...

I disclosed embarrasing material in confession with "Father" X about 20 years ago. A few years ago "Father" Y casually mentioned to me that "Father" X had disclosed some "ineresting" matters about me to him.

The so called secrecy of confession is a joke. Want to go to confession? It seems someone once said--Go into your room, close your door, and your Father who is in heaven will see you and hear what you have to say. But do not trust the secrecy of the confessional. They have a better spy network than the Feds and would use it on you for fun or profit.