At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Last Week in Chicago, we put tapes over our mouths that said SILENCED. Letters from Geneva, Pittsburgh, Boston

Dear City of Angels: We had the same treatment with Barbara Blaine, SNAP, and other victims/ survivors/ supporters of those abused by clergy last week in front of Cardinal George's new office...the old Quigley Building on Rush Street in Chicago where my husband and his 2 fine brothers went to high school-it was a minor seminary then, (Re: Angry mob? Would you call the US attorney an angry mob? Posted January 31, 2009.)

Barbara Blaine delivered a letter to Cardinal George asking him specifics in his protective order in the ongoing McCormack case involving another victim of his. That was last Tuesday. Wednesday Kate Bochte and I went down to the Daley Center in Chicago and were part of a silent vigil for victims and survivors .

We all had tape on our mouths that read SILENCED, meaning victims and survivors were being silenced by Cardinal George for having this protective order which was broad and inappropriate ( stated to Judge by Attorney Martin, attorney for victim) He said that the order was another attempt by the Cardinal and Archdiocese of Chicago to keep things confidential that need to come out in the open. The attorney for the Archdiocese told the media that the protective order was to protect the victims of McCormack. Same old ---same old. We all must be steadfast in this process...

Have a good day. 33 in Chicago today... a heat wave...think I will go swimming. Mary Lu * Keep writing

PS: I would also add that I get the distinct impression that some of the hierarchy are still trying to vilify - make us sound like villains---


Anyone involved in fighting for the rights of children, youth, adults to be safe in all our Catholic Churches, properties, and facilities....

Last Tuesday a victim/ survivor of sexual abuse by clergy named Therese, who was part of the Spring '08 $12 million dollar settlement with the Archdiocese of Chicago, spoke to the media and said this in front of the Cardinal George's Office (Quigley) before Barbara Blaine delivered the letter to the Cardinal George.

(Not exact quote but in effect what Therese said)---

I have come here today not to beat up on Cardinal George or the Catholic Church. That is not my intent. I have come here today as someone who does not want what happened to me (she was raped and sodomized by a nun and a priest) to happen to any other child or person in the Catholic Church. I want all children to be safe.

That was the essence of her words to the media. Therese spoke eloquently and sincerely. This is why we all keep on keeping on...we are not against the Catholic Church or trying to tear it down. We are trying to rebuild it with truth...we are church...we are acting as church...we do not want any child, teen, young adult, or adult to go through the life lasting trauma or effects of their trauma that our victims and survivors have experienced and continue to experience ...period.

That is why we must be steadfast for openness and transparency in the Catholic Church among our hierarchy and clergy and all serving the church and its people. Our bishops and cardinals must put into practice what "The Charter to Protect Children and Youth" says--- every word of it.

The Charter is a document they all signed in Dallas the summer of 2002. They promised no more cover ups...Truth and only truth. It is now 2009. The legal system needs to get on more passes for Catholic Clergy .Those who have been involved or are involved in criminal activity need to be prosecuted. And that is truly for the sake and well-being of all children, youth and adults

- Mary Lu O'Halloran
Geneva, Illinois


A teenage boy was fed drugs and alcohol by John Wellinger

Dear City of Angels: And so my investigation continues. I contacted Shadyside Hospital today trying to find out what happened to the records of Greg Witkowski -

A teenage boy who was fed alcohol and drugs and possibly assaulted by former priest John Wellinger. It seems that records of children or anyone under the age of 18 are not permitted to be destroyed. Also, as I had indicated in past writings, a hospital social worker or other worker advised the parents Robert and Ann Witkowski not to file charges because the church is too powerful.

I’m preparing a final report for the federal government to review. Over the years I’ve seen, little if any interest to protect innocent children in Pennsylvania among PA State Senators and PA State Representatives, State Police, Attorney General’s Office, Allegheny County District Attorney, local law enforcement, and local media. As a matter of fact, I’ve been threatened with a law suit by Clairton City Manager Ralph Imbrogno for my efforts.

Pennsylvania Is Pro-Pedophile.
But I’m not.
One man can make a difference. One man has made a difference.

Mike Ference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Bernard Law called protestors an ‘Angry Mob’ in 2002

Dear City of Angels: Bernard Law, in February 2002, made the same statement about the Boston Diocese. Before his exit the following December, he removed over two dozen priests from active ministry in the Boston Diocese.

Paul Kellen, Boston, Massechusetts


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