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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wonder how much the news will report about sex crimes in the Dublin Archdiocese next month

It's already gone from today's US news. Not a lot of Americans likely saw the flurry of reports from Ireland around the same time as the US Thanksgiving holiday. By Sunday, the only media covering the story were in Ireland, the headlines in American media on the subject are now two days old. The Irish justice department finally released its report on the Dublin Archdiocese, and news from Ireland filled with passionate editorials and anecdotes of sex crimes against children by priests and coverup of the crimes by Church hierarchy covering decades.

Not really even News anymore, it's the same story we've seen over and over in every archdiocese in the United States. So now we know these crimes happened internationally, what is anyone going to do about it?

The Church has to face up to its crimes. For decades, pedophiles saw priests get away with serial sex crimes against children, and now perverts around the world have become empowered. It's time for the priests and bishops to get out of those dresses, roll up their sleeves, and do some real work to change and clean up their Church. How will they stop the serial felony sex crimes against children from happening again, at epidemic levels among the priests again a few decades from now, if the Church is still preoccupied with holding together their image and hiding the scandal?

Wonder how much the story of the Irish report will continue to be in the news next week. Or this time will justice finally wake up and see that the Catholic Church by its secretive nature creates an environment that allows these crimes to take place and the crimes will continue if there is no oversight. The Church has to be Forced to open its files and secret caverns so law enforcement can weed out the roots and cause of this international organized crime.

Thousands of adult victims of pedophile priests walk the Earth today, with our variety of problems. In the USA we now have an epidemic of sex crimes against children and the criminals are becoming more aggressive.

The Church sometimes responds by offering to send the victims to Therapy. The bishops are the ones who are sick perverts who didn't recognize sodomy of a six year old is wrong, not us, the crime victims. Why is the Catholic Church so reverent and faithful towards psychology as the cure for the problem? It makes a victim truly question the truth about everything that has ever come out of the church, including the story of Christ.

Nothing from the last two decades out of the church makes sense, yet, you wait. Two weeks from now there will not be one story about the Dublin Archdiocese in the papers, they've already stopped covering it in the United States. Even though everyone in the world is weighing in about it now, every non profit is posting their "response" with a number to call them for interviews, you wait, in two weeks, the media will be reacting to another news story, and the Ireland Report will evoke a big yawn.

Plus with this story about the Ireland report breaking on Thanksgiving weekend, how many US news readers even know it happened?

-Kay Ebeling

Report by Commission of Investigation into Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin
IRELAND The Department of Justice
Report by Commission of Investigation into the handling by Church and State authorities of allegations and suspicions of child abuse against clerics of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin.
Cover Part 1 (PDF - 161KB)
Signature Page (PDF - 111KB)
Part 1 Beginning (PDF - 39KB)
Part 1 (PDF - 161KB)
Cover Part 2 (PDF - 167KB)
Part 2 (PDF - 2.04MB)
Cover Appendices (PDF - 163KB)
Appendices (PDF - 965KB)

And the news:

Sexual abuse by priests hidden for decades, says report
IRELAND Radio France Internationale
Ireland's Catholic Church authorities are bracing for strong criticism following a report that...

Priest Bailed As Abuse Report Published
A Co Antrim priest - who has already ceased his ministry over allegations of child-sex abuse - has been arrested and then bailed by the Metropolitan Police in London. Fr Paul Symonds, a curate in the parish of Kirkinriola, Ballymena...

How the story of abuse emerged
IRELAND The Irish Times
How the story of abuse in Catholic Church institutions emerged
Ireland Timeline
1987 – Insurance taken out by dioceses around the country to cover them against allegations of clerical child sex abuse.
1987 – The Irish state publishes its first set of guidelines on child abuse.

Commission finds Church covered up child sex abuse
IRELAND The Irish Times
PATSY MCGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent
The Commission of Investigation into Dublin’s Catholic Archdiocese has concluded that there is “no doubt” that clerical child sexual abuse was covered up by the archdiocese and other Church authorities.

'Don't ask, don't tell' approach used
IRELAND The Irish Times
The pre-occupations of the Dublin Archdiocese in dealing with cases of child sexual abuse, at least until the mid 1990s, were the “maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of scandal, the protection

Irish church obsessively hid child abuse: report
By Andras GergelyDUBLIN (Reuters) - The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin obsessively covered up widespread sexual abuse of children by priests until the mid-1990s in a misuse of the Church's central role ...

Church 'had immunity to hide abuse'
IRELAND The Press Association
The Catholic hierarchy in Ireland was granted immunity to cover up child sex abuse among paedophile priests in Dublin, a damning report has revealed.

Dublin report criticises abuse cover-up
A damning report into clerical child abuse in the Dublin archdiocese

Clerical sex abuse report published
IRELAND Irish Health
[Posted: Thu 26/11/2009 by Joanne McCarthy]
The Church had an ‘obsessive concern with secrecy and the avoidance of scandal’,

'A collar will protect no criminal'
IRELAND The Irish Times
Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has warned that "a collar will protect no criminal".

FACTBOX: Roman Catholic Church sex scandals
(Reuters) - Ireland published a report on Thursday saying
All this in one news outlet:
28/11/2009: Taoiseach shocked at abuse cover-up28/11/2009: Cowen: Murphy report is 'truly shocking and disturbing'28/11/2009: Gardaí 'should be prosecuted' for not helping abuse victims28/11/2009: Senior Church figures refuse to resign27/11/2009: Pressure mounts on senior clerics to resign27/11/2009: Gardaí to probe mishandling of abuse complaints27/11/2009: Garda Commissioner order probe after clerical abuse report27/11/2009: Bishop: 'Don't ask, don't tell' culture has gone27/11/2009: Kenny calls for resignation of Church leaders27/11/2009: Brian D'Arcy: Senior Church figures should step down27/11/2009: Children's Minister: Govt will consider more abuse inquiries27/11/2009: Bishop: Better to fund services than further abuse inquiries27/11/2009: Most Murphy-report priests still alive27/11/2009: Rape Crisis Centre: 300% spike in calls since Murphy report26/11/2009: Brady 'deeply sorry and ashamed'26/11/2009: Cardinal asks for abuse victims' forgiveness26/11/2009: President 'dismayed' by Church cover-up of abuse26/11/2009: Abuse survivors want senior clergy and gardaí prosecuted26/11/2009: Abuse 'is and always was' a crime: Archbishop Martin26/11/2009: Garda failed to investigate priest's child-porn photography26/11/2009: One in Four calls for prosecutions to follow sex-abuse report26/11/2009: 'Don't ask, don't tell' attitude at work in Archdiocese, report finds26/11/2009: Garda Commissioner 'deeply sorry' for abuse-cases failings26/11/2009: Gardaí gave paedophile priests impunity26/11/2009: Litany of abuse eroding trust of faithful26/11/2009: Govt: Paedophile priests won't escape justice26/11/2009: Amnesty: Govt must set date for children’s rights referendum26/11/2009: Ahern: A collar will protect no criminal26/11/2009: Report: Church had immunity to conceal sex abuse26/11/2009: Clerical abuse report 'will be published in full'26/11/2009: Rape Crisis Centre busy taking calls prior to report26/11/2009: Report: Archbishops didn't pass on abuse claims to gardaí

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