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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Waiting for Turkey to Cook, found these:

Gus Krumm, still listed as Addiction Specialist:

Gus Robert Krumm
Sacramento, California
Registration / Certification Number:RI-K0509301006
Initial Registration / Certification Date: Sep 30, 2005
Current Status:Active
Renewal Date :Sep 30, 2011
(Per Breining Institute Under G for Gus )

Gus Krumm In Orange County
"Catholics have also heard erroneous teaching from the priests at Sts. Simon & Jude, from the pulpit and in the bulletin... I personally witnessed Fr. Gus Krumm, O.F.M. throw an unconsecrated, large host on the floor during one of his homilies for shock value and to prove a point. I saw another priest put a bag of garbage on the altar during his homily for shock value and to prove a point. The Nicene Creed was frequently omitted, and when I asked Fr. Gus Krumm why this happened, he told me that if you eat corn flakes for breakfast every day, it gets old and stale real fast."
From Roman Catholic Blog


Gus Krumm in Portland, Oregon
"Even Franciscan Father Gus Krumm felt it when he arrived. 'The people welcomed me with open arms three years ago,' he says. 'Since then, I've really felt fortunate to be here. It's a parish of faith and love. Sister Hail says the parish is well served by Father Krumm and the other Franciscan priests and brothers here. 'Father Gus is wonderful and outgoing,' she says. 'He does right by his people. And Father Chuck - such a spiritual man; wonderful homilies.'" From Catholic Sentinel


City of Angels did a damn good job covering St. Anthony's in September 2008, although I had to go back and read it a year later, all over again, to remember what I said...:

Monday, September 22, 2008
When 24 pedophile priests from one town rape 60 children, it is a Public Nuisance. SOL Breakthrough suit filed against Franciscans in Santa Barbara
By Kay Ebeling
Since 1964, the Franciscan Friars of Santa Barbara have produced 24 pedophiles, resulting in 60* settled lawsuits, likely hundreds more victims. “This is a city of a hundred thousand people, and the Franciscans still have perpetrators hidden here,” said Tim Hale, who with his partners, obtained $28 million in the late 1990s, for victims of serial (Click headline "When 24..." to read the rest)

*Note: The number of victims from Santa Barbara molested by Franciscans is now 62.


Oh and another note, after seeing the performance of WikiLeaks yesterday, remember , City of Angels is here all the time for anyone inside the Church who wants to leak documents, without the paragraphs redacted.

Money available for pedophile priest crime victims who need therapy, through Therapy Trust for Victims in Santa Barbara.

Ray Higgins called from Santa Barbara. "We've got now enough for nine or ten more people can get therapy."

Victims in Santa Barbara pooled funds after receiving settlements in 2006 and currently have money available for nine people to get about two years of therapy. Contact Ray Higgins at: Therapy Trust for Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse for an application.

Higgins sat on the Board of Inquiry that produced the 1993 Report that first opened the doors to the depth and bredth of pedophilia inbred in Catholic systems.

Therapy Trust for Victims still has money because it wrote financial sanity into its founding papers. Higgins told me, "The terms of the trust say we can only invest in FDIC insured accounts, not bonds or stocks or any risk investments."

More in an upcoming post about the Trust.

Watch for Part 3 of the Santa Barbara series soon after Thanksgiving...

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