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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and the Bishops


From email to an overseas friend:

Pelosi is a Congresswoman, the Legislative branch, Obama is the Executive Branch. In US this is drilled into our heads in third grade. So having Pelosi sign a doc from The White House bombs as a joke...

Best humor would be to combine all Pelosi's gay constituents in San Francisco with her recent bursts of reliosity as she begins to get closer to ... old age.

In SF there are three classes of people. The EXTREMELY wealthy, the gays, and blacks, who are mostly still living in ghetto projects, even in 2009. Nice new projects on the South Side, away from everyone else.

Her dad was mayor of Baltimore, as a young girl in the 1960s (?) she came to SF and married one of the incredibly wealthy people they have in that city-

You have to understand Calif and SF are full of a very strange demographic of partying liberal wealth. In SF most working people have to commute and live in the suburbs, there is NO PLACE for a working class person to live in SF unless their family had the home since the 1940s, the rest of the housing is taken up by those three classes of people- extremely wealthy, well connected gay, or ghetto black. So those are Nancy's constituents.

With Jerry Brown it's the same, the Old Money (for California, old). These are descendents of families that exploited the hell out of the region when it was first discovered by white men. They created ways to squirrel away the wealth before statehood came and made them have to obey laws.

We've ended up with a Libertarian population that likes to party and be rich, it's hard to understand the mixture of ideologies that results from Calif politics unless you live here.

I mean we have Governor Schwartzenegger.

Arnold is very savvy and figured out as soon as he stepped on US soil that volunteering as a Republican campaign worker would pay off for him in the end.

Funnier things to say about Pelosi are she's a skinny coifed rich lady with this weird group of people she represents- rich, gays, and ghetto blacks. She took up household in the House of Representives for 30 (?) years and now is the matriarch over all these men...

Pelosi's a wily politician. Even after this thing with the bishops, I am waiting to see the end result of what she did before criticizing her peronally.

Working with the bishops, knowing Pelosi, may have been part of her long term strategy. Politically she just won points with a bunch o' these idiot brained fundamentalists who only grasp two issues in American politics: They're Anti Gay and Pro Jesus.

She just got 50 percent of their brains back on the health care side by playing around with the bishops ... so wait and see how health care reform ends up before totally trashing Nancy Pelosi.



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