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Sunday, November 08, 2009

If you believe Church statements in court? The fight against pedophile priest personnel file release from California to Connecticutt,

3-part Post in construction

It's unfortunate but the entity that evokes the least faith and hope during these troubled times is the Catholic Church, revealing its true colors in city after city as it fights to prevent personnel files on pedophile priests from getting into the public's hands.

Any other organization that had produced five thousand pedophile priests and let them prey on families in nearly every city in the country would be under intense federal investigation. Since it is the Catholic Church, we get to see the United Conference of Catholic Bishops spend time in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office this week, while she phoned the Vatican, then allowed anti abortion language to enter the House Health Care Reform bill, possibly killing the chance for hundreds of thousands of poor people to get medical treatment.

This colony of felons allowed pedophilia to become institutional, and a population of
IT NEVER STOPS: The six pedophiles, two generations of males in a Missouri family arrested this week, were lay priests:

"Three of the men arrested this week were members of the Community of Christ lay priesthood: Burrell Mohler Sr., David Mohler and Jared Mohler. The priesthood licenses of all three were suspended Wednesday morning, said Linda Booth, church communications director."

What is this ritual connection between mutated religious sacraments and sex with children?

Read the article here:

The Kansas City Star
By DONALD BRADLEYThe Kansas City Star

Anxiety grows over delays in clerical abuse report
IRELANDThe Irish Times
ANALYSIS: Victims of clerical sex abuse are concerned at legal arguments behind closed doors which are delaying publication of the Dublin archdiocese report, writes PATSY McGARRY
DELAYS IN the publication of the report into the handling of clerical child sex abuse allegations in Dublin’s Roman Catholic archdiocese have caused frustration to many of those who hope the report will cast light on what happened to them.
There is also growing anxiety over what is going on at the High Court.
Currently, the Dublin report is before the court for a second time, having been cleared for publication initially by Mr Justice Paul Gilligan on October 15th. He ordered the removal of chapter 19 and 21 other deletions prior to publication. This was to avoid prejudicing separate proceedings against a man currently before the courts.


Delaware Church, Abuse Victims Agree to Trial Halt

By Steven Church
Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Sexual-molestation victims agreed with Roman Catholic officials in Delaware to put 78 lawsuits against churches and priests on hold while the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington is in bankruptcy. In exchange, church officials will release information on several priests accused of sexually abusing children as well as financial and insurance records. Lawyers for the victims and the diocese said today five trials involving individual churches will go forward under the deal. The two sides will try to settle the lawsuits as part of the diocese’s bankruptcy...


Incredibly blatant PR campaign going on in Connecticutt. It takes a lot of consulting to get this much press on one Sunday in November 2009:

Bridgeport Bishop Is An Energetic, Outspoken Defender Of Church


The Hartford Courant

November 8, 2009
TRUMBULL — - Bishop William E. Lori stands before 141 married couples in the airy sanctuary of St. Theresa Church on a bright October afternoon. In a voice carrying the faintest trace of the Kentucky lilt that his Louisville upbringing suggests, he welcomes the couples, who have come from across the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport to this vast stone church to...


(Although, this one by a Connecticut defense attorney, I think he's saying release the docs stop stifling, it's waffley ...)

Richard Meehan: Employers can be held accountable from workers’ crimes


By Richard Meehan

For The Norwich Bulletin Posted Nov 07, 2009
Respondeat Superior and the Catholic Church — part of the Latin Mass from the Church’s rich tradition? No. It’s the doctrine of vicarious liability that has forced the Catholic Church to pay millions to victims of clergy sexual abuse.
Recently, this sordid chapter made news when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay efforts to unseal more than 12,000 pages of court records in the Bridgeport Diocese sexual abuse cases....


Catholics think the Times reports too much about clergy sex abuse... This quote from: Sunday New York Times Opinion piece:

James Martin, a priest and an editor of the Jesuit magazine "America" believes reporters at The Times work hard to get stories right, though he sometimes questions the prominence and frequency of articles about the church’s sex scandal....

From Jay Nelson:

He’s back. They say criminals always return to the scene of the crime; bad pennies always show up again.So perhaps it was inevitable that the person of Robert Fortune Sanchez, the former Archbishop of Santa Fe disgraced by his own admitted abuse of at least five women along with gross negligence in his incompetent handling of the clergy abuse scandals, has once again shown up in his New Mexican homeland.Only now, he’s no longer a prelate, but a simple monk — a Franciscan friar, to be exact.According to the website of the Franciscan Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the former archbishop has been a friar for two years now, and is celebrating his fiftieth anniversary as a Roman Catholic priest with his Franciscan brothers.He has so much to celebrate, after all. What a record. During his nineteen years as archbishop, hundreds of New Mexico children were sexually abused by his priests, while he did virtually nothing to stop them. Nor did the chief shepherd of the community minister at all to victims and their families and parishes hurt by these monsters....MORE AT

Judge sets Dec. 1 for release of diocesan sex-abuse records
CONNECTICUTConnecticut Post
By Daniel TepferStaff writer
WATERBURY -- A Superior Court judge Tuesday ordered the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport to release thousands of pages documenting allegations of sexual abuse by priests on Dec. 1.
Judge Barry Stevens ordered the diocese to copy the documents, minus those that are allowed to remain sealed, such as priests' medical records, on a compact disc to be given to lawyers for four newspapers -- the Hartford Courant, New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post -- that had filed a lawsuit seeking to force the diocese to open the records to public inspection.
The newspapers had battled the diocese all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to win the release of the documentation of priest sex-abuse cases dating back several decades.

Meanwhile, so much for closure:

Sentencing brings some closure to victims of priest's abuse

Nov 10, 2009
By: Laurel Myers - Sudbury Northern Life

Four grown men, with tears streaming down their faces, stood up in a courtroom and told their stories of lifelong pain, feelings of shame and loneliness. More than a quarter of a century ago, the four men, between 12 and 17 years of age at the time, each served as an altar boy at their local Catholic church, under the guidance of Father Bernard Cloutier.


Catholic priest released on bail one day after sentencing for sexual abuse

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
Nov. 11, 2009 12:00AM EST
A Catholic priest who moved from parish to parish in Northern Ontario for a decade abusing altar boys was freed on bail yesterday, less than 24 hours after he was sentenced to five years behind bars. Mr. Justice Michael Moldaver of the Ontario Court of Appeal characterized his decision to grant Father Bernard Cloutier bail as "a very close call" - particularly given the judge's misgivings about how the public might react to his prompt release. "The public could lose faith in the administration of justice if they see this as a revolving door - he's in for a day and then he's out," he remarked.

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