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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today: Internet TV show on clergy sex crimes at 6PM Central (4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern) Call in toll free this afternoon

A monthly program on Clergy Sex Crimes, Educating To End Abuse, kicks off Season 4 late this afternoon, live on the internet from KCTU Wichita, with a national toll free number for listeners to phone-in and be part of the show. Two men who survived serial molestation as children in Catholic orphanges, one in New York and one in Australia, are special guests for the show tonight. Plus whoever calls in on the toll free line can add their thoughts. The show airs tonight at 6PM Central (CST) (4 PM in Los Angeles, 7PM in New York).

Tune in live on the internet by clicking here. Join the conversation by calling 1-866-905-8855.

Producer Peggy Warren is a clergy sex crime survivor from Kansas who picked up her trauma and turned it into a sword four years ago, convincing the local TV station to give her one night on its program that airs weeknights at 6 in Wichita, The River City Forum. A mother of five who also works as a school teacher, Warren puts together the monthly broadcasts featuring survivors she finds who are doing active work on clergy sex crime issues around the world.

The show is liveliest with a lot of callers. Guests tonight, John Brown from Australia and Ken Kosiorek from San Diego, promise to stir up the words. Both men became active on the issue of clergy sex crimes this year. John started The September 1 Initiative in Australia, Ken started wearing and selling Molested Catholic t-shirts like the one we featured in yesterday's post here at City of Angels.

Call-in today Thursday August 27 at 6PM Central (7PM New York time, 3PM California time).

To watch: Go to

Click where it says 43 Live Online 24/7 .

Call 1-866-905-8855 to be part of the show.

Considering the verbiage on Ken's t-shirts and the loquacious emails I've gotten from John, this should be an interesting show. Ken, a New York native, identifies himself as a "Healing Left Handed Molested Catholic." John - well he has this Australian accent and a real way with words. Apparently the orphanages down under provide a pretty good education, as John is, well, an eloquent speaker. Ken is extremely . . . passionate.

This promises to be a lively show tonight.
Watch and call in tonight..

Remember, the City of Angels is Everywhere, and so is Educating to End Abuse, once a month online from Wichita....

UPDATE: Peggy calls in to City of Angels this morning.

"I'm excited about tonight," Peggy said when she called me this morning about the show.

"Educating to End Abuse got started in January 2006 shortly after I went public with my, um, situation. Shortly after I went public with my own experience of exploitation by a Roman Catholic priest Nicholas Voelker.

"The show started with Janet Patterson and me together, it went so well the first night, they invited us to come back and it took off from there."

I asked Peggy if the station balked at her suggestion back in late 2005 to do a show about Clergy Sex Crimes.

“They weren’t hesitant at all. It’s a family owned TV station here in Wichita and the couple that owns it are two very strong courageous fearless people.

"I wish there were more people around the world that could be as supportive and receptive and caring as Ron and Sheryl Nutt, owners of KCTU.

“I would bet other local TV stations would welcome other survivors the way KCTU did here in Wichita.

“The audience is growing and growing, plus Educating to End Abuse is On Facebook here reaching more and more people."

NEXT POST - Story and photos from Walk Across Oregon in Portland last weekend.

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-by kay ebeling

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