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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am a convert. I see where Molested Catholic T-Shirts work.


When Cindy Falter joined Walk Across Oregon last Sunday wearing the Molested Catholic t-shirt, I know a few people became uncomfortable - at the Powell's City of Books entrance, as well as in our group of activists. Words on the t-shirt are in-your-face: I was molested by Dirty Filthy Sex Starved Catholics. Would you let a priest or nun babysit your children?

If anyone found the t-shirt offensive or wanted to start an argument, well, Cindy had her two Great Dane service dogs with her (in photos here). As Cindy spoke I would break in with: “We have to talk to people one at a time on the street, because mainstream media will never tell the entire story of the pedophiles and how they operate in the Catholic Church. The Church intimidates corporate media to bury the details. So we are telling the story to one person at a time, walking through the city in these t-shirts.”

Cindy survived a three year period, grades one through three, of serial molest by George Neville Rucker when he was a priest in El Segundo, California, in the 1960s. He would take her out of the classroom into the rectory and sacristy and rape her. The school nuns saw what was taking place, heard Cindy scream she did not want to go, and still forced her to leave the classroom and join him over and over. No one stopped it. Cindy tells a tale so horrific it takes words like those on the Molested Catholic t-shirt to begin the introduction, to prepare listeners for what they are about to hear. Then Cindy has an open door to begin to explain just how bad the crimes were.

And people listen.

Maybe it’s because we were in Portland, Oregon, a city known for its intelligent and progressive population, and we were outside a huge used bookstore, which would attract the more intelligent and progressive of the population, but it was remarkable to me how effective it was for Cindy to stand there and draw a crowd with that t-shirt, then tell the story.

I hope to meet up with Cindy again soon to walk down another street, or stand on another corner, and strike up this conversation. We may just show up soon in a city near you. . .

I didn't think I could wear the t-shirt in public myself, but after seeing how effective the words on the t-shirt are as, well, a conversation starter, I might wear one next time. When Cindy stood outside Powell's City of Books, I saw people stop, and then listen, then stay stopped, and continue to listen, and of course, she has her dogs.

Meanwhile City of Angels and staff just got in late last night on Amtrak. This morning I can't open any of my video files, so until my Technical Crew (daughter) wakes up I can't see them yet. More posts with more photos AND VIDEO will appear later today or tomorrow, for now I may join my staff and get some more restttttt-zzzz
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- by Kay Ebeling'
Oh, and will we move to Portland? Well, I can't take my TV job that pays most the bills with me, so it may be more than a month or two before we move.

Do we need to get out of L.A.? Well last night outside VanNuys a guy who had been on the train behind us the entire ride from Portland jumped up all of a sudden and started hollering at my daughter and me. We were laughing and he hated us for laughing too loud and called me a Bitch and slammed both hands on the back of the seat - screaming in an uncontrolled rage.

The Amtrak guy got him to stop and move to another car. . .

Then on the Red Line home from Union Station to Hollywood, the cars were jam packed, people that late at night are jamming on some drug or another most of them. One guy was dancing around to the music in his ears his heroin and meth effected body all odd shaped. A homeless guy was hollering at people he halucinated in front of him.

Do we want to get out of L.A.? Yes! And Portland is everything I used to love and now miss about L.A. plus Portland is special and unique and I want to live there, yes.

But will we ever be able to escape the snares and snarls of L.A. whose roots are already entangled in our legs holding us down here?

Stay tuned...
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