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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Plea from a reader: What are real names of nuns who molested me at New York orphanage in 1960s?

(Ken in San Diego was molested by 4 Catholic nuns in an orphanage in 1960s upstate New York, he writes in a letter featured today at City of Angels. Ken needs the female sex offenders' real names. Nuns change their names when they become nuns, so Ken is unable to pursue justice, because he has to know the birth names of the nuns, and the Church is not ... forthcoming. Even with editing, Ken's letters to City of Angels and others are shockingly angry, but we've learned that a lot of survivors of sex crimes in the Catholic Church end up walking through life in a state of justifiable rage. Here is Ken's plea for help from City of Angels to find the real names of the nuns who he says raped him:)

I was molested in 1963-67 by Four Dirty, Filthy, Cruel, Wicked, Freaky . . . Sex Starved Catholic Nuns at Saint Josephs School / Church (585)343 6154 from 1963-67 at 2 Summit Street in Batavia, New York 14020.

Now, I need the Nuns' real names so I can file an insurance claim. The Nuns' Fake Catholic Names are: Sister Mary Karen Not her birth name; Sister Mary Fitzgerald - Not her birth name; Sister Mary Evangelist - Not her birth name; Sister Mary Jacqueline - Not her birth name.

Bishop Ed Kmiec and Cardinal Edward Egan of the Buffalo, New York, Roman Catholic Diocese, that refuses to give me these names and sisters' orders so I may file an insurance claim, are also Freaky and Sex Starved.

What a Dirty, Filthy, Cruel, Wicked, Freaky, Creepy Catholic Religion that would allow this treatment. Men and Women Clergy that are not allowed to have Sex per some stupid man made rule took there sexual frustrations out on defenseless Minors.

Ken Kosoirek, San Diego, CA

Ken says the church will not cooperate with him and tell him the name of the nuns and the religious order that served at the orphanage/ school where Ken grew up. Maybe a reader here knows something.
SEE also our post last night:
Monday, August 3, 2009

Vatican appeals John V. Doe vs. Holy See March decision, still Anderson prepares for discovery

Even though the Catholic Church appealed the Ninth Circuit Court decision from March 2009, which allowed a lawsuit against the Vatican filed by Jeff Anderson, Minnesota attorney, on behalf of a Portland Oregon plaintiff to go forward, Jeff Anderson said recently, "We are now amending the complaint and hope to start discovery soon. They did appeal what happened in the 9th Circuit last March."

As the 90 day deadline for appeal approached, Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lena, filed Defendant Holy See’s opening brief, saying: “Corporations in the United States such as a diocese or religious order are not a 'foreign state' or an 'official or employee' of a foreign state.” The Vatican brief is quoted in depth in this post.

You can easily imagine Vatican attorneys Jeff Lena of Berkeley CA and Thomas Christ (honest) of Portland OR, in litigation. Every few seconds they must hold up their hands and make fake quotation marks with their fingers.The Vatican brief continues: “The Complaint alleges an 'employment' relationship between the Holy See and (Fr. Andrew) Ronan only through the Corporations.“The exception requires a tortious act or omission by the 'foreign state' or an 'official or employee' of the foreign state. Corporations in the United States - such as a diocese or religious order - are not a 'foreign state' or an 'official or employee' of a foreign state.

“Accordingly, Plaintiff cannot rely on the acts of the Corporations to confer jurisdiction over the Holy See.”

Accordingly this lawuit is going to go on a lot longer.


(Click headline above to read the rest of the story)

Jeffrey S. Lena, CSBN 189900
Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lena
1152 Keith AvenueBerkeley,
CA 94708-1607
Telephone: (510) 665-1713
Facsimile: (510) 588-5555

Thomas M. Christ, OSBN 83406

Christine Coers-Mitchell, OSBN 92260
Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP
805 S.W. Broadway, 8th Floor
Portland, OR 97205
Telephone: (503) 323-9000
Facsimile: (503) 323-9019
Attorneys for Defendant-Appellant andCross-Appellee Holy See

The story goes onward. . .

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All the more reason for the case for implementing an appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis as this goes to show why it is the most compelling issue facing society today.

While sites such as this continue to expose the blatant promotion of a church riddled to the core with sexual problems, human rights abuses, rape and murder they do our community a genuine service through simply showing that the unrealistic expectation that this charade will magically heal itself is simply a myth.

An entirely responsible and appropriate course of action such as this taken on behalf of the children of society through showing that this obviously fatally flawed Catholic church is incapable of healing itself and your efforts should be applauded.

An appropriate response has been established for those who wish to see an end to the deception of society and its children.

September 1 says that after repeated failed attempts to engage government and religions into a conversation as to how they are intending to identify and rectify the ills such a crisis brings with it has prompted the deveopment of a global solution.

The September 1 group has forged ahead and has implemented what is currently the best available response to the clergy abuse crisis and hope to raise their current $10 million reward to anyone who can implement an improved response.

The September 1 initiative has a growing membership of people from all walks of life with people from all corners of the globe joining up simply because they wish to see an end to the abuses and the infringements of their human human rights as a result of dysfunctional churches.

Australian convener John Brown said the September 1 initiative is the most responsible and appropriate response we have been able to devise with the resources available to us and he believes its simplicity ensures its success whilst it remains open to constructive input from any sector of society.

Recently September 1 resolved to commercialize their web site through making available premium web space to truly responsible corporates and individuals who also wish to see an end to these abuses against children. The obvious lack of appropriate responses from both government and church and the obvious large scale advertising of failed church and religious groups on the Internet was the agent for this policy change.

September 1 says it is keen to publicly debate with politicians or clergy on their responsibilities to their electorates and to the people in their care so we can remind them of their responsibility towards the children of society and impress upon them the very real need to take this first step in the much needed areas of healing, restoration, justice and respect for human rights for all children without exception.

Preliminary studies have been completed on what is to be the first global survey covering all known and identified aspects of this pox in our society. The design of this survey is quite substantial and it is to this end that we envision a majority of our income will go towards dveloping and deploying this survey. The September 1 initiative is currently investigating a number of open source tools and have identified several of major interest as well they are developing a global contact list of those with genuine knowldge and direct experience of these abuses to staff this project.

The aim of the September 1 initiative is simply to bring to the world a definitive and appropriate solution to the current global clergy abuse crisis and can be found online at