At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Week 1: Oregon Walk pics, report; plus Schwiderski puts a Wowser video on YouTube

Ebeling is buried under documents and inane reality show video files, writing next post Monday August 10th.
(Above: Hell's Canyon Overlook).

By City of Angels

Next week we have some Wowser Posts coming, as well. First, a two-part story that involves Conrad Hilton, the great grandfather of Paris, and his connection with an L.A. pedophile priest.

Plus we tracked down a deposition of George Neville Rucker, Southern California pedophile priest extraordinare, while document diving in the once again opened public terminals in the downtown L.A. Superior Court. For 172 pages the predator priest and his attorneys explain why the pedophile cannot answer any questions, because he is invoking the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Watch next week for a post with extensive quotes from the deposition transcript.

Deadline is August 10th for arguments from all parties re the California Supreme Court upcoming decision regarding decades old allegations in lawusuits. Whether plaintiffs with delayed discovery can still sue a corporate entity that was negligent, even after the one-year window that opened in 2003, is the issue. We will be running arguments from both sides, the bishops and the crime victims, in posts next week.

Report from Walk Across Oregon

Meanwhile Virginia Jones emailed these pictures and a report from east Oregon, when she was able to get internet service in the rural, on the Walk Across Oregon to End Child Abuse, which began in LaGrande July 27th.

Virginia writes: We are now in Enterprise Oregon in the Wallowa Valley. The internet service here is intermittent at best. I couldn't get on last night. We continue to have occasional interest from the t-shirts but no survivors so far but I felt that two of the people must have known or been survivors, but they were at work when they saw us so it is not a good situation to tell us about themselves.

(Pictured left: Bronze sculpture on Artwalk)


Virginia Jones, cont'd:

Every single day at least one person comments on our shirts. It is always a positive response. Everyone says they support us. No one criticizes what we are doing.

I bought an inflatable raft for Wallowa Lake. The water coming off the Wallowa mountians is ice cold. It warms in the shallows around the lake, but remains so cold that swimming isn't all that comfortable. The inflatable boat was perfect.

Colin and Sidney tried rowing the boat by themselves first but neither had ever rowed before. They weren't going anywhere. So I changed places with Colin. I have trouble using the oar locks and suggested to Sidney that we row like native Americans in a canoe. That worked much better. Sidney was slow at first but finally got the hang of it. She loved it when the speed boats came by and made waves. I felt complete bliss sitting in that boat with my daughter.

My son was in his own state of bliss on the shore rebuilding the Roman Empire in the sand. Life doesn't get better than this. I think that a big part of healing is getting out and having healthy fun like this.

Incredibly Well Done Video by Bob Schwiderski from Minnesota SNAP

Bob Schwiderski just keeps getting better and better at making videos, and with that voice, he's a natural narrator. This video was posted recently at the MNSnap Channel on YouTube:

Below: Wallowa Lake near the city of Joseph, Oregon, on first leg of Walk to End Child Abuse, which arrives in Portland August 22nd, where City of Angels will join up.
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We are also rescuing a former foster child friend of my daughter, who is going to live with a relative in her home state Washington. We are helping her get there from L.A. so she can then enter college in the fall.

Meanwhile Schwiderski and others are wandering around a hotel in Washington this weekend at the SNAP conference, which I am not at because -- BLEEP (EDITED for the sake of peace.)


You can follow the SNAP conference this weekend with Michael Baumann in the Twitter link in the top left column.

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After considering the briefs filed by August 10th, the state Supreme Court will decide whether older plaintiffs in California find who discover decades later that the cause of their adult behavioral problems is a crime such as sexual molestation as a child by a priest, in a corporate entity such as the Catholic Church where the heirarchy knew the criminals were on their staffs and they did nothing, can the plaintiff sue.

City of Angels hopes to travel to San Francisco to go to the Federal Building and attend and report of oral arguments on Quarry vs. Bishop of Oakland when they take place, in coming months.

By Kay Ebeling
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