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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will a Supreme Court with six (6!) Roman Catholics even be able to see Pedophile Priest RICO charges, let alone a lawsuit against the Vatican?


By Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Network

Conservative blogs say Sonia Sotomayor, identified in today's news as a "practicing Catholic," is likely to be in favor of "religious liberty issues" as a Supreme Court justice, because of her history of decisions, for example:

The Jewish Orthodox Union has taken an early look at Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor opinions on religous liberty issues and finds them "very encouraging." Here's one:

-Hankins v. Lyght (2006). In this case, a 70 year-old Methodist minister brought an age discrimination claim against the Methodist Church after he was fired pursuant to the church’s mandatory retirement rules. Judge Sotomayor dissented from the panel majority’s decision to send the case back to the district court for further analysis under two different statutes.

Instead, she took the position that the federal age discrimination in employment statute simply did not apply in this context, because applying it would entail undue intrusion into religious matters.

She wrote: “Federal court entanglement in matters as fundamental as a religious institution’s selection or dismissal of its spiritual leaders risks an unconstitutional ‘trespass on the most spiritually intimate grounds of a religious community’s existence

Source: UTA

So if "practicing Catholic" Sonia Sotomayor IS approved to the Supreme Court, will she even be able to see our pursuits of prosecution at a federal level for Negligence and Fraud on the part of the church as "court entanglement in matters as fundamental as a religious institution’s selection or dismissal of its spiritual leaders," or will she be astonished that pedophiles all over the United States and abroad were enabled using corruption and collusion at a high hierarchy level, apparently inherent in the structure of the very church where she goes to Communion every week?

With critical issues concerning the Church possibly coming before the Supreme Court, Obama should rethink this nominatino. Put in someone other than another Roman Catholic, just for the sake of balance, regardless of how they would stand on pedophile priest criminal conspiracy, fraud, and negligence prosecution or even regardless of whether they would put forward the Vatican lawsuit that is up for either consideration or passing by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Vatican Lawsuit could be one of the first decisions of this new Supreme Court with Obama's nominee in place.

I'm paranoid enough to think the Catholic Church is pulling strings behind the scenes

to get a Catholic, any Catholic -

but wow, a Catholic from Puerto Rico who is still practicing is greater than great-

on the bench -

At this time when the Supremes would be taking on issues critical to the future of the Catholic Church.

Will Sotomayor even be willing to look at the crimes of the bishops?

Doubt it...

Local area activist for pedophile priest crime victims, Udo Strutynski, said: "It’s unfortunate that Obama would pick a sixth Catholic to put on the court. That may lead to another imbalance. Basically you can get decisions that are clearly going to represent the Catholic point of view which is not good. It’s unfortunate but one hopes for the best."

Udo continued: "Now Sotomayor comes from virtually nothing. Just the fact that you come from down in the social pecking order doesn't mean that you will have sympathy and understanding for other people who are still down there. We'll just have to wait and see."

I say, Obama, find someone else who brings balance, especially with the Vatican lawsuit and possible prosecution of bishops at a national level in the possible future for America.


The REAL Albino Luciani said...

Why not pick a nasty person who hates Catholics? Know any?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing this up!!
I watched Pres Obama on tv as he introduced his chosen one and he managed to bring in that she attended cardinal spellman school a "catholic" school..( i think it was Spellman)
It reminded me of his speech at Notre Dame where he spoke of cardinal bernadin as a mentor of his..

I think any one of us who have been abused by catholic priests and the church and hierarchy and laity and governments that protect them and know about the world wide scope of the abuse and collusion (evil) would have a form of "rightous" paranoia over this appointment.

I was hoping Marci Hamilton would be chosen, but then she is a truthspeaker who stands up to the church and state so i guess that elimnated her from the beginning.

The word puppets come to mind.. when i think about these "appointments"

please feel free to remove any comments i made that might end up causing me pain (smile)
thank you again for your work Kay