At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One last slap in the face by Church as holidays begin. Online action group forms. City of Angels on Hiatus until Jan 15, 2010

By Kay Ebeling

Once more the Catholic Church talks out of one side of its mouth to look good in the news on the other side of its face. In a December 8th story about its treatment of African American plaintiffs, the Chicago Archdiocese says it is "righting the wrongs" of its pedophile priests "no matter how long ago the abuse occurred." Well, my claim goes back to 1953, and I contacted the Chicago archdiocese for help in 2005. I'm still here, unsettled, at the end of 2009. So while trying to please the black Catholics, the bishops are lying about how they treat older claimants.

Plus, City of Angels has reported how hard the Church works to influence high courts in California. I doubt the bishops' lawyers were lobbying and filing briefs in favor of their crime victims last October when the Supreme Court for the state of Illinois ruled against child sex abuse claims for plaintiffs over age forty. So we get one last slap in the face by the Church for the holidays.

Meanwhile, there's a new Online Message Group forming now. Since the pedophile epidemic in the Church is proven to be a global problem, with Ireland and Australia exploding in 2009 and the Pope "dismayed," activists need to interact more globally, instantaneously, and seamlessly to find a solution. If anyone wants to connect up, talk, and start projects, City of Angels started a Yahoo group where we can hold online, but private, conversations.

New Yahoo Group for online messaging and taking action: Click here to join: Molested by Priests Online Group at Yahoo

This new group could break barriers like its working title name: City of Angels SONAR: (Support Online for Networking and Resources). (Gotta work on that name.) SONAR is a place to share survival techniques, make friends, compare notes, and find ways to take effective action in the near future.

Lots of action. 2010 will be the year of PROJECTS here at City of Angels.

But when the indoor trees and lights go up and that music starts to play, my head just won't go to the topic of pedophile priests,* a subject matter that begs for breaks, respite, even reprieve. There is a lot to be said for rest and recuperation. I love how December has become an entire Sabbath month so to speak, here in caffeinated America. City of Angels has big plans, projects for the future. We will be back January 15, 2010, ready to take things to a higher level.


The Chicago Archdiocese Slaps Victims One Last Time before the holidays

The Chicago Archdiocese and Cardinal George sent out the year 2009 talking out of both sides of their heads again. As usual the Church thinks it can tell one group of people one thing and another group another thing and get away with it.

Here is what the Final Call reported:

According to officials from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, every effort is being made to resolve cases of sexual abuse involving priests in order to right the wrongs of the past, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

Well Kay Ebeling is living proof that that's not true, as my case dates back to 1953-55 and as far as I know, Illinois lawyers for the Catholic Church petitioned long and hard to get that state high Court to rule in its favor. The Supreme Court of the State of Illiois passed a ruling last October that pretty much cut off anyone older than age 40 from filing a claim against the Church.

We've seen how many law firms file briefs in the California state high court to influence decisions in favor of the Church in this state.

That’s why I read that quote in The Final Cut and went, what the -- because as my long time readers know, my case would have been settled in Illinois, if they hadn't gone to great lengths to beef up their laws against adult victims of child sex abuse by corporate entities, i.e., the Catholic Church.

So I'm living proof that the Chicago Archdiocese is not righting the wrongs “no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.”

You know what, before the Internet that kind of fraud was a lot easier to pull off.


2010 at City of Angels
will be the year of
Crimen Solicitationes

We should take out billboards, we should send it to newspaper editors. The Public does not yet realize that sex crimes were aided and abetted from the Pope down and THIS POPE BENEDICT ARNOLD RATZINGER helped write the policy.

Crimen Crimen Crimen Crimen Crimen!

2010 will be the year of


(I think that Projects will be the word at the top of the blog, for the year 2010, like Epimeno in 2008, but haven't decided yet.)

See you in mid-January. We will start the year with the Santa Barbara Story parts 6 and 7 AND a special feature about Arthur Baselice and his plans for justice for adult victims of pedophile priests in Pennsylvania in 2010.


Any Victims from Boys Town, Nebraska?

One Midwestern survivor asked City of Angels, "If you could, ask if there are any survivors from Boys Town of Father Peter Dunne or Dr. Ott Thank you for your time."

If there are any other victims from Boys Town in Nebraska of those two perps or any others, contact Kay Ebeling at and I'll put you in touch with the victim in the Midwest who is searching.

We will write more about Boys Town in Nebraska next year.

From Wikipedia:

Boys Town is a village in Douglas County, Nebraska, United States. The village of Boys Town is headquarters of the Boys Town organization, also known as "Father Flanagan's Boys' Home" founded by Father Edward J. Flanagan.

Boys Town Nebraska was dedicated to the care, treatment, and education of at-risk children

See ya next year.

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My New Religion

At least NASA is looking for planets in other galaxies that look like they support life as we know it on Earth. That's my hope for the future, my religion, looking at the physical Universe as what it genuinely is.

Expect to see more about the years I worked at NASA in Houston, as I continue to write City of Angels 2. NASA is also actually a part of all the stories going up at City of Angels 1-30 in the next 20 years, so stay tuned.


My Spiritual Slumber, Spiritual Dreams

Thanks to the Catholic bishops, for religion, I'm looking to NASA.

The sites of City of Angels 3 2007 and City of Angels 4 2008 sites got filled up with all the Christian Gospel music, specifically black Gospel music, as I went through this spiritual "thing" for a few years.

Glaringly absent anymore from this blog are references to Christianity and anything that stems from the Catholic Church. It finally hit me recently, I don't really believe what Christians say, I only believe maybe half of what they say.

The Gospel music, it’s great, except when the guys start screaming, and they always start screaming towards the end of the song. Black gospel music, as cool as it is, does not reach me as much as plain old R&B Soul sounds.

Over the last years, I even was going to the Bible Studies that have sprung up all over L.A. But that soon deteriorated into me disagreeing in my head with everything they said. I’d come home disgruntled, so then I'd quit going.

I started reading the Bible online instead. For most of 2009, I just read Proverbs and Psalms - and they are really reassuring and comforting…

Except for the violent parts.

Alwyas in the Bible, just as you're reading something reverant, they switch up and call for the annihilation of whole tribes, or whole villages, or armies. I have to skip those parts. “Oh lord, smite mine enemies,” um, no, that Bible is not talking to me.

Then There’s Cardinal Roger Mahony and Head U.S. Bishop Francis George

But most revealing have been the two times I’ve had face time with Cardinal Roger Mahony. I left perplexed after meeting him, he is so empty.

I called Roger Mahony the Cardboard Cardinal, but that didn't quite describe him.

Then throughout the year 2009 listening to Francis George, praised even here, the last years, me dreaming that since George is the new CEO of the Bishops, he would now turn things around.

Then I had this sort of

Reverse spiritual awakening

Realizing hey, these bishops who I have grown to disbelieve in total are descendants of the same guys who perpetrated this whole myth from the beginning, actually from about the Year 300 or so, when they started taking Jesus' message and morphing it to suit their purposes.

As great a guy as Jesus was, the New Testament is really part of the Catholic Church's perpetrated story. Undoubtedly Jesus was a very prayerful and spiritual man who walked the Earth, studied in the “East,” where he learned to fast and pray. And he had a big following, lived from The Year One to around The Year 33. But everything we really know about Jesus is really word of mouth.

Word of these bishops’ mouths.


The same guys who perpetrated the story that priests were celibate, while feeding the priests children to rape to take care of their sexual needs.

These are the same guys who started the whole Jesus story as we know it.

So I’ve ended 2009 thinking Christianity is all lies, stories designed to keep people under control, not enlighten us.

That does not keep me from praying.

But it explains why the Catholic Bishops and Cardinals all seem to be made of cardboard.


Back to that face time with Cardinal Roger Mahony.

Both times I was in His Presence were in the past two years. During that time, I was living in this state of regenerated belief in Christianity, fed by neighborhood Bible studies and singing in the choir at Hollywood Presbyterian Church.

Remember that?

I was so prayerful in those days.

And I faced the Cardinal expecting him to reflect back that same prayerful spirit.



Just like there is no reflection of that spirit back when you watch Frances George on a Chicago News Team TV report. I'm beginning to see: If there is anybody who is truly disconnected to the Christian spirit, it’s these guys who perpetuated the stories about it.

Bishops are really just corporate CEO’s.

Capitalist men in dresses, not holy men.


How Does NASA tie into all of this?

I'm beginning to see the way things tie up in your life, how everything you've done in your life leads you to where you are in your life at the moment.

I’ve wondered so long how the time I was at NASA, 1978 to 1983, ties in with all the rest of this stuff. I mean there’s the sexual compulsion to go after men connected to the sky after being sexualized by a priest at age five, I’ve told that joke about a hundred and eighty times now, it’s not really that funny.

I'm arriving at what could be a spiritually barren time, accepting that Christianity is all probably a lie.

But this time for me is not barren, it's bursting out overflowing full. Because I have an understanding of what's really going on in Space, in the sky, in the Heavens, if you will, after those years I was a Public Information Specialist in the News room at LBJ Space Center in Houston.

The way NASA now ties in with my story of pedophile priests is not in the compulsion I had to have sex with astronauts.

NASA’s role now is the resolution of my spirituality.

You get a reverance for the miracle of life on Earth and potential life in other parts of the Real Universe from studying Space as science, the physical reality of planets and stars, treating all of creation the way, well-

Treating Space the way Jesus would.

A Religion of Reality.

But as for the bishops, the World Court needs to fire all the guys who stand on altars preaching in dresses, then hold a massive eBay auction of all that garish art, those golden objects they've piled up in The Vatican while millions of people around the Earth starve.

These guys and their lies are the cause of some of Earth’s biggest problems.

So I'm putting my focus on discoveries that will come out of NASA in the next few years.

And look, in the sky, it’s Santa Claus.

No it’s not it’s a premier opening night spotlight from the Kodak theater up the street.

See you all in early 2010.

What Good Does Firing Bishops Do?

Dear Ireland, Australia, and all Catholics worldwide, I hate to constantly be the bitch here, but think about it.

They Should be Prosecuted. If they're fired they'll end up living on a seacoast in a villa that some guilty Catholic donates to them. Getting Fired isn't punishment enough.

PROSECUTE Prosecute prosecute

happy new year


* Re holiday lights and my head, that's not completely true. Truth is my daughter practically screamed at me last week, "Once this tree goes up, I don't want to hear one more word about this stuff, you know what stuff I mean." My daughter, who was so much a part of this story, because when she turned age five, I started remembering what happened to me at age five, unfortunately, she's also gone on a wild ride since then with me.

So, we're just having our holiday, both of us working overtime on our jobs, will be back in 2010...


Read about my new religion at NASA: The Keppler Mission .


Wrote the story above and then got this in my email: Archdiocese of Chicago settled with accuser for nearly $1.4 million

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