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Sunday, December 13, 2009

john B story

Can you keep a secret or is this criminal activity?

In support of the thousands of victims in Ireland. They have our support and sympathy for being amongst the worlds most forgotten people and the most abused and the most abandoned by their church, Christianity, their state, their police just like so many others of us right across the globe and despite the silence of much of the media here we offer you our support and we offer you any assistance we can provide.


On Catholic oddities re Criminal Catholics and their criminal Christian mates. There are many of them.

While the rest of the world recoils in horror at the scale of the abuses in Ireland, Canada, Alaska, USA and more the Vatican is so concerned that it has the time to sanction miracles and to make a saint out of a criminal. Surely they would be better occupied in removing all the secrecy clauses for crimes committed by clergy from the law of the church so that for the first time in our history they will be able to operate legally in our country as for the past generations while the Decree Crimen exists the Catholic church must operate ill-legally in any country which has attempted to address domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse issues.

* Ireland. The most recent of reports states that abuse was systemic and endemic. The prime focus was on protecting the "good name" of the church, its property and business interests as well as protecting sexually abusive and pedophile priests and others in their employ. The report shows that this must have been going on for centuries. The report also shows that Police were seriously implicated due to those in position of authority being Catholic. The denial of justice was virtually total through the adept use and support of statute of limitations laws which were used regularly to defraud victims. The practices and methods of Catholics and the Catholic church over the past centuries is nothing short of a guide to unregulated pedophilia in the name of their God and in the name of Jesus Christ as we know him - now that is the biggest crime possible as they have hi-jacked him and his ideals into supporting the covering up of the sexual crimes of clergy as well as defrauding taxpayers into funding these processes they also went on to 'direct' and 'guide' our political world and our way of life through their obsession with everything sexual.

* Alaska. Alaska is described as the dumping ground for the Catholic church's pedophile priest community. The effects in Alaska describe the total breakdown of a large number of communities. Pedophile priests from across the world were transferred to Alaska, their sexual crimes forgotten while men of God were provided with every incentive to spread further throughout the communities by spreading the word of God. The hi-jacking of God in Alaska is responsible for the horrors Alaskan communities face on a daily basis. The only compensation provided to Alaskan people has been when the Catholic church has been dragged into court and forced to pay a pittance - each and every claim is fought to the maximum with the full resources of the church deployed against them.

* Canada. Genocide. The genocide of 50,000 children. The Catholic church along with the Anglican church are responsible for the deliberate deaths of these children. Right across the country huge tracts of the lands belonging to the native people has been stolen from them through the good works of the church and their fellow Christians, their women and children have been raped indiscriminately. Just as in Ireland and in Alaska priests were moved when things became 'hot'. They were all covered by statute of limitations laws and protected through parliamentary connections and people in positions of power and authority.

* United States of America. Billions of dollars in payments. Bishops and thousands of priests found to be sexual abusers, the vast majority with memory difficulties as well as the ability to repeatedly blame others and to call the victims crazy or they attempted to buy them off. Widespread political manipulation and influence has provided the grounds for such a long-term crime spree. The entire population of Cardinals, Bishops and priests stand accused of covering up the same crimes using the same methods. The church faces charges of fraud and racketeering for some of its crimes. They are attempting to depose the Pope through their legal system for the part he has played in the crimes against so many American women, children and vulnerable. The theft of native American lands as in so many other American countries is only a part of the story of their exploitation at the hands of the religious.

The list of countries goes on and on where abuses of the law and the legal systems of each and every country has been manipulated to cater for the sexual crimes of Catholic priests. New Zealand, Australia, Belguim, Spain, France, Wales, Scotland, England, Norway, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, China, Vietnam, Malta, Singapore, The Philippines, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Mexico - in fact each North and South American country, the entire continent just as in Africa is detrimentally and morally affected by the same atrocious actions and the same socially destructive consequences from the same hypocritical causes.

Just as in all these countries there are few dissenting voices from other religions as they too are so embroiled in their own sexual inequalities and sexual dysfunctions to take the time to stand up for the children. A pox on them as well for their inaction and abeyance to something so obviously wrong. Instead they go on today as though the fundamentals are and still are infallible and many of them today continue to spread their polluted words based on their gospels and words they have taken from a Bible the Catholic church effectively wrote - the very same words which permitted these atrocities in the first place as there is copious evidence that these activities have gone on for centuries. They have not questioned their own involvement and complicity as their focuses have been the same as those of the Catholic Church - their shining light of leadership. This leadership has bled poor so many of its followers while at the same time they have leeched their community funds through obtaining for themselves tax and other benefits and in many cases they have taken control of the health and community services across entire countries to provide jobs for those who remain silent and those who actively participate with them.

That the catholic way as it has been has become and is the greatest pox ever faced by humanity.

Where would we be if they had their way as they want to.

A land where the people could walk the streets and observe the sexual rape of a child by a priest done openly and publicly. The acceptance would be mandatory on all members of the community as no policeman or politician would be permitted to question the teachings of God or to go against the words of a bishop. If it is necessary there is always the possibility of an update to the statute of limitations laws where the limit for any individual to report these crimes would be brought forward to 15 minutes. Other than that they could be provided with forgiveness through the confessional where with the use of the Decree Crimen and the deployment of some 'mental reservation' your vulnerability and availability for sexual exploitation can be carried across the globe in diplomatic pouches as a part of the never mentioned war on women and children waged by the Catholic and other churches.

Tony Abbott and Kristina Kineally have opinions on all aspects of our lives except the existence of the Decree Crimen and its effects on society.

The Decree Crimen is a part of the Canon law of the Catholic church. It clearly and simply states that the sexual crimes of clergy must be kept a secret. For the Catholic church to operate in this and other countries it must first be in compliance with our laws. Clearly they are not.

What actions are George Pell, The Pope, Tony Abbott and Kristine Kineally along with Premier Rann and other Premiers as well as the Prime Minister and the Attorney General, Police Ministers and Police Commissioners going to do about ensuring the Catholic church is in compliance with our laws before they are permitted to operate. Until then their property should be ceased and sold to immediately compensate victims and the remainder held until they show they are in complete compliance with our laws. Any disputed property should be returned immediately to the original owner or their family as this crime of deathbed theft is common to all the countries above as well as many other criminal activities by Catholic clergy and their hierarchy. Will Mr Rudd consider these facts in this "time of reflection" or is it that he is not permitted to think for a moment lest he lose his soul of the facts of those harmed and destroyed by these crimes - crimes he has taken a sworn oath to prevent.

How is you politician or policeman situated in all of this? Are they a part of the 'silent' majority or are they as recently shown in Ireland to be complicit or simply stupid. Ask them if they put the rule of law before the Catholic church's need to cover up their sexual and other crimes? Ask them what are they doing about it to fix it?

Those who have attempted to speak out in the past have been villified and often treated as criminals. Countless numbers have been channelled through mental health services as a method of silencing them through the use of forced medications, ridicule in the community or through isolation and hours of enforced mental olympics should they persist in their statements about the atrocities of the Catholic church and the crimes which have been committed against them.

Many have been deceived time and time again by the deceived as this is a recipie for social disaster on a scale never contemplated before. It is important now more than ever when scientists and reformers are attempting to straighten our world to bring health reform and an ending to the use of war to resolve our conflicts which are based on our poluted beliefs as built up over the centuries by the broken and dysfunctional leading light of Christianity in the name of Jesus Christ, God, the Catholic Church and Christianity. A look at the problems in the Jewish communities and the problems for Islam and they pale in comparison with the sexual slaughter of thousand upon thousand of our women, children and the vulnerable which leaves it as the greatest social pox and the greatest criminal coalition along withtbeing the largest ever identified pedophile ring on the face of the planet. humanity has never faced such a pox and such a broken system as this and your politicians are doing nothing about it other than argue religion and ideals and line their pockets as it suits them as they work away doing their little bit to keep these crimes and their existence a secret.



Forgotten Australian
Our "millennia horribilis" is rapidly concluding.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
Our wish for you for this holiday season and in the coming new year is to share the knowledge that we are entering a new millenium where the protection and safety of women, children and the vulnerable will gain its appropriate place of priority in our society that it deserves.

JohnB & all those who have provided support.

Forgotten Australian along with 2 million others sexually abused and forgotten in the recent Forgotten Australian apology by our forthright, honest, truthful and upstanding Prime Minister who has repeatedly failed his sworn oath to our country and the Australian community.

The World's most despised Catholic due to bringing to the world a definitive and appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis.

What are you doing to provide an appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis?

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September 1, 2009

The September 1 initiative aim is simply to bring to the world a definitive and appropriate solution to the global clergy abuse crisis

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