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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Priest was Wiping Salsa off his pants?

By City of Angels

That's a new name for it: From Detroit News, June 5th: "Woodhaven - A Downriver priest was sentenced Thursday to nine months probation and ordered to attend a 10-week sex offender class, after pleading no contest to a disorderly conduct charge stemming from an indecent exposure allegation." (Story, linked below, is titled: "Woodhaven priest receives probation, Pastor of St. Victor to attend sex offender class under plea deal") Here is more from the story:

The Rev. Roger Knapp, 57, pastor of St. Victor Catholic Church in Gibraltar since 1996, agreed to the plea deal last month. The city attorney dropped a lewdness charge.

A waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Woodhaven claimed the priest exposed and fondled himself under a table on March 26.

Knapp claimed he was wiping salsa off of his pants.

The victim did not show up to make a statement before 33rd District Judge Michael McNally. Knapp declined comment before his sentencing.

About six parishioners were in the courtroom. Knapp did not acknowledge their presence. Most did not want the priest to return to their church, although . . .

Continued at Detroit News website here:


postponed to Friday June 12
due to post adolescent daughter crisis...

Friday we will report
Two different Appellate courts
Two clergy cases filed post 2007 up for review

State Supreme Court decision
Will affect lawsuits filed regarding third party negligence et al for
Adult victims of pedophiles
Where third parties can be found responsible


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Greg Bullough said...

Kind of gives new meaning to the term "salsa dancing" doesn't it?