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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mahony Fresno testimony counters evidence which plaintiffs were unable to enter during trial, letters scanned here at City of Angels


By Kay Ebeling
Creator, City of Angels Blog

I hold in my hands this morning so scan here letters that question the truth of Cardinal Roger Mahony's testimony in the clegy case trial March 2009 in Fresno, California. Plaintiffs could not enter this evidence at trial because of Motions in Limine filed by the Bishop of Fresno in the weeks before the trial and granted by Judge Donald Black. Today we await word from Judge Black on plaintiffs motion for a new trial, the decision was to have been issued at the courthouse at 8:30 AM June 15th. (Update 11:30, news just in, New Trial Granted for younger brother, molested in 1967, after report from new witness.)

The letters scanned in below take you through the career of pedophile priest William G. Allison as he is transfered from Louisiana to Arizona to Los Angeles to Fresno, with a mysterious stint in New Mexico. The correspondence is to and from Mahony when he was an MSW and Diocesan Director in the Monterey-Fresno Diocese in the 1960s. The writings express concerns in shadow language, such as "homosexuality with young boys" describing this active pedophile priest who was breezing through the state while Mahony was in Fresno.

None of these letters are in the Fresno files received by plaintiffs during discovery before the March 2009 trial, where Mahony testified he first heard of pedophiles in the priesthood in 1981, nothing before that. Yet here we have several pieces of correspondence by Mahony concerning the tres flagrante pedophile priest William Allison.

The letters come from the personnel file of Father Allison, obtained by subpoena in the Robert Doe v. Fresno Diocese case, which was part of the 2003 flood of lawsuits in the one-year window the Legislature opened in the SOL for sex crimes against children in California. These letters were attached to plaintiff's opposition to the Fresno Diocese motion for summary judgment in the Robert Doe case.

(CLICK Scans to enlarge and read.)

SCAN 1: Nov. 30, 1963

Below: Rev. James Lindemeyer from Flagstaff, writes to an L.A. pastor about Allison, who "Since he left, three young men in the parish have told me of incidents involving him. This man needs help but in my opinion the place is not in a parish.

"I do not understand how he can go from one place to another and so easily be given a position."

SCAN 2: January 7, 1964

Benjamin Hawkes, Chancellory, writes to a priest in Louisiana referring to the "termination in question" due to "recurrence here of a problem encountered before in Arizona" and directs him to contact Lindenmeyer.

SCAN 3: November 16, 1966

Mahony writes Benjamin Hawkes, Chancellor of L.A. Archdiocese about William Allison:

"Recently transferred from the Coast to Fresno."
"He has been claiming to have a Ph.D. in Pshycology and has involved himself in counseling situations with narcotic addicts."
"Our Bishop asks that we check out any leads before he takes action to halt the counseling load he is carrying."

This is signed Rev. Roger Mahony, MSW, Diocesan Director for Monterey-Fresno

SCAN 4: November 29, 1966

Rev. Gibb, Secretary to the Cardinal, cover letter to Mahony, shows documents about Allison were forwarded to Mahony at Catholic Charities in Fresno.

SCAN 5: November 30, 1966

Mahony, Diocese Director of Fresno to Hawkes, Chencellor of Los Angeles re Rev. William Allison:

"Information was useful in filling in some missing links in Father's activities here in our Diocese recently."
"It is quite certain Father Allison is a sick man and in need of professional treatment."

SCAN 6: November 30, 1966

Mahony of Fresno to Rev. Eugene Gilb at the Chancery Office in L.A.

"Thank you. Copies you sent have been very valuable in identifying some of the problems which Father William G. Allison is now having in our Diocese."

SCAN: 7, 8, and 9

Mahony under oath in deposition says he never heard of pedophiles in the priesthood before 1981. From November 23, 2004, deposition, same thing he testified to on the witness stand in Fresno 2009. Can't possibly be true based on letters above.




SCAN 10 & 11:

Bishop Perjury Collectors' Special

From same 2004 deposition, Mahony claims he never heard of Servants of the Paracletes until 1981 either.

SCAN 11:

The only allegation on record up until now on Allison was one accusation in Gallup, NM, at bishop accountability:

Servants of the Paracletes treatment center for pedophile priests is in New Mexico, and many of its outpatients turned up in NM parishes, where they continued to perpetrate. . . much like Allison...



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Anonymous said...

Nothing ever changes. The RCC has it's PR people lie to the public about how much it care it cares about the victims, and how much they do to help them.

But the truth is that Mahony, Brom and all the rest of them fight the victims of rapist and pedophile priests with every resource at their disposal.

I am glad this site is here, keeping a historical record of the lies and the crimes of the RCC.

People really need to stop donating to the RCC. If not, then why not just cut a check straight to one of Mahony's legal firms? Because that's where the money goes. To fight those who were raped by priests.

In the past history was written by the victors. In the future I don't think that will be so true. Information will not be so easy to control....and is not now, with the advent of technology.

And history is not going to be kind to the RCC, nor will it be kind to those who turned a blind eye and supported the RCC.

Let's not forget that the RCC claims to be the true church. If you really believe in the afterlife, do you think God will turn a blind eye to the pedophile priests and those who protected and supported them?


Anonymous said...

OH, MY!!! NOthing Changes!!! Mahony has certainly kept his skirts clean (And I Mean That Literally) through so much muck and mire. How DOES He Manage It? Those in power (religious and political) have to be getting tired of him. I would love to see him in an Prison Jump Suit; That aside, leaving the country on a one way trip to Rome will suit us all just fine. (OH, Roger, Take Tod Tamberg With You).

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering, do these Bishops, Cardinals, Major Superiors and even the Pope, honestly believe that GOD is proud of them for protecting the pedophile and sexually predatory priests, brothers, deacons, nuns, lay workers and (yes) even some Bishops? Or is it all about saving their own sorry hides from prosecution? I will never understand how men and women who claim to be in the "Jesus" Business can be so devoid of pity and humanity for the sexually victimized and suffering children or Our Church. However, it does now make sense to me that so many of Hitler's NAZI leaders came from
Devout Catholic families. Even Hitler himself admitted how much he admired the Jesuits. Makes one wonder when the Catholic Clergy and Hierarchy are offering Mass, what god or deity are they REALLY Worshipping?

QuantaCura01 said...

This should get very interesting. This retrial comes as a great relief to many faithful in the Fresno diocese. I hope in this new trial, the truth of the Fresno diocese will finally come out. Many of us for years have seen this type of thing being covered up. When writing to the Bishop or his Vicar General, you are almost always guaranteed with a return form letter talking about sins against justice when you mention openly homosexual priests. Perhaps now the Santillian brothers will get their justice and Roger Mahony and John Steinbock will have to face a judge and the faithful for their misdeeds

Maybe with this retrial there will be more media attention about what is and has been going on in the Fresno diocese. This case seems to clearly show that the diocese has and had knowledge of homosexual priest preying on adolescent young men. A few years ago, Steinbock exiled a priest named Joseph Baca from the diocese after he went privately to the bishop and exposed the homosexual lifestyle of certain priests in the diocese and the fact a certain gay priest was embezzling money from his parish in Merced. The price paid for delivering this information to the bishop was the exile of Fr. Baca. Fr. Michael Listiti, the priest in question today is the director of liturgy in the diocese of Fresno and is the administrator of a parish community in Oakhurst. Fr. Baca was exiled but there were other traditional minded priests in the diocese who were persecuted because they also tried to tell Steinbock of these openly homosexual priests. Of course, Steinbock refused to listen, Fr. Listiri outed himself, Fr. Farrow outed himself. There are several others of the list and Steinbock knows all about them and still protects them.

In 1961 a document was issued from Rome banning the ordination of homosexuals to the priesthood. A few years ago John Steinbock said homosexuals could be ordained to the priesthood in the diocese of Fresno. Who is correct? The Vicar of Christ or John t. Steinbock?

I hope all the truth comes out in this trial. The truth is what we need and it appears we have not heard the truth from Cardinal Mahony or Bishop Steinbock.

city of angels lady said...

Homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same. When they say a priest was being "homosexual with young boys," that is their euphemism for a priest being a sexual predator on children. Pedophilia is a felony, while being a gay priest is dishonest and hypocritical, it does not produce child victims with damages they carry into adulthood.

I think the main connection between gay priests and pedophile priest is the gay priests covered for the pedophiles to keep from being exposed for being gay.

But I agree with you that the whole California problem seems to have germinated in Fresno, breeding ground for grapes and groping bishops....?

city of angels lady said...

Steinbock kept the gay priests and exiled the one who reported them? What did he give for a reason?

QuantaCura01 said...

Steinbock will always cover for the gay priests. Fr. Baca was made out to be crazy by Steinbock and his inner circle. Fr. Baca had standing room only Masses and packed religous education classes in parishes he was assigned. Baca is too catholic for Steinbock and his boys. Fresno makes Los Angeles look liek Disneyland.
Fresno has long been a dumping ground for "problem" priests (gays, drunks etc.). There has always been a connection with Fresno and Los Angeles and it was not uncommon to get a priest out of the spot light and but him in a small parish in the Fresno diocese. Not as much media attention in Fresno. Look at the link now Steinbock and Mahony were classmates at St. John's. There was a report of abuse by Bishop Todd Brown when he was a priest in Bakersfield, a case neatly "handled" by Steinbock.
Because Steinbock will protect abusers, gays and otherwise disturbed priest, the orthodox like baca have to be cast out of the diocese. The Bishop may smile for the media but behind that smile is a very dark side.