At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Chicago's Cardinal Stritch) stood over me and said, I had to "stop babbling" about what the priest did to me. It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Today, I babble.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Non publicized post...

By no means am I saying the core of religion is untrue ... mm.

I had this URGE to get on the computer this morning to write this and instead everything froze, had to reboot down to the internet modem. Now am composing inside the blog, which I hardly ever do, then turned on KJLH radio here in L.A. to hear black soulful Gospel music and things ironed out.

See I think we all know there's some kind of spiritual connection in the world, between humans, something we all have inside us. It seems to be repeated in other living things. We see patterns everywhere in the universe, there is definitely something going on.

Sperm hurricanes and galaxies are all shaped the same.

And Prayer

Prayer does something.

But as soon as humans try to put words and earthly applications and meanings on these things, they lose their meaning.

When pastors put structures around God they invariably turn into charlatans. And the Catholic Church has been putting structures around God for almost two thousand years, adjusting the body for political needs of the times.


We all know there's something up there, but all you have to do is pray, you don't need the priests and altars, in fact, isn't that what Jesus preached on the Mount? Just turn your head to the heavens and say, "Our Father who art in Heaven ..."

This century, me, I'm daydreaming about life on other planets, and as I age, I know some of these mysteries will soon be answered... meanwhile yeah, KJLH 102.3 FM Los Angeles on Sundays.

And I still read proverbs and psalms. If I ever have more children in my life, I'm going to teach them Proverbs and Psalms . . .

adios, feliz navidad para hoy

Because I'm listening right now to KJLH, I've heard now these two phrases repeated in songs:

I need you, you need me, we're all a part of God's family.

You're the God of a second chance.

We fall down, but we get up.


According to Pew's research released today Sunday December 20, 2009:

There are more lapsed Catholics in America than there are affiliated Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Presbyterians combined.

So don't be scared...


I have written here several times, I'm not writing this totally on my own, there is definite spiritual ... nudging that goes on. Like the last public post, yet another rant about the Illinois Supreme Court ruling and how people whose cases are from more than 40 years ago are SOL by the SOL.

That story was ready to post for three days, but there was like a magnetic field, a steel emanating force, keeping me from posting the story. I just knew, I'll post it the 15th. From the 11th, I knew I'd post it on the 15th.

I posted it, then looked at Abuse Tracker, and there was a story about a case in Illinois that settled for $1.4 million, able to pay out because the case was less than 40 years old and Jeff Anderson is even quoted saying, thanks to the Illinois state court decision, this case was able to be "dismissed."

Anderson was quoted in the story calling the case "dismissed" when it was actually settled.

Hope the reporter got it wrong.

BUT Point is, the timing, like Someone Else knew it would be better timing to wait until the 15th to post it. On the 15th I woke up and the magnetic field was totally gone, I sat up pert and energetic and posted the story...

Knowing, now that it's happened so many times writing this blog for three years, that I'm not totally writing this on my own.

When I tell my story, I always say, that God saw me getting sexualized by a priest when I was five years old, and He knew I was going to have trouble as a result. I've had these angels with me since that time. It's how I lived through all the chaos, several attempted murders on Me, I lived through. Pretended to be dead when the nine Indians raped me up in Mount Shasta until they left. Lived through it all...

(I am writing the life story Perils of a Pedophile Priest Survivor's Life at City of Angels 2)

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